How to Dress like James Bond: A Timeless Style Guide for Men


He has to be the most adored on-screen lothario. Bond, first name James. A cinematic icon whose social impact reaches beyond his English motherland to the furthest corners of the earth. But what makes his dangerous demeanor so popular with the most diverse of audiences? And how could you go about trying to capture such unfiltered masculinity in your own self-presentation?

What makes 007 so timeless, ironically, is the way his seemingly unwavering image has actually continually changed with the times. Bond has remained an embodiment of the perfect gentleman yet has also managed to provide a sense of safety that modern viewers have craved in the most unstable times.

Regardless of circumstance, one thing’s for certain. Bond has been, and always will be, a fashion icon and vision of absolute manhood. You may never get close to his life of thrills,  girls, and a license to kill. But one way to reimagine yourself as Bond is to capture that elegant demeanor in your own style. These Bond-focused fashion tips will help get you there, so keep reading, and you could be looking like the next 007 in no time. 

What is James Bond’s Style?

Bond may go from one compromising situation to another, whether it’s fraternizing with villains, romantic interests, or romantic interests that turn out to be villains. But this doesn’t mean his style is one-sided. 

A dapper three-piece suit may be what you immediately associate with this Secret Intelligence Officer. But he also has downtime, even if his casual looks are usually lacking in a few clothing items.


Bond knows how to dress for the occasion. You’ll likely find him keeping up appearances at a casino rendezvous, attending charity functions, or even sneaking around the corridors of five-star hotels. Nevertheless, he always looks the part.

His formal attire is typically a tuxedo when it’s called for. You’ll see him attending undercover events with a golden girl on his arm, whether it be in Shanghai or Milan. A sleek black jacket, bow tie, and pocket square will have you looking like Bond in his most recognizable form. 

But for a more professional look, a neat suit will do. The agent is known to don a suit jacket and tie for meetings at MI6. Pierce Brosnan never shied away from a suit in his interpretation of Bond. As for Daniel Craig’s version, a classy down jacket and boots were a classic go-to when venturing out in cold weather.


Brosnan could do business-Bond like no other. Although Craig’s timeless tuxedo and a martini in hand was a look that he carried into his role, Brosnan’s suits are what should be getting all the attention.

Here, Brosnan blends with his busy, professional surroundings with a classy, navy blue three-piece suit. He also serves us secret-agent elegance with sleek black gloves and slicked-back hair to match. The actor’s outfit demonstrates how varying tones of blue can be flattering in a colder climate. His grey waistcoat and coordination suit trousers show us that the combination of blue, black, and grey isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

With a leather briefcase in one hand and a suitcase in the other, he shows us that luggage is a timeless accessory for the well-traveled gentleman. Brosnan’s dark, longline suit coat completes this look while remaining weather-appropriate and suave. 


Bond can also do daytime casual. Often, he is required to blend in with the public, whether it be in a glamorous yacht club or a Turkish hammam. This means wearing muted colors, open and loose-fitting shirts, and preppy camel pants. 

Now for a really effortless Bond look, you need not go further than your towel cupboard. You may have just stepped out of your shower but you could look like you’ve bounded out of the ocean to greet your bond girl in a beach hut. Shortly after narrowly escaping the bad guys. A risky towel tied dangerously loose around the waist screams casual casanova. Although FYI, bronzed six-pack abs are not included. 


Take Daniel Craig’s attire here from his second appearance as Bond in Casino Royale. He seemingly disguises himself in his surroundings, dressing appropriately for both the climate and clientele of the Bahamas hotel at which he arrives. 

The subtle color palette of this look is fitting with the sandy landscape and colonial architecture of the setting. Craig’s white valet shirt gives him the anonymity of a hotel staff member, yet it doesn’t compromise on class. He also opts for a polo shirt over a tee, and his slim, grey, tailored trousers tie the look together with the addition of a brown belt to match his brown, suede dress shoes. 

This outfit is an example of Bond’s seamless approach to accessorizing. His watch is the final simple detail that complements his darker accessories to contrast against the muted tones of his shirt and trousers. 


Despite Sean Connery’s passing in 2020, the charisma and style that he brought to his role as James Bond is, and always will be remembered through his charming, boyish fits. Although Connery introduced the three-piece suit staple to Bond’s character, he also knew how to do casual, paving the way for Craig’s reimagining of the laid-back Bond look. 

Here, Connery does light-colored trousers the right way, teaming them with a pinstripe polo shirt which isn’t too dissimilar to the style that we see Craig adopt 50 years later. The baby blue stripes of the crisp, fitted shirt flatter the tropical background. These pale tones also complement Connery’s bronzed skin and his subtly highlighted head of hair from sunshine no doubt. 

