Grey Hair Styles for Men: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best


Just because you’re starting to grow some greys doesn’t mean you should feel that sudden pang of backpain! After all, Frozen is only 8-years-old. While time continues to fly, there’s a lot of appeal and beauty that comes with the silver tones of grey hair. 

After all, since grey hairs are usually interlinked with age, suddenly your boyish haircut might no longer feel so charming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Get ready to style your hair for the better and move into the next phase of your life.

Are You Old?

No, you look mature. In fact, even if you were ‘biologically’ old, styling your hair the right way is gonna wipe several years of wrinkles off your face overnight. This isn’t some sort of gimmick about being in denial for old age, though we do find it funny when most people see it that way.

There’s nothing wrong with managing yourself when you’re 18 and looking after yourself when you’re 48. You have the right to look as good as you can all the time, whenever you want.

Furthermore, the world deserves to see you feel good about yourself. Let younger children admire a man who cleans up after himself and let the Mrs. feel like she’s being chased by the hottest boy in town again. 

Grey Hairstyles On Men Are Classy

Men can look good at any age, you name it! In fact, while he may not have had much hair left, James Bond looked dashing even at 90-years of age. May he rest in peace. That’s a man who shaped an entire generation of movie stars.

Grey hairstyles for men have a certain charm that’s exclusively owned by the older gentlemen. The class and excitement that comes from a man sporting grey hair are unmatched by teenagers and young adults. 

If you’ve never been the type to gel your hair or have it trimmed cleanly, now would be a great time to surprise your friends. However, you might want to think about getting a bit of a wardrobe change for this one.

We aren’t thinking about an entire makeover, but while you’re getting into styling and adjusting to the sign of the times, you might want to try getting a minimalist wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are a great way to eliminate the stress of having to figure out what to wear every day.

The Silver Fox

Taking our word might be a little bit tough, but there are a ton of silver foxes out there among celebrities and fashion models that look amazing with grey hair. George Clooney nearing his 60s can still swoon a lady.

Hugh Grant, America’s heartthrob, can still turn heads even though most people don’t realize that he’s actually British. Now, you don’t have to feel intimidated by this high bar. If you just want to look clean and groomed, there are other idols that can casually look good even with silver hair.

With the fluffier hairstyle, Colin Firth can still look extremely dashing and well-kempt despite not touching any wax. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by your physical characteristics and let that stop you from getting yourself a good haircut.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to look better than before after years of not looking after yourself, then we’re here to make you a silver fox. 

Your Hair’s Length Speaks Volumes

Before we get into the specifics, let’s guide you through the basics of what it means to have your hair styled in a certain length. This might be the right time to try out having long hair for the first time. While for you greek warriors, it might be time to trim that mane just a little bit.

Alternatively, while your greys are sprouting, take the time to think about what kind of hair you’d like to have. For now, we’ll go over a short intro on what hair-length means and then guide you through some technical things to consider before we begin showing you hairstyles.

Grey Hairstyles With Short Hair

Starting from the shortest, trimming your hair down to a couple of inches (2 to 4) can make you look younger and more reserved. Additionally, with the right attitude and outfit, you could even look angsty and give off that much-missed teenage vibe to the Mrs. or to your lady friends.

However, this will have to depend on your face shape and quality of your face. Now I know that sounds like manufacturing jargon, but some faces genetically look younger and older and that’s pretty much inevitable.

If you’ve seen the recent pictures of Logan Lerman, the main star of Percy Jackson, you’ll understand what we mean about having a young face. Luckily for him though, he makes up for it by having a beard and growing his hair long enough to accent his silver hair.

Short hair exposes a lot of your facial features, especially your jaw and overall face shape. This would be a fitting hairstyle if you’re more on the gentleman type and finally want to trim your hair to give you that clean sleek look. 

Grey Hairstyles With Medium-Length Hair

While you might be familiar with boy cuts and ponytails, what constitutes a medium-length hairstyle? Well, this refers to any hair that’s long enough to block your eyes and mouth while still being too short for a decent man bun. 

This hairstyle is the second least common haircut since most men prefer the cool breeze that comes with short hair. However, medium-length hair can look really attractive while simultaneously showing enough restraint and not letting yourself go.

With about 5-7 inches of hair, you can still let people know that you’re wild and adventurous. A perk of having medium-length hair is that people don’t automatically assume or associate the negative connotations of long hair with you.

Like we said before, hair length that’s just right shows that you have the restraint to cut your hair before it grows too long. Definitely the kind of hair you want to have when you want to look cool while not taking yourself too seriously.

Grey Hairstyles With Long Hair

Are you the cool uncle? You’re probably the cool uncle. All jokes aside, long hair looks sick with the right aesthetic and vibe. Tattoos are a plus if you have a sleeve all inked and ready years ago.

