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Fashion for Men Over 40
As we all know, fashion is constantly evolving. We see new trends being introduced every season and naturally, people want to jump on board. But they’re not always good to follow, which is good news if you’ve become too lazy to stay updated. I’m looking at you, baby boomers.
Mens Fashion Quotes
Making a place for yourself through your manner and individual style is the first step to embodying the quintessential gentleman. But where would you be if it weren’t for the men whose footsteps you follow?  Reminding yourself of the teachings of timeless icons, those who inspired male fashion to
Apartment Essentials For Men
Every man would love to own a pad that welcomes them after a long workday. However, not everyone can afford a home theater or a personal arcade. Today, we’ll be focusing on the essential items you need to have in your apartment. This will  not only make you productive,

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Thanks for stopping in. At The Trending Man we believe that the clothes make the man. But it doesn’t take much. All you need in your wardrobe are 15 key items to stay fashionable year-round. More confidence. A better dating life. More time to spend on the things that matter.



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