What to Wear with Black Jeans in 2024


Black jeans are a staple of most men’s wardrobe, but figuring out what to wear with black jeans can feel intimidating without any guidance. 

They aren’t like the classic blue denim jeans that work with just about anything, so it’s understandable if you don’t know where to start.

The apparel works with a lot of outfits, so what should you start with?

Well, you can start with anything but just make sure you have the right fit and pair of jeans before you start picking out the rest of your clothes. Putting on a pair of black jeans can make you feel younger, but only if you match them with the right clothes.

Black is a slimming and sophisticated color that accentuates most physiques, so you can bet that it will work well with your body.

If you’re curious about all the potential outfits you could create with a simple pair of black jeans, then we have good news for you. Just like the classic denim blue jeans, black jeans are highly versatile and an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

Even if you’re going for a minimalist wardrobe, a pair of black jeans can be a shrewd investment as they will work well with a lot. Of course, it will be a matter of personal style, but there are some general tips to follow to get the most out of black jeans.

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate guide for what to wear with black jeans for men. These outfit ideas should help you decide on what works best with your black jeans.

Get The Right Pair


The fit is almost the first thing that makes or breaks the black jeans aesthetic. 

If you take a moment to go through Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or any other website that has fashionable photos of men in black jeans, you’ll notice one thing.

Black jeans fit tightly—or almost tightly in some cases—around the model’s legs. 

Unlike other colors of jeans, like blue denim which are worn to be baggy by a ton of pop artists, black jeans are typically worn in a slim fit taper. 

The secret to wearing a good pair of black jeans is to find one that doesn’t feel too tight but hugs your body enough. 

Don’t get me wrong, some outfits do look good with black jeans that are looser and ripped, but you’ll lose the universal appeal of having one pair of black jeans that go with eight other outfits.

Now there’s definitely something to say for ripped or not ripped jeans. I don’t like my black jeans ripped because it shows a reserved side to an otherwise “wild” apparel. However, feel free to leave this matter to your personal choice.

Finally, say goodbye to tight black jeans that get too hot or feel uncomfortable with brash movement. 

There are a lot of jeans in the market, like from Uniqlo, that look exactly like denim jeans but are made with breathable and stretchable fabric. If you want a pair of jeans that hug your legs without making you feel like a sausage, these would be your best bet.

Color Guide


If you’re curious as to how you can highlight or get the most out of your black jeans, then you’re going to want to get familiar with colors.

Colors can make or break an outfit – it’s as simple as that.

So if you had plans of dressing head to toe in black with your jeans, maybe you should reconsider, and instead think of what colors would complement your black jeans.

Here are some popular colors to wear with black jeans, as well as some ideas for patterned shirts that would work well:



Grey is an excellent color to use as a layer for just about any outfit with jeans.

Since it’s a subtle color, grey pairs well with everything.

Plus, since it’s not either white or black, it won’t come across as completely monochromatic if you wear it with black jeans.

A smart grey shirt or a simple grey tee will work wonders with a pair of well-kept black jeans, especially if you have a nice pair of grey shoes you can wear.



Blue is such a versatile color, but one that you don’t often see people wear with classic blue jeans.

However, if you’re wearing black jeans you have a unique opportunity to wear blue without looking like you’re dressed as a denim smurf.

A flash of blue in the form of a denim jacket or cardigan is a great layer to pair with a neutral tee.



White is of course one of the easiest colors to work with, and if you don’t already own several white tees then you should make it a priority to invest in some.

The white t-shirt is often seen as the best accompaniment to denim jeans, and black jeans are no exception.

With the black jeans and white t-shirt look, you can go in many directions.

You can layer up with a colored cardigan or jacket over the white tee, or simply wear a bold pair of white sneakers to match your t-shirt if the weather’s nice out.



It’s worth mentioning patterns as well as colors, since sometimes they can add flair to an outfit and help you make it really pop.

Hands-down the best pattern to go with if you want something that complements your black jeans is stripes.

Specifically, a black and white striped t-shirt. 

With this striped t-shirt, you can dress it up with additional layers or wear it alone to show off some character.

Again, as with the plain white tee, you can pair this bold outfit with some flash white sneakers for a complete look.

We’d recommend horizontal stripes, but vertical stripes could work too.

Mix and Match


To give you a clear idea of what works well with black jeans, we’ve created this section so you can mix and match what you perhaps already have in your wardrobe.

From the basic white t-shirt to the denim jacket, there are endless possibilities as to how you can elevate your style with a simple pair of black jeans.

Anything White


Moving on to the first item that you should wear with black jeans, get anything that’s white. This can be a white hoodie, t-shirt, polo shirt, you get the idea. 

White and black are generally good colors to match with each other, as the contrast and clean colors give off a sleek but pleasant ambience.

Getting your shoes to match with your outfit is a must, and the most common footwear is a white pair of sneakers. Put this on with a white shirt, and a pair of skinny black jeans to complete the outfit and you’re done. 

