Best Positive Affirmations for Men That Really Work


According to some statistics, middle-aged white males contribute the most to the number of recorded suicides in the United States. Moreover, men are 3.63 times more likely to commit suicide than women. 

The numbers don’t lie. This is a call to action for men to take the reign in safeguarding their mental health now. 

One great way to build resilience and fortitude is to use positive affirmations. These statements replace degrading and hopeless thoughts with more empowering and optimistic ones. Words are more powerful than you think. 

Why Do Men Need Positive Affirmations?

When a lady compliments another about her gorgeous floral dress, no one bats an eye. It’s a different scenario if a man were to go up to another and compliment his sleek new haircut. In most cases, that remark would transform the conversation into a painfully awkward one.

This shows how easy it is to forget that men are also human and susceptible to affliction. Compliments can increase confidence, escalate happiness and enhance performance in tasks. They paint a more appealing and hopeful picture of your future. 

It’s important to note that positive affirmations from other people are as good as air coolers in Antarctica if you keep bringing yourself down. Don’t undermine the value of complimenting yourself. Just because you don’t see or feel your own potential,doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Try encouraging and building yourself up instead. In the face of adversity, self-affirmation will help you harness the resilience and strength that’s always resided within you. Remember, your thoughts shape your actions, your actions mold your habits, your habits form your lifestyle.

Ultimately, your thoughts and mindset dictate whether or not you will achieve your goals and ambitions. 

Positive Affirmations for Men

How do these positive affirmations sound and look like in every aspect of life? Which are the best for boosting your confidence and self-love based on the current challenge you’re facing? Look through this guide, and choose those that resonate with you the most and integrate them into your daily routine!

Affirmations for Self-esteem

Your self-esteem determines if you’ll lead a flourishing life. Unknowingly, you may be struggling with self-esteem issues. 

Let’s discuss some tell-tale signs. You people please and you don’t have healthy boundaries. You doubt most decisions you make. Often, you fall into the comparison trap. You are extremely sensitive to what people think or say about you. Finally, you possess an extraordinarily dull and pessimistic outlook on life. 

That can change. Each day, focus on telling yourself the following thoughts instead. 

“I am confident with who I am. I am a good person, and I can contribute to society. I love and accept each part of myself, both my strengths and weaknesses. I am in the process of transforming into the best version of myself. I am strong and courageous in every situation.”

Voicing these phrases will help establish empowering beliefs about yourself in your mind. Because your self-esteem is linked to your words and actions in every aspect of your life, having a great sense of self-confidence is an underrated attribute necessary to lead a fulfilling life. 

Affirmations for Healthy Relationships

Relationships are a cornerstone of our everyday lives. Your interactions with your friends, family, partners, colleagues, and strangers depend on how you perceive your worth and value. 

Do any of the next statements describe you? You can’t say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. You have no proper boundaries and constantly tolerate people taking advantage of you. In many relationships, you’re the only one putting in effort. You ignore your own needs to satisfy others’. Sometimes, you wonder if people invite you to parties purely out of pity. 

If you resonate with one or more of these, then change is needed. To develop an uplifting pattern of thinking, try declaring the following affirmations to yourself. 

“I deserve to love and be loved. I am valuable and wanted. I am complete on my own, and I do not need another half to make me feel whole. I am in charge of my own happiness. I can bring out the best in others as I treat them with love and respect. People enjoy my company, and I am great fun to be around.”

Focusing on these statements will empower you to build more sustainable and fulfilling relationships. Other than that, they will also give you courage to put your foot down and leave toxic relationships behind. You know you deserve better than that.

Affirmations for Your Career

Often, we doubt our skills, knowledge, and contributions. If you’re the type to compare yourself to other people who have more experience and skills, then you need to affirm your belief in your career. 

When your boss asks if anyone has a revolutionary solution to a problem, you never envision yourself stepping out with confidence to pitch yours. Your idea might be the best in the room, but you don’t think it is. Rather than learning from mistakes and failures, you avoid taking the risk and reaching out of your comfort zone. Lastly, you stay in toxic and degrading work environments because you want the security of an office job. 

