How to Dress like a Celebrity: A Fashion Guide for Men


We’ve all experienced that moment. We throw on a pair of shades and a baseball cap, most likely to mask a hangover or a bad skin day. Then, upon catching a glimpse of our reflection in a shop window or mirror, suddenly we’ve fancied ourselves as glamorous celebs, hiding from the paparazzi in plain sight. 

I’m sure you’ve wondered how celebrities seem to never have the same amount of meh days as us mortals. You’ve probably asked, what does it take to look good 24/7? Well, celebrities are humans too and would probably slouch around in track pants behind closed doors, won’t they? But it would be nice to feel like we were as flawless as an A-lister when we’re out and about.

There’s a lot of tips and tricks that celebrities use to keep up that seemingly impeccable appearance. Of course, some of them bank on having money, and a lot of it. But some of these insider insights might just be easier to recreate than you think. 

How Do Celebrities Choose Their Clothes?

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to dress in styles that are either influenced by the latest trends, are unique to themselves, or sport an entirely new look. Fashion plays a huge part in how celebrities stay hot and relevant after all. 

But while celebrities will have a say in what they wear, nearly all of them will work with a stylist or even a team of stylists. They will also most likely be dressed according to the image their management wants them to convey. A few big stars will dress themselves, but this will usually coincide with a message of rebellion, which will probably turn into another celebrity fashion trend people will be jumping on. 

Returning to the paparazzi pics that we so often see plastered online and in trashy magazines, it’s typical for celebrities to be pictured in casual attire. When it comes to the day-to-day staples, like jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies, it’s likely that the stars dressed themselves. 

But more often than not, even their basics will carry a designer label. Also, there’s a high chance that their clothes were gifted to them through public relations packages. This takes us to the all-important question of where do celebrities actually get their clothes from? 

Where Do Celebrities Get Their Clothes From?

Celebrity stylists will dress their clients in a strategic and well-planned manner. This means choosing designers that will either add to the A-lister’s sustained image or boost the designer’s profile themselves. 

The most asked question on the red carpet is, and always has been, “Who are you wearing?!” It’s arguably the oldest form of product placement and getting a celebrity to wear your clothes is one of the best forms of advertisement for a designer. So, celebrities’ formal wear will also most likely be gifted, or they may even be paid to wear it. 

As mentioned above, the same goes for celebrity casual wear. A unique element of the 21st-century celebrity culture is the billion-dollar brand endorsement industry that they can capitalize off. While this has become, in part, how celebrities get their money, it is also a way that celebrities source their clothing and accessories. 

But believe it or not, many celebrities actually do their own shopping, just like the rest of us. The most glamorous stars will shop in dedicated high-end shopping areas or even have stores cleared out exclusively for them to avoid the hassle from fans and paparazzi. But also, it’s not uncommon for the more down-to-earth celebrities to be spotted on the high street, blending in with all the other shoppers. 

How You Can Dress Like a Celebrity

So snatching up a brand deal is easier said than done. Although it’s become an essential part of the modern celebrity image, there are other ways you can give off the appearance of having an A-list status without posing with dental products on your Instagram. 

Wearing Designer Clothes

Wearing high-end and recognized designers is the best way to give the impression that you’ve just stepped off the catwalk. Your style can demonstrate that you’re up to date on the latest trends and give off the facade that you have a celebrity stylist. Also, wearing expensive and high-quality garments also makes it look like you’re rolling in money, which is common among celebs. 

You could also actually invest in a celebrity stylist, even a makeup artist, or a “glam squad” while you’re at it. That is, of course, if you can afford to. Like the clothes they’ll dress you in, stylists don’t come with a cheap price tag. But if it’s something you can pay for, this is a great way to ensure you look flawless all the time and are only wearing the hottest designers without all the effort.

If you have a slightly tighter budget but still want to look the part for a specific event, there are also more accessible ways to get professionally styled. Many department stores have personalized shopping sections where stylists can provide assistance while you shop. 

Even if you don’t come out with many new clothes, this is a great way to feel like an A-lister for the day, for a fraction of the price. The same goes for getting your makeup professionally done. If it’s for a one-off occasion, this can be surprisingly inexpensive to cover. 

