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Quotes about Being a Man
So, you’re having a bit of an unmotivated day. Maybe productivity is low, you lack inspiration, or you’re just stumped on what to wear. Yep, it happens to men too. What you may just need are some motivational words to boost morale and help you grab your day by
Should Men Shave Their Chest
For centuries, body hair was considered a sign of masculinity, but no longer today. Men shaving their chest hair is becoming very common these days. At first, it was just the bodybuilders, athletes, and actors who would flaunt their clean-shaven chests. But now, it’s becoming more popular among the
How Long Does a Tan Last
Most of the time, a tan is a valuable commodity and one we want to keep hold of for as long as possible. But there are also times when we might want it to disappear as quickly as possible, especially when it’s uneven and unflattering. A tan will typically
How to Tuck-in T-shirts
When someone asks you if you know how to tuck in shirts, you say “Yes”, right? Of course, you do, because most men know how to do it. But little do you know that there’s a proper way to tuck a shirt in! Hell, there are even different styles

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