How Many Pairs of Jeans Should a Man Own?

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Finding the right pair of jeans can be quite a journey. In fact, most men might not even think about jeans and simply put on whatever is there. Now we’re all for the convenient and minimalist lifestyle of not thinking about the clothes you’re about to wear. How many pairs of jeans should a man own anyway?

While it’s always best to be fashionable whenever possible, a worn-out pair of baggy jeans isn’t going to do the trick. 

How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should You Have?

Ideally, we think the number should be around four depending on your age and level of activity. These four jeans will depend on the type of life that you’re living together with the age you’re currently at. Of course, this will vary for every person.

We’ve only listed and thought about the essential pair of jeans that you should always have on your person. Before we guide you through the specific types of jeans to keep, let’s go over the unspoken rules of how to wear and find the right pair of jeans. Keep reading to find out!

What Jeans Should You Wear?

Some people might feel shocked when seeing that we suggested ‘four’ pairs while others might think that that’s a little too many. Keep in mind that this is how we feel about this issue and we have a lot of reasons behind this magic number. 

Remember that you know what jeans you should wear the most and we’re simply going on a limb to guide you through the basics. If you’re working tough jobs, you may need a couple of blue jeans to alternate between the oily and messy work. 

For the younger demographic, a pair of ripped, black, and blue jeans are more than enough to keep you stylish and fashionable without overloading your wardrobe with denim. 

Getting The Right Pair Of Jeans

Finding a pair of jeans that fit you just right is an experience unlike any other, especially if you’ve always been wearing baggy clothes. We cannot stress enough that finding the right pair of jeans will elevate your outfit astronomically. 

It’s generally much more attractive to see jeans hugging your body. However, this can differ from person to person especially in regards to their style. For boot-wearing enthusiasts, a bit of room between your jeans and legs can add depth and layers to your outfit.

On the other hand, slim fit and thinly tapered jeans work best with sports shoes like Nike, Adidas, and even Onitsuka Tigers. Feel free to explore the fit that you want, but keep in mind that baggy and slim-fit jeans each have their own special separate aesthetic. 

The Pairs Of Jeans A Man Should Own

The Classic Dark Blue Jeans

Starting off with the iconic and classic dark blue jeans—you can never go wrong with this timeless pair of pants. Dark blue jeans have an atmosphere about them that just works with anything casual and semi-casual.

These jeans are perfect for casual occasions and provide a sufficient amount of warmth against cold weather. You should definitely keep a pair of these in your closet at all times, the availability of some ready-to-go jeans that match with almost anything is a valuable asset to have. 

Put this on with a white shirt and a pair of boots or sneakers and you’ve nailed yourself the perfect casual look. You can never go wrong with a white shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

The classic dark blue jeans are universal. They work well with almost any aesthetic, from grunge, clean, work, rough, rock, and so on. Definitely a must-have if you’re thinking about clearing out your closet while retaining the perfect pair of jeans. 

Soul Black Jeans

Regardless if you’re on the younger side or are rocking the silver tones of grey hair, black jeans are attractive no matter what you do. There’s something particular and sexy about black, and we’d be lying if it wasn’t because it’s a slimming and sophisticated color.

The color black has always been associated to mystery, perhaps that’s the sexy appeal. Whatever it is, black jeans are an absolutely deadly pair of denim that can make you look fit and sleek with the right outfit.

Grab a pair of Chelsea’s, a band shirt, and a leather jacket to complete the bad-boy aesthetic. Since black is generally a formal color, you’ll easily stand out even with a casual outfit. 

Another classic and timeless pair of jeans that you should certainly have in your wardrobe. 

Lively Light Blue Jeans

While this might be a no-go for the older gentlemen reading this list, light blue jeans give a youthful energy to an otherwise casual look. The secret with these jeans is finding ones that fit perfectly or getting them personally tailored to your size.

Light blue jeans can feel kind of tacky when they’re oversized since these are usually seen sported as slim-fit wear by the younger generation. If you’re on the adolescent demographic, keeping a pair of these jeans would look killer for casual outdoor activities. 

