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Should Men Shave Their Armpits_ The Definitive Guide
While the topic is a victim of much debate, there’s an entire collection of research behind this ‘controversial’ topic. Shaving your pits can be quite a weird notion, especially if you’ve grown without having to do so your entire life. The entire process should only be done by women,
Beach Fashion for Men_ The Ultimate Guide
If you are a man, going to the beach used to be an extremely simple affair. You could get by with grabbing an old, stained, stretched out t-shirt and throwing that on with a pair of oversized swim shorts, find your loudest and most Day-Glo neon flip flops, and
What to Wear with Black Jeans
Black jeans are a staple of most men’s wardrobe, but figuring out what to wear with black jeans can feel intimidating without any guidance. The apparel works with a lot of outfits, so which one should you start with? Well, you can start with anything but just make sure
How to Wear a Beanie
This article talks about the ubiquitous beanie and how to wear it in a variety of styles that will complement your face and personality. But before we dive in, I’ve got something important that I need to ask you! Do you remember those days when no one cared about
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attend at the "War of the Worlds" Fan Screening
It’s hard to distinguish someone’s height from just pictures. Unfortunately or fortunately, for most pop stars, actors, and famous people, pictures are all we have to judge them by. With that said, which famous men are actually short? We’ve compiled an extensive and detailed list of famous short men

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