This is a clean and simple outfit that you can wear for casual occasions.

If you’re heading somewhere sunny and want a little of variety, pick out a white polo and unbutton the two buttons at the top. For long sleeves, you can fold this ¾ up to the middle of your forearm, just before your elbow. Pair this with some leather shoes instead of sneakers, and you’ll look like a bachelor on a vacation!

Overall, white and black go well together in many different outfits. Heck, as a bonus, you can even wear a striped white shirt if that’s your thing. 

Into pop culture and baggy clothes? 

Wear a baggy white shirt but skinny black jeans and a good pair of sneakers. Feel free to experiment, as long as it’s anything white, it should look great.

All Black


Can we get a raise of hands for the soulless gents? An all black outfit is still one of our favorite styles of fashion and one that we hope will stay for the ages. 

The secret to a good looking black outfit is in the fit and style of your clothes.

If you’re trying to go all black, you can do so in three sizes. For fitting shirts, get a shirt that wraps around your body without producing a lot of wrinkles. This works best with heattech clothes from Uniqlo, synthetic cotton from H&M, and so on. 

The material of your clothes will matter here, as this helps you avoid wearing a fitting shirt that folds in on itself (common with cotton).

For medium-sized leisurewear, you can stick to the traditional black cotton shirts here. Feel free to get one with a band design, but leave the fit comfortable enough to hang around your stomach and not stick to it. 

Lastly, putting on a coat, trench coat, or a hoodie. 

Layers are a man’s best friend when it comes to fashion and getting a black trench coat to hang over your shoulders with a pair of black jeans, and black Chelsea boots are just – chef’s kiss.

Baggy Shirts

baggy shirt with black jeans

Colors don’t have to be the only thing that contrasts in a good outfit. 

Picking out a baggy shirt matches well with a skinny or slim-fit pair of black jeans. With that said, you can experiment with anything here but your shoes will make or break your outfit.

If you’re getting a baggy shirt that looks a little worn out, then that would look best in a grungy vibe. Pick out a pair of old-school Vans or a Converse shoe for this one, and you’ll be good to go. 

Otherwise, you could also get a plain shirt that’s two sizes too big for you. Plain shirts are a cleaner aesthetic and look much better with either white or colorful sneakers. If you’re opting for the colorful option here, the Nike Cortez brings a fantastic pop of red and blue to your outfit.

Pro tip: get yourself a good belt and insert your baggy shirt between your pants and waist while leaving some fabric to hang to the sides. This is a great mix between casual and semi-formal, with your inserted shirt being covered up by the belt

Completely sell the look with a pair of black leather shoes! 

Patterned Shirts

pattern shirt with black jeans

If you’re not one to shy away from loud shirts with floral designs or other bold patterns, then black jeans give you the perfect excuse to wear them more often.

What’s so great about black jeans is that they provide a neutral canvas from which you can build layer upon layer of character and personality.

As you’ll discover throughout the course of this article, black jeans don’t confine you to plain white tee-shirts and shirts.

Far from it.

With black jeans you can get experimental with your fashion, wearing bold sneakers, colorful shirts, and smart jackets.

Patterned shirts are just one way you can up the ante with black jeans and show off your true colors.

You can wear an unbuttoned floral print shirt or a buttoned pattern shirt, depending on how brave you’re feeling.

Nothing is required to pull this look off, although it does go much better with a good helping of inner confidence.

If you have the confidence to strut your stuff in whatever you wear, then this look is a great way to express yourself and prove that you’re fashion-forward.

Plus this is one of those outfits that you can take either way depending on whether you want a more formal or casual look. For evening drinks or a date you can don a smart and subtle print shirt with your black jeans and for casual occasions you can wear your boldest floral print for a splash of color.

Floral Polo

floral polo with black jeans

Bought yourself a floral polo but never figured out the best way to wear it? Say hello to black jeans and brown leather shoes. Similar to the entry with a semi-unbuttoned polo and leather shoes, floral polos work just as well in the same style.

Floral clothes are a great way to bring out a feminine side and a pair of black jeans help balance this out. The cherry on top is the brown leather shoes that tie the entire outfit together. 

Depending on the fit of the floral polo, you can either unbutton the top two buttons or have it properly buttoned if it’s a nice and snug fit. Your shoes can be as equally colorful, like red sneakers or loafers.

Whatever the case, floral clothes are the best time to let loose. To accentuate this, strap on a leather watch around your wrist if you have that option available. Otherwise, a metal watch would do just great. 

Leather Jackets

leather jacket with black jeans

If there’s anything else manly that goes together with a pair of black jeans, it’s definitely a leather jacket. Brown or black—though my personal preference is black—leather jackets look amazing with black jeans.

You can go for the bad boy look here, with a pair of boots, a leather jacket, and a motorcycle if you have one—though that’s probably an enormous investment just for a matching outfit. 

Regardless, the rocker outfit and aesthetic is a style that has stood the test of time.

