How To Grow A Stubble Beard Like a Boss


The beard is a man’s treasure as they are widely known as a symbol of masculinity. Say you see a person walking down the street with slick-looking whiskers. You would immediately assume that the person is tough and gritty, right? Imagine shaving the beard off of that person. Would you still have the same first impression? I wouldn’t. That’s how a beard becomes so influential to a man’s appearance.

However, the thing about beards is that people tend to find them rough and itchy on their skin. Some would even avoid having long ones since they would be seen as unprofessional, and sometimes, it even goes against company policy. This is why stubble beards became a trend among young men nowadays. It’s unassuming but still thick enough to give off that manly vibe. 

Now, let’s take a look at our in-depth guide on how to grow and rock the stubble beard.

What Does a Stubble Beard Look Like?

Beards range from sleek to masculine, and the stubble beard is the sweet spot between the two. You would know that you’ve achieved this look if there is short hair from the chin all the way to the mustache kept neat and well-defined.

We see Jason Statham rock the stubble beard with class, showing that he doesn’t need a full set of hair on his head to look awesome. Likewise, Leonardo DiCaprio—you know, the guy from Titanic—wears the perfect stubble goatee.

How to Grow a Stubble Beard

You first have to prepare a few things before getting started on looking like Jake Gyllenhaal and getting all the ladies. Now, here is a list of items you need to maintain that stubble length as your beard grows.

A 2-blade Razor, Beard Trimmer, or an Electric Shaver 

What tool you use depends on your preference and how fast your beard grows. If your beard develops quickly and becomes a full beard in just a few days, then beard trimmers and electric shavers are a good investment. It makes shaving easier as well. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could go for a 2-blade razor instead of a 5-blade razor that would shave off the entire beard.

Different Guard Lengths

Varying guard lengths helps, especially if you are looking to fade your stubble beard. It prevents you from shaving all the facial hair,  which is important as you wouldn’t want to start growing your beard all over again. These guard lengths could range from 0.5 mm to 3 mm. But it boils down to your preference.

Beard Oil, Foam, etc.

These supplementary items assist in making the process more comfortable and seamless, avoiding beard itches and scratches on your beautiful face.

Now, onto the steps.

Pick Your Style

Before growing your beard, you must pick the style that you want to go with. You could choose among various types, such as the goatee stubble and the long stubble, which will be discussed further in a while. This determines how long you have to grow your beard and how you are going to trim it.

Prepare a Trimming Routine

Men grow their beards at different rates, so you might want to monitor the growth of your own. Maintain your beard at a length of 0.4 mm to 5 mm long, depending on the style that you want to go with. Beard trimmers and electric razors are the best tools for this, and they make regular trimming easier and more convenient.

Knowing the ideal length for your beard style is important for picking your guard. If you want to go for a medium stubble, you should use a 2 mm guard when shaving. Light stubbles can be achieved by using the trimmer without a guard.

Style Your Beard

Various styles and combinations can be done with your stubble beard. Some pair it with a good-looking mustache while some accentuate their sideburns. Your creativity and choice of style determines how you are going to spice up your facial hair.

Trim the Edges

Trimming the edges is important in keeping your stubble neat. Shape your neckline and the borderlines around your cheek and jaw using your trimmer or shaver. You should usually stop clipping about a half-inch to an inch above your Adam’s Apple.

Following these steps will ensure a clean and smooth-looking stubble that is bound to make you look and feel good.

How to Style Your Stubble Beard

Stubbles come in different types, and with different types come different beard lengths and shapes. Here is an in-depth guide on the distinct stubble variations and how to rock them with style.

3-day Beard

This style of stubble beard is a popular go-to for those who are looking for an effortless manly look. It’s not too wild nor too neat yet it still makes you look suave. As the name suggests, you only need three days to achieve the perfect 3-day beard which should measure about 3 mm to 4 mm in length. 

This style of beard is one of the easiest to maintain. A general rule for the 3-day beard is that you should wait until the fourth to the fifth day before styling or trimming your facial hair. When the time comes, you should use a trimmer with a guard length up to 5 mm to ensure a clean and close trim. Then, remove the guard and clean up the sides to finish up the style.

Don’t forget to use a comb to help you guide along the lines and create smooth edges around your beard. You could always have it trimmed by a barber or you could ask them for advice on how to achieve your preferred styles.

Goatee Stubble

If you want to look like Tony Stark—I mean, who doesn’t?—you might want to go for the goatee stubble. Although Robert Downey Jr.’s goatee was on the rugged side, it’s still a lighter alternative that the other styles on this list.

To get this look, you should start by trimming down your facial hair to the desired length. As mentioned earlier, the ideal stubble is 3 mm to 4 mm in length, but you have the freedom to deviate from this. The next step is to define the goatee shape by trimming with a bare beard trimmer. You may form the edges using a precision trimmer to have that perfect goatee shape. Finally, clean up the remaining facial hair with a razor.

Always remember that quality equipment, no matter how expensive, always gets the job done. Don’t be scared to invest in good trimmers and razors so that the results consistently remain in your favor. 

Long Stubble Beard

The long stubble is a rugged version of the stubble beard. It is a style wherein your facial hair is 3 mm to 5 mm long. Anything shorter than that is known as the light stubble, which is going to be discussed next. Beards ranging from 3 mm to 4 mm in length are known as the medium stubble, while those that are 4 mm to 5 mm long are known as the heavy stubble. Anything more than that would be considered as a full beard.