We have all been in similar situations, but we shouldn’t get comfortable living in dysfunction. It’s worth a shot, so try telling yourself the following affirmations the next time. 

“I have my own unique skill sets and knowledge. I am skilled and professional at my job and I am a great team worker. My ideas and opinions are valuable. I deserve to be respected and appreciated at my job. My work contributes to society and makes the world a better place and what I do can change someone’s life for the better.” 

Complimenting yourself can boost your morale and performance at your workplace, and you’ll begin to see the bigger picture. 

Affirmations for Health and fitness

Who hasn’t made dieting and exercising their New year’s resolution? We all recognize the importance of preserving our bodies and prioritizing both our physical and mental well-being. How often do we go out of our way to take care of ourselves, though? 

You probably want to attain and sustain a more muscular and lean body. To do this, you may need to eat healthier, quit smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption. Binge eating on snacks won’t do you any good either, so perhaps hit the gym at least once a week. It takes discipline, but we need to motivate ourselves by manifesting good thoughts to achieve success in those areas. 

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and raising the white flag when you’ve had way too much chocolate, be gracious to yourself. Treat your failures as stepping stones to achieve success, and on the way, remind yourself of the following statements. 

“My body is precious and valuable. I am capable of keeping myself in good health. My failures do not dictate who I am. I deserve to be happy and healthy. My success will inspire others to become stronger and fitter.” 

Studies have shown that positive affirmations will deter us from dismissing health messages and encourage us to respond and change for the better. 

Dreams and ambitions

Have you always wanted to start a Youtube channel or be a Twitch streamer, but each time, you manage to convince yourself that you’re never going to make it big? Or maybe you’ve wanted to do extreme sports and almost signed up for that skydiving course? Perhaps you’ve been baking delicious goods as a hobby but never had the guts to turn your talent into a career path? 

I believe that each time you were at a crossroads, you really tried your best to make the best decision. However, your doubtful and fearful mind probably came up with a thousand excuses on why it would never work out

Acknowledge those doubts and fears, but don’t get entangled in them. They keep you from doing dangerous and stupid things, so don’t let them discourage you from pursuing your dreams and ambitions. 

Tell yourself the following statements. 

“I can achieve my goals and ambitions. I have the skill and talent to turn my hobbies into a career path. I am strong and bold enough to do this. I would rather try and fail than regret it when I’m older. I can achieve success when I put my mind to it.” 

Don’t dwindle too long going back and forth on whether you should do it. Once you’ve talked yourself into it, take the next step and walk the talk. 

Positive Affirmations for Yourself

Now that you know the benefits of positive self-affirmation, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate it into your life practically and effectively. 

Ever heard of the term “practice makes perfect”? This case is no exception. If you want positive affirmations to be a substantial part of your life, you have to practice using them at least a few times daily to eventually cultivate a habit. 

Using a Mirror

Whenever possible, practice proclaiming affirmations aloud in front of the mirror. According to Tara Well, a psychologist who invented the mirror mindfulness and mediation method, gazing into the mirror sparks and amplifies self-compassion and love. 

Looking at our eyes and face in the mirror while speaking positive statements aloud has a stronger effect on your psychophysiology compared to merely saying them out. 

Plus, when offensive and hurtful words from other people fray your self-confidence, you can turn to your trusted friend in the mirror. Cruel and nasty criticisms may leave you feeling vulnerable, but the choice to treat yourself with grace and kindness still lies in your hands.

In the instance that you’re in public and gazing at yourself in the mirror is not an option, declaring those positive affirmations in your head may still help. As soon as you feel those destructive thoughts and doubts creep in, steer your mind away using kind words to prevent those negative feelings from manifesting. 


Another great way to practice loving self-talk is by noting helpful statements in your journal every few days. Journaling is shown to be a valuable tool in helping you recognize your fears, doubts, worries and negative thoughts. 

