We're frequently asked which products we use and how we stay trendy while constantly on the go. Consider this our mini compilation of the products, tools and items that we personally use and find beneficial.

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This reversible belt from Tommy Hilfiger is both stylish and convenient for travelers and minimalists. Two sides, two colors. More options for when you’re out on the town.

This is one of our favorite watches under $100. If you have more of a budget or want to look at more options, check out our detailed watch reviews.

Simple, minimalist, sleak. This wallet is one of our favorites on a budget. Your choice of two colors.

The range of health-boosting natural ingredients help to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin of the face without clogging up the pores. Made for men.

Beard balm is just one product which can help you ensure your beard is looking and feeling amazing at all times. Here’s our top pick for best beard balm.

This is our favorite men’s natural shampoo. It promotes healthier hair with its peppermint & tea tree oils (and has a nice cooling sensation). Paraben and SLS free.

Samsonite is best known for its durable, sturdy luggage. This zipperless suitcase is light and easy to manuever, plus can pack more than you need – even if you’re overpackers like us.

If you spend a lot of time traveling for work, or you enjoy using your laptop out and about, then it’s worth considering the options to see if you can find a stylish bag to go with your look. Here’s a great one from Samsonite.

Every man needs a pair of sunglasses in his arsenal and the Classic Wayfarers are our default pick for any guy unsure of what style to go with. Classic, refined, cool. 


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