Shaving Gel vs Cream: A Gentleman’s Guide to the Difference

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Having a full jaw of hair can be quite an annoying experience, especially if you aren’t the type to have perfect skin after shaving. Couple that with all the misconceptions about beard care and shaving then you’ve got yourself a neck full of acne.

Sensitive skin, shaving foam, shaving gel vs cream—what really is the right way to shave? 

Don’t Use Aerosol

First off, avoid aerosol cans like the plague. While these cans might give you the instant gratification of immediate lather, this entire canister could be what’s causing those razor burns on your skin.

The purpose of applying gel or cream on your face as you shave is to have your hairs stand up. Unfortunately, the airy texture of the foam from the shaving can doesn’t do this which results in razor burns and uneven shaving. This is especially detrimental to men with sensitive skin.

Shaving Gel vs Shaving Cream

If you’ve used either of these products, you’ll easily notice that the primary difference is in the lather. Traditional shaving cream is usually mixed with water and then brushed to create a lather—this is different from foam. Lather is much thicker with less air. 

Another difference that’s easy to spot is the time it takes to use either product. Since cream will have to be brushed into a lather, this can take a bit more time than simply applying shaving gel.

While a lot of articles out there might conclude that either product is simply the best, there’s not a lot of truth behind this. Picking the right shaving product for you will rely entirely on how your skin reacts to it as well as how you feel before and after you shave.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, even if it is an expensive variety of gel or cream. With that said, here are the main differences, pros and cons, and what you can expect from using shaving gel vs cream.

Shaving Gel: What It Is And Isn’t

The biggest attraction to using shaving gel is how quick you can go about shaving. This is perfect for those situations where you just have to leave the house in a hurry or if you don’t want to spend too much time in the bathroom.

Shaving gel is waterless and can be applied directly to your face. Additionally, it’s also transparent which helps the shaving process since you’ll be able to see your beard hairs much more clearly.

If sensitive skin is an issue, shaving gel usually comes with moisturizing ingredients to give yourself a much healthier shave. Additionally, the gel doesn’t clog your razor as quickly as thick lather which helps save time. This experience, however, can depend on how much product you need as well as the type of product you’re using.

Shaving Cream: What It Is And Isn’t

For the gentlemen that prefer to take their time to get a really clean shave, the best way to do this is definitely with shaving cream. Since the lather from the cream is thick and white, you’ll be able to easily trace where you’ve already shaved.

Additionally, since the cream stays on your face longer while you brush it into a lather, you also end up moisturizing and hydrating your skin pre-shave. This is a great way to avoid acne and razor burns.

The good thing about using cream is that you have control over the thickness of your lather. This way, you don’t have to get stuck with a certain gel that isn’t quite at the consistency that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaving Gel VS Cream?

Is shaving cream or gel better?

Both products have their pros and cons. At the end of the day, it’s really all about what product works for you and if you have the time for cream or not. While cream might take longer to lather, this also moisturizes your skin and provides a great way to track your shaved areas.

Gel, on the other hand, is quick and easy but can’t be easily manipulated into a consistency that you’d prefer.

A Final Word from The Trending Man

Getting a shaving cream or gel is all about preference. Before you find something that you might enjoy using, try to figure out if you have sensitive skin first. Just like skincare, gel and cream can also nourish your jaw to get a properly hydrated and moisturized shave.

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