Types of Wallets for Men (and How to Choose)

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Today we’ll be breaking down all of the types of wallets for men.

Wallets are a must-have accessory for men. Having one is the safest and most convenient way to carry documentation, cash, and cards. In addition, it is an important detail of the image of any man.

Apart from clothing or expensive watches, the wallet displays the status and preferences of its owner. It is important to choose the right fashion accessory suitable for a particular lifestyle, dressing style, and place of work of the stronger sex. If you are looking for a good model, in this buying guide you will find all the information you need to make a good choice.

Wallets for Men

A men’s wallet is a small item designed to place bills, cards, identity documents, or even coins, and transfer them discreetly in a jacket or trouser pocket.

They are usually flat and rectangular in geometry. They are made of materials such as leather, polyester, or fabric. There are different types, sizes, reliefs, colors, textures, and various compartments.

Types of Men Wallets

Among the different types of men wallets, four different types can be highlighted according to their structure and compartments. These are the wallet model, the cardholder model, the chain model, and the sports wallets. The most outstanding characteristics of each are mentioned below.

Classic Wallet

This is the most widely used type of wallet. These items have small dimensions so that they can be stored in the pocket of the jacket or pants. Sometimes they have a compartment for coins like men’s wallets with purses. In the market, you can find leather, synthetic leather, fabric wallets, and all kinds of designs.


They are slightly larger wallets that, as their name indicates, are specially designed to place multiple cards and documents. They are long, similar to women’s wallets, so bills can be stored without folding. They have multiple pockets and compartments. They are widely used by secretaries and businessmen who carry all their belongings in a briefcase.

Chain Model

Men’s chain wallets are also called biker models. They are anchored with a long chain that can be attached to the pants or belt loop and protrudes out of the pocket. They are safe, sturdy, and stylish. They usually have relief designs with different figures.

Sporty Model

They are wallets that can be worn fixed with a strap on the arm or ankle. These are typically small men’s zippered wallets that are made from breathable fabrics and lightweight materials that are easily washable. They are ideal to take with you in those moments when you exercise or jog outdoors. In the market, you can find Nike men’s wallets or Adidas men’s wallets with sporty models of very good quality.

Why Buy a Men’s Wallet?

Men’s wallet is the ideal accessory to keep money and cards organized. In addition, they are the perfect size to carry in your pants or jacket pocket comfortably and discreetly. By having a wallet for men, you can ensure that you will not lose your money or your identification documents.

In today’s market, you can find branded men’s wallets that, in addition to being elegant, maintain a very good value for money. There are different sizes, different materials, and designs for all possible tastes. You can also find wallets for young men with very striking colors and prints, such as some models of men’s wallets from the Quiksilver or Vans brand, for example.

How to Choose a Men’s Wallet?

If you want to buy a men’s wallet, you should know that you will find many options. Choosing the right one for you may take some time. However, if you know in advance what to look for, it will be much easier to choose a model. Next, we will tell you which are those characteristics that you should pay more attention to.


One of the most important characteristics that you should consider when buying a wallet is the material with which it is made. Wallets are usually made of leather or fur, synthetic materials like polyester, or simply made of fabric and some plastic components.

Leather wallets for men are more resistant and durable, have an elegant and casual design, and a quality superior to wallets made of polyester. On the other hand, youth men’s wallets are usually cloth wallets with velcro closures and colorful, flexible designs. It is advisable for an adult to opt for leather wallets that, although they have a higher cost, tend to last much longer than those made of synthetic materials.


Another factor worth looking at when deciding on one wallet model or another is the number of pockets and compartments it has. A good wallet should have at least 2 pockets so that you can place essential cards or documents such as your ID or driver’s license. the removable window for identification documents.

Modern men’s wallets can be equipped with an ingenious RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking system. It is a technology that prevents electromagnetic waves of any kind from causing interference with the chip of your credit or debit cards and from altering their circuits and damaging them.

RFID locks are basically a kind of screen that is superimposed on the cards while they are inside the wallet. This system prevents any modern thief from using electronic devices that can steal your information remotely and carry out transactions that do not require the use of your PIN code. RFID-blocking wallets tend to be more expensive, so this technology can sometimes be dispensed with. However, we recommend purchasing them for greater security, if you can afford them.