This combination defines an image of on-location-Bond that will go down in history with Connery’s legacy. The silver watch with a darker face enhances the soft blue of his shirt while also introducing a darker tone that contrasts the light and preppy color palette of his look. 

How to Dress Like James Bond

Now that we have an idea of how Bond may dress, varying from one situation to another, let’s now think about the actual specificities. What is it that makes his formal wear so suave, and is there any room for flexibility within these categories? Have a read to find out as there’s more than one Bond for you to be.


Nothing says undercover-casual more than a pair of fashionable shades. Daniel Craig would opt for aviators, and some angular frames wouldn’t be unfamiliar on a Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan Bond. Try on a Tom Ford or a Ray-Ban and keep it understated and oh-so-secret-agent-esque. 


However, the secret agent is also never missing some arm candy. No, we don’t mean girls. Although really, we do. But Bond would also never be seen without a flashy wristwatch. If it’s not the handy gadget type, then it will likely boast a silver or black strap. Think Rolex, Tag-Heuer, or Omega. Only those of the finest quality will do when it comes to Bond’s accessories.

The Best Fit


Bond’s physique is defined by his slim build and muscular stature, so his clothing is designed to flatter his body type. Even when he’s suited up, his ripped torso can still be envisioned through crisp, fitted shirts and well-tailored jackets. 

It’s no surprise then that Bond’s trousers continue this style. He is always seen in a slim-fitting pair, often leaving little to the imagination in the seat and there are usually no pleats or turn-ups. He channels effortless elegance with a straight cut that falls to the back of the shoe. If you want your outfits to ooze Bond’s high-class sophistication, then investing in a professional tailor is a good place to start.   

Brown Jackets

Although he’s iconically suited and booted as we’ve established, Daniel Craig’s characterization of Bond has given a whole new meaning to casual attire. A smart, brown, suede jacket will go a long way for a daytime look for aspiring Bonds. 

Perfect for perusing the scorching streets of exotic locations, he seamlessly blends into his surroundings, be it anywhere from Istanbul to Venice, and he does so in style with fitted jackets. Above, he redefines undercover elegance as he scales the streets of Rissani, Morocco in his fourth appearance as Bond in Spectre. Looking more like Indiana Jones than a familiar Bond, Craig’s sandy, suede jacket camouflages him against the stoned walls of the city.  

The almost collarless style of his jacket complements the neckline of Craig’s V-line navy shirt. This is coordinated with his timeless RayBan shades, which both suit the darker tone of his shirt as well as the brown shades of his jacket and surroundings. 

The Grey Suit

Some may think that this look was popularized by Craig in Skyfall, as well as in the pending epic finale of his Bond career, No Time to Die. But die-hard fans of the Bond saga will be aware that Craig’s grey three-piece is actually a nod to Sean Connery’s iconic interpretation of the literary lothario.

The most special of Connery’s Bond outfits has to be the grey glen check suit that he dons in Goldfinger. He wears other grey glens and three-piece suits throughout his embodiment of the role, but the devil really is in the details with this one. 

The ticket pocket, the forward trouser pleats, the waistcoat lapels—each element sets it apart from other Bond outfits. It’s actually his first three-piece suit of the series, and a great go-to to copy if you fancy yourself as a Connery-007.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Dress Like James Bond

Who dresses James Bond?

James Bond’s character has had a number of outfitters over the years. Brioni has dressed Bond’s actors since Pierce Brosnan’s first appearance in the role in 1995. But Tom Ford has also been a tailor of choice since Quantum of Solace and Craig’s domination of the part. Ford’s beautifully cut black tie fits are recognizable on set, but Craig’s off-screen parallels have contributed to his successful molding into the role of Bond even more so. 

How do I get a personality like James Bond?

Despite being devilishly handsome and boasting an unflawed athletic physique, there’s no doubt that Bond’s demeanor plays a huge part in his sexy and masculine appearance. The key here is how you hold yourself. Sure, his dangerous profession adds to the image. But in the end, he is just a character. In the real world, a bit of self-assurance will go a long way in your transformation into a real-life James Bond. 

What shoes does James Bond wear?

Fitting to his other iconic clothing items, Bond has never feared away from a pair of brown shoes. If not donning black leather dress shoes with his three-piece suits, it’s also not uncommon to find Bond in brown suede lace-ups to complement his stylish jackets, or even chukka boots for his more adventurous, outdoorsy scenes.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

If you really want to ooze the elegance and demeanor of James Bond, then the real secret is to try and find happiness in who you are. 

Sure, follow our style tips for a bit of fun and for some insight into the timeless and sometimes unsuspecting outfit combinations that could have you looking like a true gentleman in no time. But true confidence comes from within. With self-love comes the charisma of any on-screen secret agent. There’s just nothing wrong with wearing a well-tailored suit to help get you there. 

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