Getting fashionable with long hair is quite hard and can take a lot of time, especially if you’ve never tried doing it. For one, it’s quite hot so be ready to have that commitment. Second, there’s a lot more regular maintenance that comes with long hair.

However, if you can pull through all of the challenges, then you can pretty much look fantastic and fashionable with long hair. Hair that’s over 9 inches long starts the consideration from here. At full length, that should be more than enough to cover your face when it’s wet.

The rugged aesthetic of long hair is very attractive to a lot of women, even in their thirties. If you’re going out of your comfort zone to try something new, make sure you can keep up with the daily maintenance. 

Your Lifestyle Makes Your Hairstyle

Now that you have the general idea of what most types of haircuts mean, how can you think about which one works best for you? To be honest, that’s a personal choice and it’s all going to revolve around your lifestyle. 

Figuring Out The To And Fro

Are you more conservative and want to look somewhat traditional? Short hair is the way to go for this one. Alternatively, if you’re the type to still tease your wife and play around with the kids then you can grow your hair out a little longer and keep it medium-length for the extra flair.

Figuring out where you’re coming from and where you want to go is the basic principle of getting a makeover. What kind of hairstyle are you rocking right now and why are you looking through hairstyles guides for men with grey hair?

If it’s time for a change of pace, think about where you want your pace to go. Ideally, the general rule of thumb is cutting hair short if you’ve been living with it long and vice versa. While this may not work for everyone, it’s typically what happens when people embrace a new kind of hairstyle and hair color.

After all, grey hair is the sign of the times. Looking the same way you did 10-years back but with silver hair doesn’t seem as exciting as trying out a new hairdo. 

What Do You Want To Live With?

Figure out what you want to live with. Long hair will require a lot more maintenance, but there’s a liberation to growing your hair out and arranging it in different ways that other lengths of hair can’t do. 

Short hair, on the other hand, is the most common hairstyle since it’s generally perceived as more practical. While this still looks good, growing your hair out is the best way to suddenly reduce all the wrinkles on your forehead and look much younger.

This little bit is just a prelude before we get into the actual hairstyles that you should try out. After giving you some ideas for your hair, we’ll finish up the article with a couple of tips when it comes to managing and maintaining your new hairdo.

Combing Out The Hairstyles

Finally figuring out what you might want? Here’s a list of grey hairstyles for silver foxes like you. Let’s begin combing through these bad boys. 

The Classic Caesar

This might be a little too short for most people, but the caesar is a classic hairstyle that looks best on men that are naturally handsome. This focuses a lot of attention on the face and not the head specifically.

With about one to two inches of hair on the top and trimmed sides, the caesar is both conservative and boyish. Now we don’t mean that bowl cut that most people associate with the caesar, we mean the classic caesar. 

Let the few inches of your messy and wild hair face either down or slightly to the side and pair this with an earring if you’re feeling it. If you’re struggling to visualize the cut, it’s usually the one that George Clooney always has on his head. 

The College Ivy League

Not a lot of traceable history behind this haircut, the Ivy League cut looks similar to a caesar except you have an inch more to work with. This is generally the best haircut you can go for if you’re looking to test out short hair.

The Ivy League is short enough to remain breezy while still having the necessary length to make it styleable. Anything shorter, like the caesar, and you’re pretty much bordering the natural direction of your hair.

If your hair is generally thin and falls all the time, you’re gonna want to invest in a pomade or hair gel to style this exactly the way you want to.

Wavy And Timeless

Nearing the medium-length here, having your hair three to four inches long and wavy is a head-turner when you’re 18 and when you’re 38. If you’re blessed by the gods to have naturally wavy or curly hair, then this is definitely the way to go.

You can rock this with your sides cut or uncut, it doesn’t matter since you’ll look good anyway. But just for the sake of it, if you have a muscular and strong jaw with a chiseled face then having your sides cut is our personal preference.

This looks good laid all the way back or parted to the right or left side of your face. Either way, the appeal here is that your hair is long enough for it to look natural while still being well-kept and maintained by yours truly. 

Pompadour Rockstar

Perhaps the easiest to get wrong on this list, the pompadour looks amazing but don’t take it too far or else you’ll look out of time. The pompadour is a bold hairstyle that’s usually worn with a matching beard and mustache.

The problem with the pompadour is that it’s associated with rockstars and being rowdy. It’s a very macho and masculine hairstyle, which gets a lot of wrong impressions especially if you’re the type of person who gets a lot of wrong impressions already.

Other than the delicate balance between cool and douche, the pompadour is a great hairstyle to let people know you still have a ton of young energy. 

