How to Dress Like Johnny Depp: A Celebrity Style Guide for Men


When we talk about unique styles in Hollywood, Johnny Depp is one of the first people that comes to mind. This versatile actor has been known to wear cool outfits that never go out of style. Fashion may have evolved through the years, but good ol’ Jack Sparrow has stuck with his unique eccentric style and has never ceased to amaze us.

This article will talk about the various fashion statements that Johnny rocks while providing some tips on how you can sport those looks too. Enough with the introduction, let’s get into this in-Depp guide!

The Johnny Depp Style

The Pirates of the Carribean star is famous for his leather jackets, vests, and creative, daring use of accessories. Pieces are mixed and matched to complete different styles that he embodies. It’s important to get to know these different fashion approaches to understand how to manifest it yourself, so allow me to discuss them.

Bohemian Style

The boho style is quirky, formerly a social statement against the effects of factory clothing manufacturing as it used natural materials. But with its popularity, it got mass produced and now it’s mainstream. The bohemian aesthetic is similar to the hippie style that way and more, but it’s more personal and relaxed. 

It’s usually known for its loose and comfy nature and mainly features retro patterns and of course, various statement accessories. The style is laid back, highly expressive, and calls for neutral and warm shades that should complement the entire ensemble. Johnny Depp found it appropriate to sport as an everyday look.

Examples of clothing that fits this look include loose and relaxed tops, bell, trumpet, and bishop style sleeves, and half-length or three-quarter length sleeves. Accessories play a huge part in the boho chic, with the best example being the scarf and fringe bag.

Rebel Rocker Style

The rebel rocker style gives off a “bad boy” vibe. Early rock bands introduced the look to the world and it has remained iconic up to this day. This style was Johnny’s go-to during his younger days and was considered one of Hollywood’s most stylish heartthrobs with the number of dashing looks he pulled.

From the word ‘rebel’, the outfit focuses on dark and aggressive shades as opposed to the light and playful colors of mainstream outfits. Tough leather jackets and ripped jeans are hallmarks of this style as well as leather vests and dark t-shirts with skull prints. It is often paired with jet black boots or even Converse shoes. Then, adding leather bracelets with metal studs, chains, and dark sunglasses completes the ensemble. 

The mood kind of resembles the actor’s character as Edward Scissorhands. Maybe that’s the reason why he played the part perfectly.

Rugged Artsy Style

This style is sort of a mixture between the ruggedness of a rocker fit and the artistic vibes of various graphic shirts and accessories. It is a lighter look compared to the star’s other styles yet it still manages to give off a unique feel. He has been pulling this aesthetic off since his younger years and is absolutely still killing it today.

The outfit mostly consists of rocker-style jeans and a distressed t-shirt. Graphic t-shirts also add to the creativity of the look and give off more visual appeal. Once again, the accessories are the most important part of the outfit. In Johnny’s signature look, his scarves are the perfect complement to shades or sunglasses, adding a dash of sophistication to the look. 

All in all, it is basically a casual style if you’re going for a laid-back look that is comfy yet unique.

How to Dress like Johnny Depp

As mentioned earlier in this article, Depp has a pretty distinctive and mischievous fashion attitude, so you’ll need to be careful not to look tacky when trying to follow his style. With that said, here are a few tips on how to pull off Johnny Depp’s style using his signature pieces as base.

The Scarf

You can’t spell Johnny Depp without “scarf”—well, actually you can but feign ignorance for a moment. He integrates it in every other outfit and pulls it off every single time. A lot of celebrities take inspiration from his looks and put on scarves as well, but none of them gets as close to perfecting it as he does.

The styles mentioned earlier are perfect with scarves and his whimsical choices make the look unique and iconic. Whether it’s the use of long or short, colorful or neutral, patterned or plain scarves, Johnny makes it work nonetheless. But knotted is his favorite way to wear it.

Add this around your neck over any kind of shirt really. Just make sure the colors complement each other. A slender or thick scarf works depending on your outfit but you can also make the outfit work for the Depp-inspired scarf you’re planning to flaunt.

The Vest

The actor is also famous for sporting a vest. He mixes and matches different types of clothing with certain types of this particular item and just slays it. Whether it’s a suit vest paired with a white long-sleeved polo shirt or a leather vest paired with a simple graphic shirt, he surely knows how to pull it off.