The long stubble is more bold and noticeable. You have to be careful though because without proper grooming it would look messy and would ruin the point of keeping your beard subtle. To achieve this look, you would only need to follow the same process of the 3-day beard but wait a bit longer. After getting the desired length, define the borders by using a trimmer to trim along the neck and cheek lines, and voila, you are ready to party!

Light Stubble

As I said earlier, light stubble beards are those ranging from 1 mm to 2 mm in length. What makes it different from the 3-day beard is that, well, it’s lighter. It’s more of an I-want-to-have-a-beard-but-I-don’t-want-it-to-look-obvious kind of look. It normally takes two days for an average man to grow a light stubble but again, it depends on the person.

The thing about light stubbles is that you have to keep trimming from time to time. Doing otherwise would lead to your beard looking like you forgot to shave. You have to keep the edges clean by clipping them regularly, it doesn’t have to be sharp but it has to be neat. Just follow the proper stubble grooming discussed throughout this article and you’ll be fine.

Patchy Stubble Beard

Ever had an uneven growing pattern for your beard? Do you get spots on the face where hair doesn’t grow as well as the other areas? Well, you can take advantage of that by rocking the patchy stubble beard. This is a unique beard style wherein you can use those bare spots to highlight certain areas of your face.

With patchy stubble beards, you can make your chin appear longer or you could highlight your cheekbones. To get this style of stubble, you have to be creative. Think of your beard as a bonsai tree. Carefully trim the edges around the cheek area to enhance your face shape. Most patchy stubble beards have this angle along the cheek which is unique compared to other styles. Finally, always keep your jawline facial hair.

You can look to celebrities like Keanu Reeves and David Beckham to see what a perfect patchy stubble beard looks like.

Full Stubble Beard

A full stubble beard is a type that covers your whole facial hair area, from the cheeks down to the neckline. This is a more masculine look that you can achieve quicker compared to the traditional full beard.

To get this look, you would first need to grow your beard to the desired length. Again, any beard longer than 5 mm would be considered a full beard, so you must be careful. Next, you have to trim the edges to make it look neat and tidy, but it doesn’t have to look too sharp. Finally—oh, that’s actually just about it. Simple, right?

Shortest Stubble Length

Stubbles can be kept as short as possible but be careful not to cut it too short. It should be at least 0.4 mm long at all times. Any beard shorter than that would look like a weird 5 o’clock shadow. It just looks awkward and unrefined. 

Cutting beards too short can be avoided by using the right trimmer guards such as the 0.5 mm ones. If you are using a razor, then you have to use a 2-blade razor as more blades than that can cut all the hairs on your face, which is not what you want.

Hollywood Beard

If you have beautiful facial features—which I know you do—and you don’t want it to get overpowered by your awesome beard, you could go for the Hollywood beard look. Here’s a little history lesson for you. The Hollywood beard is a famous style that dates back to the 1960s, which is the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s the most renowned beard style at the time since it highlights the actors’ facial features while still rocking that prominent facial hair.

The Hollywood Beard is pretty much similar to a full beard but without the sideburns and the upper cheek is shaved off, making the jawline hair extend towards the lower cheek. Always be mindful of the edges, as it is important in keeping your beard neat and tidy. 

Mustache with Stubble

If you want to flex your mustache while looking manly, you should pair it with a good, clean stubble. Having a mustache sitting on your face alone is kinda weird. Only a few people could rock that look without having them look like a TV show villain. To complement a good mustache, a neat stubble is the best for you.

Your stubble must be in line with what you want to achieve with your mustache. If you have a scruffy mustache, pair it with a scruffy but neat stubble. A smooth mustache, on the other hand, is best paired with a slick stubble with neat and sharp edges.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Grow a Stubble Beard

A stubble beard takes how long to grow?

In comparison to the traditional beard, stubbles take a relatively short time to grow and it depends on what style you plan to have. If you plan to have a short and simple beard, the 3-day beard takes three days for an average person to grow. If you plan to develop a long stubble, it takes about five to seven days to achieve. Some beards grow slower than others and some grow too quickly. 

Are stubble beards attractive?

Stubble beards are known to be the hottest type right now. It is more preferred by men since it’s versatile and neat. You could see famous people styling their stubble beards, making them icons in their own rights. The best example would still be Robert Downey Jr. with his famous stubble goatee in the Avengers movie giving off that rugged yet effortlessly cool vibe. By reading this article, you could now sport that look as well!

How long is 10-day stubble?

As the name suggests, a 10-day stubble takes 10 days for an average person to grow. But then again, our beards grow differently depending on the person. It might take two to three weeks for someone to develop a supposedly 10-day stubble, while for some, it could just take a week! With this, it is really best to monitor your beard growth and refer to this article to achieve the ideal beard length for certain styles.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Opting for a stubble is a cleaner and easier alternative for those who want to have a beard. It is light, neat and is very trendy at the moment. Professionals can rock this look without having to get a warning note from HR. Its versatile style lets it blend in well everywhere, making it a very convenient choice. Plus, it easily gives you that extra dash of manliness. 

With the right maintenance and grooming, anyone could look good with it. So in your next shaving session, go ahead and rock the stubble!

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