Should Men Shave Their Arms? Here’s the Real Answer


Many guys shave their chest, back, legs, and even their pubic hair, so why stop at your arms? If you’re a fan of manscaping and you just cherish the feeling of being smooth all over, you might want to go beyond shaving your armpit hair to shave your arms as well.

If you’re thinking about doing this, it’s a good idea to know the potential benefits as well as the risks. It is also important to understand the best methods for shaving to avoid razor burn and skin irritation. All of these topics will be tackled in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Why Don’t Men Shave Their Arms?

Contrary to popular belief, hair does not grow back thicker after it’s been shaved. The color, coarseness, and speed of growth are not affected by shaving. A lot of people still think this myth is true, which is why they choose not to do it or, worse, they choose other painful methods like waxing. If you’ve always wanted to have smooth, soft arms, and the thought of your hair growing back thicker is stopping you, it’s time you reconsider it.

It’ll come as no surprise that in many cultures around the world, having body hair is a sign of masculinity. Scientifically speaking, it’s an inherited trait from our hairy ancestors and it keeps them from overheating from all the running and hunting they did in the past. But since wearing clothing became our norm, having and keeping body hair is now more of an aesthetic preference. Some don’t mind them and others prefer to keep it as it is.  

Another reason many men choose not to shave is that their hair grows back so quickly and when it does, their skin feels itchy and prickly. That is why they just avoid the process entirely as it can feel uncomfortable especially when it isn’t done right.

Should Men Shave Their Arms?

You might be wondering how common it is for men to shave their body hair. If you think you’re the only one thinking about it, you couldn’t be more wrong! The days where it was only women who shaved unwanted body hair have long passed. Nowadays, many men choose to pick up the blade to get rid of hair in parts other than their face. 

Guys choose to shave for a variety of reasons, including personal hygiene, avoiding unpleasant body odor, aesthetic reasons, and improving athletic performance. The first two are probably the most common ones. But, if you’re not too fond of shaving and you still want to achieve those goals, trimming will do the job just fine.

The decision on how to groom one’s hair greatly varies from person to person and from body part to body part. However, a consistent message throughout all the body parts is that you need to maintain your body hair by either trimming or shaving. You should especially focus on the parts where you have excessive hair. If your arms don’t look like a gorilla’s, then you don’t need to shave them unless you really want to.

How to Shave your Arms

Shaving your arms the proper way might not be as easy as it sounds, which is why here’s a complete guide with all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

Trim Down Longer Arm Hair

The first step of this process is to trim the hair, especially if you’ve never shaved your arms before. Otherwise, it could easily get tangled up in your razor blades. Trust me, you want to avoid this. Get a sharp and clean pair of scissors and trim your arm hair until it’s short enough to not get tangled. 

Wet Your Arm or Armpit

Once your arm hair has a proper length, you can now wet the area you’re going to shave. Your skin should be wet and clean to prevent razor burn and skin infections. This is why a great time to shave is during or right after a shower, when your skin is soft and moist. Bear in mind, the water temperature should be warm.  If it’s too cold, it will close up your pores and if it’s too hot, it could damage your skin.


This step is optional, but I do recommend doing it every once in a while. Exfoliating beforehand will help you remove the dead skin. This will make your arms feel even smoother and it will also help prevent skin irritation. However, if you shave regularly, be careful not to over-exfoliate, as this could lead to a terrible rebound effect, resulting in irritated skin and razor bumps.

Shaving Gel or Cream

Once your arms are wet, the next step is to lubricate them. Lather up all over using a shaving cream or gel of your preference. This way, the razor will glide over your skin more smoothly, making the arm hairs easier to cut.

A proper gel or cream is ideal, but if you find yourself without any of these products, a body wash can also do the trick as well. However, if you have sensitive or overly dry skin, keep in mind that you should use products that specifically adjust to your needs.

Shave in a Specific Direction

Make sure the razor you use is sharp and clean, if not new. Once you’ve chosen the right razor and your arms are properly covered with gel or cream, you can start making light, gentle strokes with the grain. This means shaving in the direction that your hair grows in. This method will help you prevent unsightly razor bumps. If you do this and you rinse after every few swipes of the razor, your skin won’t be at risk of being damaged.


Shaving is great to remove unwanted body hair and also dead skin cells, but it can also make your skin more prone to dryness. It is crucial to apply a moisturizing lotion or oil right after you shave. It may be a pain at first since it’s the last step in the shaving process, but trust me, it’s absolutely necessary. After a few times, it’ll become part of your routine and in no time, you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed.

Take Proper Care of Your Razor

I strongly recommend you choose a high-quality razor, as this will ensure you avoid damaging your skin. 

If you want your razor to be an ally and not an enemy, you must take good care of it. Store it in a dry area and don’t leave it in the shower or on a wet sink. Between shaves, make sure it has dried completely before you use it again to prevent bacteria from growing on your razor. And finally, consider changing your blade or throwing away disposable razors after five to seven shaves to avoid skin irritation.

