3 Cool Flasks for Men That Are Classy & Timeless

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Cool Flasks for Men

Best of the Best
Stanley Classic Flask
Runner Up
Tox Taneaxon Wolf Hip Flask
Best on a Budget
Gennissey Stainless Steel Flask
Stanley Easy-Fill Wide Mouth Flask, Blue, 8oz
TOX TANEAXON 53 oz Wolf Pattern Horn Shape Large Capacity Whiskey Hip Flasks for Liquor with Removable Holster
GENNISSY 304 18/8 Stainless Steel 8oz Flask - Brown Leather with 3 Cups and Funnel 100% Leak Proof
Best of the Best
Stanley Classic Flask
Stanley Easy-Fill Wide Mouth Flask, Blue, 8oz
Runner Up
Tox Taneaxon Wolf Hip Flask
TOX TANEAXON 53 oz Wolf Pattern Horn Shape Large Capacity Whiskey Hip Flasks for Liquor with Removable Holster
Best on a Budget
Gennissey Stainless Steel Flask
GENNISSY 304 18/8 Stainless Steel 8oz Flask - Brown Leather with 3 Cups and Funnel 100% Leak Proof

There’s nothing quite like a sip of warming whisky on a cold winter’s morning in the wilderness.

If you’re on a camping trip though, you’ll need something to store your dutch courage in, and a beaker just won’t do it justice.

What you need is a hip flask, and a cool one at that!

Let’s dive into our top picks for cool flasks for men. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Stanley Classic Flask
1,001 Reviews
Stanley Classic Flask
The Stanley classic flask is an excellent option if you want something that’s cool and classy, but available at a reasonable price.

Our Other Picks for Cool Flasks for Men

Cool Flasks for Men Reviews

Stanley Classic Flask (👑 Best of the Best)

This classic hip flask from reputable brand Stanley is the only one you’ll ever need to keep you company on cold, dark nights spent outdoors.

Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple. There’s nothing better than a classic, minimalist design to prove to those around you that you’re a man of infinite class and elegant taste. Some might think that you need to spend upwards of $100 to get your hands on a top of the range hip flask, but the joke will be on them when you spend a fraction of this amount for the Stanley classic flask. One thing that not everybody will agree upon when it comes to what is ‘cool’ is color, which is why Stanley offers for different classy colors to choose from. Each one has a cool name to match the shade too, from hammertone green and matte black to nightfall and red wine.

Looks aside, what else makes this flask from Stanley worth investing in for your next camping trip?

First, there’s the compact design. This 8-ounce flask has a generous capacity for the good stuff, but is still small enough to fit into any pocket so you can walk, run, or even crawl with it close to your body. That means it will always be within reach so you can get some Dutch courage whenever you need a boost. Plus, with the hinge-connected cap, there’s no chance of accidentally spilling your $100 whiskey all over the place. The flask is made to last, too, with 1mm thick stainless steel which is lightweight yet rust-proof and robust. As you’ll already know, having sturdy equipment is essential when you’re out in the field or taking part in rigorous activity.

The Stanley classic flask has a wide mouth opening which makes it satisfying to drink from, unlike those which have an impossibly narrow opening. It also means when pouring liquid into the flask you won’t have to worry about having pinpoint accuracy. It also means that the cleanup will be a lot easier. Since the cap is connected to the flask, there’s no risk of losing it when you’re moving around either.

In summary, this Stanley classic flask is the perfect gift for yourself, your best friend, or the man in your life. It is convenient to use, comfortable to carry, and most importantly of all – incredibly classy! The lifetime warranty should put any worries you have about the flask to rest, since it’s essentially a risk-free investment.


  •  Compact design
  •  Available in 4 colors
  •  Hinge-connected cap
  •  Made with 1mm BPA-free stainless steel
  •  Wide mouth 
  •  Lifetime warranty

    Here are the main we reasons we chose the Stanley classic flask as our top pick for cool men’s flasks:

    1. If cool is the goal, then you can’t beat a classy stainless steel design that comes in several stunning colors.
    2. The flask is very affordable which goes to show that you don’t need to break the bank to get a quality product.
    3. The flask is highly durable, rust-proof and compact enough to fit into your pocket on your next camping trip.
    4. The wide mouth opening and hinge-connected gap make it convenient to drink from the flask, fill it up, and clean it up afterwards.