A dark-colored vest over a light-colored collared shirt with rolled sleeves works but that’s not eccentric enough. Experiment with prints over each other and maybe even throw a scarf over the ensemble. A vest is an underrated statement piece that can easily transform your outfit from boring to interesting real quick.


Seldom, men lack knowledge when it comes to wearing jewelry. You might be thinking that unless you are a really famous hip-hop artist, wearing a wristwatch and the occasional earring is sufficient bling to the outfit. However, if you want to look like Johnny Depp, then maybe adding a few beads, strings and silvers isn’t such a bad idea. 

Extra jewelry might sound a bit too much for some, but don’t worry, as long as you mix and match properly, the added jewelry will suit you just fine. The necklaces and rings will usually complement the vests and loose-sleeved shirts that Depp often rocks, but also make sure to balance it out. 

The best type of jewelry for this style are the ones being sold in holiday shops and hippie stores which gives that exotic and laid-back look. You don’t need a lot, having two or three different necklaces over each other will do.


Putting on a fresh pair of sunglasses always makes an outfit a bit more stylish and cool. It’s all about pairing them with the right outfit. Johnny Depp’s sunglass choices have a little more spice compared to the average Hollywood movie star. A common feature of his glasses is that it has a light tint in a variety of colors so it highlights his eyes very well. 

While Aviators and Wayfarers are both his favorites, Aviators take the cake. His favorite type is the RayBan Randolph Aviators with the blue tint which we most of the time see in his red carpet outfits. If you have the resources, you might want to get your hands on one of those but if you prefer the more economic route, sunglasses with colored lenses in light tint will do just fine.

Leather and Suede

Texture plays an important role in outfits as it adds variety and a playful touch to it. Depp seems like he loves his suede and leather tops with a white shirt underneath, giving off a relaxed aesthetic. He even wears his undershirt with the sleeves rolled up to three-quarters length giving it a ‘messy’ look.

You can experiment with pairing vests with these materials, although the white undershirt is the best option as it suits most outfits. It looks natural and it balances out the textures. Leather and suede jackets are staple in Depp’s closet as well. You’ll see him sport various styles for casual to formal occasions. If you have the confidence to carry it well and the fashion sense to know the silhouettes you need to go for, it will look just as good on you.


Here’s the cherry on top of Johnny Depp’s style. He loves wearing wide-brimmed leather or fabric hats. They are normally black or brown in color but you should also try colors like navy blue if you are feeling a bit more playful. You could also stick some feathers or additional accessories to the hat to truly bring out the essence of the bohemian style.

Depp has tons of hats in his wardrobe. He once even sported a pilot’s hat. Talk about whimsical! To be on the safe side, you can go for ballcaps or beanies. While he wears those sometimes, his more iconic looks are paired with berets and fedoras though. His most versatile kind is the light-colored fedora in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Dress like Johnny Depp

Does Johnny Depp have a particular style?

Depp has a uniquely whimsical style that he derived from the bohemian aesthetic mixed with the rebel rocker and rugged artsy look. This features a uniquely cool and casual aesthetic that makes our hearts flutter. He has a one-of-a-kind flair that you just don’t see in other red carpet outfits.

How do you style like Johnny Depp?

You can style your outfit like the icon by going for a creative but laid-back vibe. The style revolves around the use of accessories and jewelry. Depp loves his scarves, necklaces, and hats as well as his colored light-tinted sunglasses. Over-accessorize with class. As for the base of the outfit, consider a vest, a leather or suede jacket, or a loose long-sleeved blouse shirt.

What rings do Johnny Depp wear?

The star is famous for wearing quite a number of statement rings over each other. He has a multitude of gold and silver ones—two to three of them on a regular basis. The favorite type of ring he likes to wear is the one with a skull design, adding a goth-like aesthetic to his look.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

As a fashion icon, many people follow Johnny Depp’s style, which comes as no surprise to many. He shows the world that while men may have significantly less fashion options than women, the gentlemen can look just as elegantly flamboyant as the ladies.

If you want to follow the icon’s footsteps, follow the tips outlined here. Remember that accessories are what makes his outfit unique so you must be creatively extra with those. You can wear a simple leather vest and white polo undershirt as the base, but you may also explore other bohemian, rebel rocker, or rugged artsy options as well. To top it all off, light tinted sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat complete the ensemble. Savvy?

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