Free And Young Undercut

Moving on to the medium-length cuts, an undercut is a hairstyle where your sides are trimmed but your top and back hair remain long. You can let this hang on the side or laid back to get that casual and outdoor young look. 

If you’ve been starting out short, getting your hair to this length can make you look younger and wilder. The trimmed sides make keeping the top hair long an obvious choice, which lets the ladies know that it was a conscious decision to keep it long. 

Depending on your type of hair, you might need products from here on out to keep it relatively styled and puffy. However, you can also try having your hair fall naturally to either side to see if you can look like a young Matt Damon.

Laid And Pushed Back

Picture yourself with an undercut and about 8 inches of hair sprouting from the top of your head. Now, imagine you didn’t cut the sides and those grew out resting on the sides of your head and on top of your ears. Congratulations, you now have the ‘I don’t care about my hair but I actually do’ hair. 

This is a great mental trick on the ladies since unkempt semi-long hair might feel like you’ve just about lost it and completely gave up on life. However, keeping this at the right length and conditioning your hair to smell and feel great is gonna make you look amazing.

Laid and pushed back hairstyles like this show that you’re still wild while having enough control to let them know that you regularly maintain your cut. Furthermore, from here you’ll be able to test out other types of medium-length hairstyles as well as make yourself a little ponytail, which is also quite charming.

Ocean Waves Or Jesus Curls

If you’re blessed by the gods to have curly or wavy hair, then congratulations you look great with long hair. Growing your wavy hair past 15 inches looks insanely good, like Jason Momoa for instance. Complete the look with a leather jacket and now all you need is a bike. 

All jokes aside, long hair looks great with wavy and curly hair. The length of your hair accents the waves and curls which makes them look all the more aesthetic. Be careful with the aftercare here though, more on that in a second.

Death Metal Middle

Lastly, if you’ve got over 20 inches of long straight hair and is deathly pale then put on a Metallica shirt because you look just like a rockstar. On the contrary, you can also look elegant and well-kempt with long hair but nailing that look isn’t easy. 

The overall vibe can feel too feminine for most people but while we don’t necessarily think it’s the best fashion choice, give it a shot if you’re bored! If it doesn’t work anyway, you can always donate your long hair to barbershops that make authentic wigs for children or adults who are bald from chemotherapy. 

This way, you’ll be able to make a huge difference in the hearts of tiny children who never had the chance to enjoy long and bouncy hair.

Maintenance And Aftercare

Now that you know where to start, it’s time to think about what’s gonna happen once you begin. Here are a few quick notes about what to expect when getting into the desired hairstyle that you’re aiming for. 

Hair Products

Short hair, ironically, will require more hair products to get it looking the way you want. Since shorter hair usually means they don’t have as much weight, you’ll have to make up for it with gels or pomade. Of course, this depends on whether or not you have thin or thick hair strands since thin hair is usually the mop-after-a-bath here. 

For medium-length hairstyles, pomade and other hair products will still have a large part in keeping your hairstyle consistent throughout the day. Finally, for long hair, you guys will have the next subtopic dedicated to you exclusively.

Finding The Right Shampoo

Making sure you find the right shampoo isn’t quite as important for short and medium-length hairstyles, unlike long and potentially oily hair. Growing your hair out is gonna make you feel hotter, make the washing longer, and the potential for dandruff higher. 

Finding the right shampoo, in this case, means you’re most likely going to wash your hair everyday. Make sure that the shampoo you use completely eliminates dandruff or else you’ll have a bad and somewhat nasty time with long hair.


Moving on, remember that, depending on your lifestyle, you’ll probably be dressing up with your hairstyle on a set number of days. Think about the consistency and effort you want to put into looking good every day and reconsider if that’s what you want to do. 

Long and medium-length hair can somewhat require a lot of maintenance, but it’s worth it if you can handle the responsibility that comes with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grey Hairstyles Men

Is grey hair attractive on a man?

Yes, grey hair is definitely attractive on a man. Having a great hairstyle together with grey hair lets people feel like you’ve been aging like fine wine. Additionally, it’s not just the color that’s attractive but what you do with your hair that lets people know if you’re taking care of yourself or not.

Is grey hair fashionable in 2020?

Grey hair is one of the bigger hair trends, even among the young generation. With the increasing availability of natural hair dyes that don’t damage your hair, a lot of the younger generation have colored their hair multiple times in grey. Grey is definitely one of the more sophisticated and attractive hair colors that the younger and older generation love.

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A Final Word From the Trending Man

Just because your hair is turning grey doesn’t mean you don’t look good. A lot of individuals, especially among celebrities, look much better with grey hair and have even peaked in their careers after their 30s.

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