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In today’s time, there are several ways to access different sources of information. We have our good old newspapers, radio, books, and magazines. Living in the digital age, now we also have blogs, vlogs, social media posts, and podcasts.  To enjoy a podcast, one doesn’t need to give it
Books on Masculinity
The conversation about what masculinity is has been controversial in today’s society. Men and women alike have chimed in to make their opinion known. One notable point of view is Pierre Bourdieu’s. According to him, masculinity produces and reproduces itself through social interactions and the embodied behaviors and practices
According to some statistics, middle-aged white males contribute the most to the number of recorded suicides in the United States. Moreover, men are 3.63 times more likely to commit suicide than women.  The numbers don’t lie. This is a call to action for men to take the reign in
Mens Fashion Quotes
Making a place for yourself through your manner and individual style is the first step to embodying the quintessential gentleman. But where would you be if it weren’t for the men whose footsteps you follow?  Reminding yourself of the teachings of timeless icons, those who inspired male fashion to
Things Guys Do That Are Attractive
There are many things a guy can do to look and feel more attractive. However, what makes the biggest difference are the small but charming details. And you’re probably already doing some things right without even realizing it. Just start paying more attention, and you’re on your way to
Here’s the situation: in just a few hours, you’ll be giving a critical business presentation. While you have done your best practicing and preparing answers to anticipated questions, you still feel a bit queasy and anxious. So, you head on to your usual coffee shop to order a cup
Have you ever looked at another guy and wished you had what he has? Somehow the way he carries himself with such a superior sense of confidence and maybe even arrogance makes him seem like he possesses everything any guy could ever wish or ask.  The stereotypical term to
Gentleman Quotes
So, you’ve already established that you are a gentleman who always smells good, dresses well, and behaves appropriately in any situation. While on the outside you already look and act the way a gentleman should be, this lifestyle involves more than just being presentable, courteous, and polite. A North

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