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How to Wear A Suit Jacket with Jeans
Suits have been around for a while—about 400 years actually. They were the traditional clothing of choice for noblemen both in and out of the King’s Court, and have undergone many transformations to become the suits that we know today. On the other hand, jeans were invented much later.
How to Wear a Beanie
This article talks about the ubiquitous beanie and how to wear it in various styles that will complement your face and personality.  But before we dive in, we have something important that we need to ask you! Do you remember those days when no one cared about fashion or
How to Dress Like A Bad Boy
Who are bad boys? This breed of men has an attitude that says they don’t care about conventions, and they ooze confidence and sex appeal. Girls don’t want to love them but can’t help it, and guys want to be them. They’re known heartbreakers, but they always seem to
Are you having trouble deciding what to get for that special man in your life? What can you give him that he doesn’t already have, or doesn’t even know he needs? Maybe you’ve tried handmade crafts, heartfelt letters, baked goods and delicacies, and now you’d like to spice it
How Long Should Jeans Be
If jeans don’t feel comfortable when you put them on, then something isn’t quite right. While they won’t feel as soft to the skin as lounge pants, jeans are up there with the most comfortable forms of legwear you can buy – provided you find the perfect fit for

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