You can also write them down on post-it notes and stick them on your mirror, fridge, or anything you look at often. When you first begin, alerts set on your phones or calendars may conveniently remind you of your daily ‘pep talk’ sessions. 

The most crucial thing here is to believe that your affirmations are true. Writing them out and saying them will help you believe in your own affirmations.

Present and personal statements

Affirmations must be positive, specific, and in the present tense. 

Other than that, research shows that gratitude plays an immense role in improving mental health. Incorporate gratitude and look for the silver linings whenever possible when constructing these personal affirmations. 

For example, imagine you have this huge meeting coming up with your boss and prospective clients, and you have a fantastic idea to pitch. 

Instead of saying, “I better keep my mouth shut in case I spout out any nonsense,” try telling yourself, “I am thankful for this opportunity to bring something great to the table. My ideas will contribute towards something whether they are accepted or not.” 

Do you notice the difference in energy between those? You understand your strengths and weaknesses the best, so steer your positive self-talk towards accepting your flaws and focusing on your strengths. 

How Does It Affect Their Personality When Receiving Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations have been proven through science and studies to impact us significantly when practiced long-term. You generally develop a more optimistic attitude and outlook on life and tend to be more forgiving towards others and yourself. 

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and in the face of challenges and hardship, it is easy to turn towards vices to distract or substances to self-medicate. With positive affirmations, you may no longer need those to heal. They encourage you to love and value yourself more, and ultimately, motivate you to be the best version of yourself and view life with positive lenses. 

Are Positive Affirmations Part of Your Love Language?

Everyone experiences love differently, whether it’s about showing or receiving love. The way you depict love may depend on several factors such as your personality, upbringing, environment, and past. 

The way you receive and give love is known as your love language. Some people have one dominant love language while others have two or three that carry almost equal weight. 

The five generalized love languages are words of affirmation (or positive affirmation), physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. If you place great importance on the words your partner says to you or about you, your dominant love language may be words of affirmation. 

You can discover your love languages by doing some reflection or taking some tests online. You should know the love languages of the people important to you as well. That way, you can communicate love more effectively, understand the root of your conflicts better, and prevent misunderstandings from erupting in the future. 

How Often Should I Practice Positive Affirmations?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t expect your thinking patterns and personality to shift without constant effort and practice. So, it would be best to exercise positive affirmations as often as possible.

The optimal times of the day to practice them are in the morning when you wake and at night before heading off to bed. Your mind is generally more open and able to absorb ideas substantially during these times of the day. Other than that, you can practice saying those statements whenever you feel the need to. 

For example, when you’re feeling sad or confused after getting dismissed from your job abruptly, it’s normal to feel bad. But when the wallowing gets in the way of other important things, make yourself feel better with some kind words.

Frequently Asked Questions about Positive Affirmations for Men.

Why do men need positive affirmation?

Cultivating positive affirmations as a habit benefits men as much as women.

Because suppressing and hiding their feelings is common for men, they tend not to have a good outlet to understand and release their emotions. Positive reaffirmation allows them to dig deep into dark untapped places of their heart. Crafting personal statements will enable them to conquer those emotions and take charge of their thinking patterns. 

How does positive affirmation help them in their life?

This practice enables them to be more aware of their feelings and emotions, and dare to stand up and fight for themselves, and have more endurance when facing hardship. As a result, they become more efficient and effective as people. 

Why are positive affirmations important? 

If we don’t practice controlling our thoughts, our thinking pattern can spiral to pessimism and hopelessness. Positive affirmation teaches you how to recognize negative thoughts and replace those with healthy and hopeful beliefs that drive you towards growth and self-appreciation. 

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Stress, grief, and fear often take root in our minds. Positive affirmations and quotes are a great way to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Being proud of yourself, even in the littlest of things, can radically change your life for the better. Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back sometimes! Try out a few positive affirmations. 

Remember: no one is looking!

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