Make a Change in Your Hairstyle

Just like their clothes, celebrity hairstyles are constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends. Making a simple change in your daily hairdo to match your favorite celebrity’s go-to style could have you looking more fashionable. This might mean getting the chop, adding highlights or layers, or even growing your hair out. 

But if you really want to look famous, you’ll have to get used to changing your hairstyle. All. The. Time. Some celebrities seem to boast a different do in every social media post. It’s not uncommon for stars to have short black hair one week and luscious blond locks the next. Trust me, they’ve left us all wondering how they do it. The reality is that celebrities do not only wear interchangeable extensions often but wigs as well. 

Rather than visiting the salon every week and being left with natural hair that’s over-abused and confused, try familiarizing yourself with good-quality synthetic hair. This way, you can adapt to changing trends just as quickly as the stars do. 

Stay Fit

With money and fame comes no excuse not to invest in the best personal trainers in the world. You shouldn’t feel bad if your body doesn’t quite live up to the underwear models we see in magazines. But if you want to look more like a celebrity, staying fit is a great way to do it.

Actors often have to get in shape for roles fast and without complaint. This means that most stars will have strict diets and grueling exercise regimes constructed for them by celebrity trainers. If you want the flawless body of an A-lister, then investing in a personal trainer will be the most efficient way to achieve this. This may not be budget-friendly but will have a great impact on your physique as well as your mental health in the long run. 

That said, if a personal trainer is too pricey for you, don’t worry, you can stay in shape by being active and disciplining yourself. Training yourself can still get you the same effects as a personal trainer can if you strictly follow a program and motivate yourself to progress. 

But remember, celebrities often have short-term fitness goals depending on what their career demands. In other words, you don’t have to stay ripped all the time. Simply eating clean and maintaining a healthy body weight will leave you feeling good, as well as looking good.  

Maintain an Image

Just as we’ve mentioned, a star’s image is just as important as their career moves or fashion senses. The way celebrities sustain their relevance is through maintaining a fan base. And how do you get a fan base? You have to stand out from the crowds of normal people, as well as other stars.

However, these days it seems that there are patterns and trends that most celebrities follow, specifically when it comes to social media and self-branding. But some also have their own defining qualities that make them popular in the first place. 

Several celebrities have a rebellious personality made obvious throughout their style, while others boast that innocent, carefree demeanor that never seems to go out of fashion. Whatever it is, the key to maintaining an image is being consistent and as original as possible.

But the most important thing is owning who you really are. Most celebrity images are carefully constructed by numerous professionals. Without all that, you only have yourself to rely on. Believing and being true to yourself will grant you that A-lister, confident attitude that will transform you into a star in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Dress Like a Celebrity

What can I do to look like a celebrity?

To look like a celebrity, you want to keep up with the latest fashions or even create some new trends of your own. Celebs have stylists and teams of professionals that help construct their image. But you can look like a celebrity, without all the extra costs, by simply changing up your hairstyle, dressing in high-quality clothes, and staying in shape. 

What do celebrities wear?

Celebrities wear the finest designer clothes that could be straight off the catwalk. But a lot of celebrities’ clothes are influenced by brand deals and paid promotions too. Looking at high-end fashion magazines, following red carpet events, or even checking your Instagram feed, could give you an idea of what an A-lister would wear. But dressing in your own original style will also give you the sass and flair of a star.

How do celebrities care for their clothes?

When it comes to caring for their clothes, it’s unlikely that celebs will do their own laundry. The most glamorous of stars will have housekeeping teams who manage this mundane aspect of their lives. But also, a lot of celebrity outfits will be far too high quality to be thrown in the humble tumble-drier. Elegant red carpet gowns and tailored suits will need to be washed and cared for by high-quality garment handlers and dry-cleaning. 

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Celebrities pave the way to new trends, and they define what’s hot and what’s not. It’s no surprise that you would want to take a leaf out of their book, and rejig your image a bit. But always remember that a lot of what we see on-screen and on social media is a facade. Yes, it may feel good to look like one for a while, but being true to yourself will give you more confidence than any celebrity’s style. 

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