It is a characteristic that you should pay close attention to if you want to choose a wallet with the ideal proportions so that it is comfortable for you according to the occasion and use you are going to give it.

In the market, you can get wallets of different sizes and formats, from large men’s wallets or handbags in which the dollar bills fit without having to be folded, to wallets of a standard size with multiple compartments for cards, coins, bills, and even photos.

There are very discreet and small models that take up little space and are perfect to carry in the inside pocket of the jacket. An example could be a leather Pepe Jeans men’s wallet with dimensions of 11 cm x 8.5 cm x 1 cm, which has enough compartments for cards and identity documents.


Men’s wallets can be found with a wide variety of designs and different styles. There are models of very elegant wallets made with leather such as the Gucci men’s wallets or the Montblanc men’s wallets.

There are also models with a classic style that fold into two or even three sections as well as casual models and wallets with different types of prints and reliefs that attract attention at first glance. Men’s wallets can also have multiple compartments for different uses, whether it is to place cards, bills, keep keys, store coins, or even compartments to place identification cards and photos.

The choice between one or the other will largely depend on your particular tastes, your specific needs, and the occasions on which you will use your wallet. The important thing is that you opt for a model with a suitable size, in a color that you like, and that is made with high-quality materials.

Our Picks for Best Wallets

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Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Wallets

How much is a men’s wallet worth?

The cost of a men’s wallet can vary according to its materials, size, brand, and type. The cheapest men’s wallets are the youthful fabric models that can be obtained starting from 10 bucks. On the other hand, an original men’s wallet with several compartments and leather materials can have cost between 30 and 60 dollars.

The most recognized men’s wallet brands such as Hugo Boss men’s leather wallets with very elegant and at the same time simple designs can have costs that exceed 90 bucks for their quality and prestige. You can also find Guess brand men’s wallets or Calvin Klein men’s wallets at costs of approximately 50 bucks.

If you want to know where to buy men’s wallets at a good price, you can search Amazon. There you will find wallets of all brands and models in a price range that is convenient for you.

Where to buy a men’s wallet?

This type of men’s accessory can be found in some stores or department stores. On the other hand, as a very good alternative that we recommend, there are online stores, such as Amazon. Here you will find many models to choose from and affordable prices.

How to use a men’s wallet?

Using a men’s wallet is not a very complex task. Just look at each of its compartments to identify the place where the bills, identification documents, and cards will be placed. There are models in which you can even put coins or store keys.

In general, wallets can be closed with a click clasp and in some cases with clasps. Youth models usually have velcro closures to keep the wallet tightly closed. Most wallets are perfectly sized to fit in the back pockets of the pants or even the inside pockets of the jacket to carry them with you at all times.

How to clean a men’s wallet?

To properly clean a men’s wallet you should pay attention to the material with which it is made to avoid using products that may deteriorate its surface.

If you have a faux leather wallet, you can use warm water, a cloth, and a mild detergent. Just rub all the surfaces of the bag with the cloth to remove dirt, add a little water to remove the detergent, and dry well with a dry cloth.

Leather wallets need to be cleaned more carefully. There are some ideal products to clean and lubricate the different types of leather, which are placed on the surface of the wallet and left to act for a few seconds. You can also use soft brushes or brushes to remove dust and dirt from your wallet. The important thing is that before using any cleaning product or method you make sure to use it in a convenient way so as not to damage the material in your wallet.

A Final Word From The Trending Man 

It may seem insignificant, but knowing the importance of carrying a wallet according to your style can set a precedent in your knowledge about fashion. Now you know all the important tips when choosing between the best types of wallets.

Be clear about what you need and what you like, and you will surely make the right decision. Choose from the best men’s wallets the one that best describes your way of being. You will feel more secure and definitely much more confident in certain situations! And ladies love that…

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    I actually just had my credit card data stolen walking around downtown New York from not using a blocking wallet so just be careful. Metal wallets for me going forward.

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