The Side Effects of Shaved Arms and How to Avoid Them

Shaving your arms comes with great benefits, which we’ll discuss later on. However, there are some side effects you should keep in mind in order to avoid them.

Razor Burn

This is one of the most common side effects of shaving, but this does not mean it’s impossible to avoid. First, it is important to understand why it happens. Razor burn can be caused by several reasons, including using an old or clogged blade, shaving without lubrication, or shaving too quickly.

If you could not avoid getting razor burn, don’t worry. There are some homemade remedies you can try and aloe vera is one of them. This magical plant is known for its healing properties that soothe and treat burns and other skin issues. Another method is to use coconut oil, a versatile natural product that has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Ingrown Hairs

You’ll notice you have ingrown hairs because, instead of silky skin, you’ll have painful, red bumps. This is caused when shaved hair grows back into the skin instead of straight out.

The best way to prevent this is by preparing the skin before shaving and then relaxing it right after. Before you get started, try putting a warm compress on the area you’re going to treat. This is a great way to open your pores, which will help hairs come out easily. Once you’re done, you can apply a cold compress, which will help relax the irritated skin.

Skin Irritation

If you have red dots that cause an itching or burning sensation, you probably have skin irritation. This may be caused by bacteria, shaving with a dull blade, or wearing extremely tight clothing.

Treating irritated skin is not easy. It’s a problem that must be handled carefully as it could lead to bigger health issues. I suggest you always have some hydrocortisone cream in your bathroom cabinet. You won’t need a prescription to buy the low-strength formula ones. However, you should always consult with a dermatologist if you have any doubts or concerns.

Nicks and Cuts

No matter how long you’ve been in the shaving game, there comes a time when you slip, and it just takes a minimal distraction to get a nick or a cut. However, this is a lot more likely to happen if you’re using an incorrect blade, or if you’re not using a suitable gel or cream to lather it well.

As this is sometimes unavoidable, there are some treatments to help with razor nicks and cuts. If you’re craving the moisturizing and cleansing benefits of a lotion then reach for a balm. This alcohol-free, post-shave option is gentler for injured skin. You can also opt for your usual aftershave, a good choice since they usually have antiseptic properties.

The Benefits of Shaved Arms

Some guys like to shave their arms purely for aesthetic reasons, but others do it for sporting purposes. Bodybuilders, for example, tend to shave their arms to better show off their muscle definition. Many swimmers also prefer to have hairless arms to make their bodies feel more slender. This is because removing body hair naturally removes dead skin cells as well, which lessens friction and this helps with making the body more aerodynamic.

Societally speaking, it’s less common for men to shave their arm or armpit hair, but this shouldn’t prevent you from doing it. There are many benefits to shaving your arms. The most interesting one is probably the reduction in body odor. Getting rid of body hair also tends to make your skin feel airier and less itchy, which can be a very annoying inconvenience for many men.

If the thought of enjoying these benefits is appealing to you, go ahead and shave your arms. One thing you should keep in mind though is the time you’ll have to spend to maintain this practice. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you’ll have to shave between once a week and a few times a month. But I personally believe it’s worth the effort.  

Frequently Asked Questions for Should Men Shave Their Arms

Guys should shave their arm hair?

Shaving all your arm hair does not really have a purpose other than aesthetics, which is why it’s totally up to you and your preferences if you decide to do it or not. However, even if you decide not to shave your arms, you should consider at least trimming your armpit hair. Why? Because it’s proven to be much more comfortable.

Are there any body hairs that guys should shave?

If we’re being honest, not everyone is a fan of the Wolfman look but this also doesn’t mean you have to be as hairless as a baby’s butt. If you think you have too much body hair but you don’t like shaving, then trimming the excess off will do. However, if you had to choose a few specific areas to shave or trim, I’d suggest you go for the armpit and back hair. Having a lot of body hair in those specific parts are not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to unpleasant body odor. 

Shaved arms are attractive or not?

Studies show us that out of more than 100 women surveyed, almost 80 of them said they dig body hair on men, while around 30 stated they preferred hairless guys. Although it’s true that they tend to like a little body hair, moderation was the  key. Meaning, it’s up to you if you want to shave your arms or not, but keep in mind that the ladies will appreciate it if you give your body hair the attention it deserves.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Nowadays, both men and women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, without being judged or looked down on. If you don’t want to shave your arms, that’s totally fine, but if you do want to, that’s okay too. I suggest you do what works best for you. If it makes you feel handsome and more comfortable in your skin, then go ahead and do it. 

With that said, if you’re interested in shaving off your arms, feel free to try it out. Keep in mind all the advice given in this article, and you’ll be having those smooth, supple arms in no time. 

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