We’d definitely recommend getting a leather jacket for those winter or colder months, as this looks incredibly fashionable with a pair of black jeans and some Chelsea boots. Get yourself a full-grain jacket if you can, as these look much better during the winter and will last you a long time. 

It’s not like you’ll buy yourself several leather jackets anyway, so getting a good one that will last you years is definitely an excellent investment.

Denim Jacket

denim jacket with black jeans

Double denim is a phrase that has some people running for the hills, but hear us out.

You can wear a denim jacket with black jeans, and pull it off. Just because they’re made from the same material, it doesn’t mean wearing them together has to be a fashion faux pas.

The key to making the denim on denim work look is to keep it as subtle as possible. By that we mean don’t try to go all out with your black leather boots, black jeans, and black denim jacket. That might be too much.

Instead, keep things casual by throwing a white tee on underneath a blue denim jacket, and pairing that with your black jeans and maybe some brown dress shoes or sneakers.

Semi Formal

semi formal outfit with black jeans

Going to work but don’t feel like putting on a pair of slacks? Black jeans (not ripped) work just as well for semi-formal environments like the office or going on a fancy date. 

However, your shirt, blazer, and shoes will have to do the heavy lifting here.

Best make sure that your clothes are all ironed out if you’re going out in a pair of black jeans, undershirt, and a blazer. Alternatively, a black turtleneck also looks fashionable and sophisticated with black jeans.

If you’re leaning into a more formal than casual vibe in a semi-formal outfit, then skip the sneakers and go for the boots. A pair of black jeans in formal attire sells that casual look in an otherwise corporate outfit.

Coats and blazers are your best friends here. Also, this is one of those moments where having your jeans wrap around your legs will look better than their baggy counterparts! For semi-formal, definitely get a skinny or slim-fit taper. 

Trench Coats

trench coat with black jeans

Adding on to the last two entries on this list, trench coats add a lot of value and style to your outfit. If you find yourself commuting or walking to work daily in a busy and cold place, like New York city, then a trench coat definitely works.

Other than that, best avoid trench coats altogether, especially if you have a car. Driving around while wearing a trench coat is uncomfortable and inconvenient, which loses the point of having a trench coat in the first place. 

Also, if you’re self-conscious, make sure to take a good look around your usual streets so you can see how many people wear trench coats in the first place. 

If the stars align and your city has an environment suitable for a trench coat, then definitely get one! 

Trench coats last you a long time and are both incredibly fashionable and useful against the harsh weather! These coats will keep you warm with a vintage look of the classic gentleman. 

What About Shoes?

Now, shoes are up to subjective taste and we wouldn’t want to contest your personal feelings on the matter. 

However, it’s important to read and figure out what impression each type of footwear gives off when paired with black jeans.


sneakers with black jeans

Nike, Adidas, New Balance; sneakers look great with black jeans and there’s no doubt about it! These would be the perfect footwear for casual events, where you can dress comfortably and look fashionable at the same time.

Absolutely avoid sneakers for formal events if you can help it, as they can downplay the value you put into your outfit during such occasions. 

On the other hand, you can pick out different colored sneakers for black jeans, just as long as it matches your top.

Boots, Preferably Chelseas

chelsea boots with black jeans

You’ve probably read the word “Chelsea” all throughout this article, and that’s because Chelsea’s are amazing boots that look fantastic with a pair of black jeans! 

If you’re familiar with One Direction, a quick look at Harry Styles on Google with Chelsea boots will show you what we mean. 

Other than that, rugged boots like balmoral, combat, and chukka work just as well! 

Whatever the case, boots are fashionable and fall into the semi-formal to nearly formal category of footwear.

Leather Shoes

what-to-wear-with-black-jeans 2

For the formal gentlemen reading this list, leather shoes are a must-have for a pair of black jeans. 

Black leather shoes are considered more formal than brown, but a good pair of brown leather shoes also helps to tone down the rest of your outfit.

Overall, leather shoes are definitely a brilliant investment of footwear, especially since you can wear one for formal occasions with a proper suit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Black Jeans

What looks good with black jeans?

Black jeans look amazing with a lot of styles: casual, semi-formal, and smart casual. 

It all depends on what you’re trying to wear and making sure that your shoes and shirt match perfectly with each other.

What color shirt goes with black pants?

The more commonly used colors with black pants are white and black, since contrasts or accents are popular. 

However, you can also wear any color with black pants, since black jeans provide an excellent base for other colors.

What shoes go with black skinny jeans?

Leather, sneakers, or boots go best with black skinny jeans. Most shoes generally work with black jeans, but avoid sandals and running shoes. 

A Final Word From the Trending Man

Wearing a pair of black jeans can seem intimidating, but it isn’t that complicated. Black jeans work well with many clothes, and you can use these in a casual or semi-formal setting. 

The important thing to consider with black jeans is making sure your shoes and shirt match together to complete the outfit. 

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