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How Much Does a Pair of Jeans Weigh
Whether it’s to settle a debate or satisfy your curious mind, knowing the weight of a pair of jeans is a useful piece of trivia to have on hand. It can also be useful information for picking what to wear for certain activities so that you aren’t weighed down
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attend at the "War of the Worlds" Fan Screening
It’s hard to ascertain a person’s height from a few pictures. However, for most pop stars, actors, and famous people, pictures are all we have to judge them by.  With that said, who are the most famous short guys? We’ve compiled an extensive and detailed list of successful short
Men's essential accessories
Figuring out what men’s essential accessories are is a challenge, even for the most experienced gentlemen.  There’s always something new in the market, especially for us men who were never the demographic for self-care items in the first place. With the increasing availability of accessories for men, how do
How should mens jeans fit
Finding the right pair of jeans can be a struggle. So much so, in fact, that a lot of guys might forego jeans altogether and just settle with whatever’s in their closet.  But there’s no denying the level of comfort that comes with owning the perfect pair of jeans
How to Tighten Jeans Without a Belt
We’ve all had a pair of jeans that were far too loose around the waist, falling down with every slight leg movement, unless they’re held in place with a belt. But sometimes, you don’t want to rely on a belt to keep your jeans locked around your waist, so

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