But don’t limit yourself there! These jeans work well for clubs and night outs with your friends. Grab yourself a pair of light blue jeans, a light-colored plain shirt, together with a denim jacket to add layers over your outfit.

Perfect for the boy’s night out and long midnight drives with your friends.

Hip And Young Ripped Jeans

A pair of ripped jeans can be a fashionable choice that works well with today’s fast fashion. Tattered and ripped jeans are usually associated with a wild or rugged lifestyle which works really well with the fashion of the younger generation.

While this might be tailored more to the adolescents and teenagers, ripped jeans can also work for older gentlemen; given that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that it already fits your aesthetic.

You can have ripped jeans in multiple ways, some prefer a small tear while you may have seen celebrities with gaping holes. Personally, we feel that the small horizontal tear is much classier and avoids a lot of tackiness that larger cuts produce.

Ripped jeans work well in either dark blue, light blue, and black colors so feel free to get one in either variation. Grab yourself a pair of white Adidas Stan Smith shoes, light blue ripped jeans, and a sweatshirt or hoodie and you’ve got yourself the perfect chill but exciting outfit. 

The Semi-Formal King, Chinos

Now we understand that these aren’t jeans but these last two entries are a definite must-have in your wardrobe if you’re thinking about decluttering. Chinos are an underrated fabric that works amazingly well with semi-formal outfits.

A beige chino together with a pair of dark brown leather shoes goes well together with a polo, sweatshirt, or a normal shirt! The variety and freedom that chinos bring to the table can never be understated.

Chinos works for formal occasions when you need to go to work with a long-sleeved polo on. At the same time, you can change this for a casual hoodie during a quick lunch out with the team and still look fashionable!

Stretchy And Comfy Slacks

Finally, gone are the days of slacks being tight or hot. A lot of brands, particularly Uniqlo, offer slacks that are stretchy and comfortable despite looking deceptively like ordinary formal slacks.

If you’re the type to dress up in a semi-formal attire every so often or just want to put in that extra effort to look classy for the lady then you should definitely grab yourself a pair. The breathable and stretchy fabric is a whole different experience compared to regular slacks.

In fact, it generally feels like wearing a pair of joggers with the texture and look of classic trousers. We wouldn’t recommend this as a substitute for super formal occasions however, unless you find a pair that resembles the reflective finish of normal slacks.

These work with generally the same clothes as chinos, which is a great way to alternate between outfits and add variety to your style. For this one, you can grab some black leather shoes, a grey checkered pair of stretchy slacks, and a fitting black shirt with wide short sleeves. 

The perfect semi-casual outfit with a hint of formal. To top it off, best insert the shirt underneath your pants and secure your slacks with a good-looking belt. 

Frequently Asked Questions About How Many Pairs Of Jeans Should A Man Own?

How many pairs of jeans does an average man own?

According to a study by Fashion United, the average man owns about six pairs of jeans but only uses around four of them frequently. The general number can be given allowances but generally, it is true that most men own more jeans than they wear. 

How many pairs of jeans do I need?

That entirely depends on your needs. If you work from home, then you won’t need an entire wardrobe of jeans since you won’t be going out as much. Four pairs of jeans are the minimum that we suggest you have or at least one pair of black, dark blue, and light blue jeans.

A Final Word

Although you should ultimately figure out your needs first, you can reduce the number of jeans in your wardrobe by eliminating the ones that you don’t wear. Jeans are the kind of things that you can wear on multiple occasions with a different shirt or pair of shoes and still look fresh.

You should ideally have around four pairs of jeans, one for black, dark blue, and light blue, as well as a back-up spare in case of spills or rigorous outdoor activities. 

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    How many pairs do you think is right to own for a 17 year old?

    • The Trending Man says:

      I think if you had 4-5 from the list here you’re doing just great! But it all comes down to your budget, lifestyle and a range of other factors.

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