Tox Taneaxon Wolf Hip Flask (🥈 Runner Up)

This unique wolf hip flask from Tox Taneaxon is our runner up pick and for the best cool flask for men, and it should be easy to see why.

If you’re looking for a bespoke hip flask that’ll turn heads, then this one is an excellent choice. This hip flask has a stainless steel flask with a striking removable holster design. On one of the options you have a scene of wolves in the wilderness, while on the other there’s a lone bear featured nestled in the forest alongside a jumping fish. The scenes on the removable holsters are seriously eye-catching and make for great conversation-starters the next time you head on an outdoor expedition. You could spend a lot of time admiring the detail of the holster, and that’s before you even enjoy using the flask and drinking the warming liquid it contains.

It’s easy to forget that there’s actually a flask included with the kit too, so let’s briefly discuss the main features it has to offer. For a start, the design is 18/8 stainless steel which doesn’t rust, leak, or dent easily. Because the flask is laser welded, air pressured, and quality controlled you won’t lose even a drop of your favorite liquor. The cap can be thoroughly sealed and secured, so you can feel comfortable as you walk around with the flask slung over your shoulder. Yes, you read that right, you can really play the role of the adventurer with this flask since it comes with a convenient shoulder strap. When you’re tired of carrying it around, simply attach the shoulder strap, and you’ll have easy access to Dutch courage whenever you need a lift.

If you’re worried about ruining the exterior holster of this flask, simply remove it and you’re left with the robust stainless steel hip flask that you’d have to try hard to damage. This striking hip flask is a fantastic gift idea for any man who enjoys the outdoors or a stiff drink.


  •  Wolf or bear removable holster design 
  •  Made from 18/8 stainless steel
  •  Leak proof 
  •  Includes shoulder strap

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Gennissey Stainless Steel Flask (💸 Best on a Budget)

The Gennissety stainless steel flask is a top flask that’s befitting even the finest of gentlemen, and guess what? It’ll cost you less than you paid for the alcohol that’ll go in it!

This is a hip flask that’s effortlessly cool with its stainless steel design peering out over the stylish brown leather sleeve. If you’re a fan of simple yet sleek, then you can’t go wrong with this hip flask. If you need a hip flask that’s going to serve you well on your future camping trips and look the part, but you don’t want to splash out, then it’s a no-brainer. Even if you’re not a fan of the brown leather sleeve, there are other great options to choose from. There’s a black flask, a green one, a navy blue one, and a unique black US flag one if you’re feeling especially patriotic.

The flask itself is a standard 8oz flask, which means it should hold up to five shots of the good stuff. The 18/8 stainless steel design is sturdy, leak proof, and rust proof. The sleeve is made from durable PU leather which provides a firm hold while you’re taking a sip of your drink.

Perhaps best of all though is that when you spend the small sum of money for this hip flask, you get even more than you would when you splash out on a more expensive one. Specifically, you’ll get a big funnel for easily filling the flask without spillage, and a cap with three little cups.


  •  8oz flask 
  •  18/8 stainless steel design 
  •  Includes large funnel and 3 small cap cups 
  •  PU leather sleeve
  •  Available in various color options
Gennissey Stainless Steel Flask
3,369 Reviews
Gennissey Stainless Steel Flask
This hip flask has a stylish leather sleeve design which makes it both comfortable to use and great to look at.

Ultimate Guide

If you want to make sure that you make the right decision the first time around when it comes to getting the perfect hip flask, then there are several factors to consider.

For example, the duration of the trips you usually go on might influence the size of the flask you need while the type of activity you do might determine what material and design features are most practical for you.

Before we dive into the specific features of the hip flask you’ll need to pay attention to, we first want to explore the history of the hip flask a little.


Well, because it’s an item that has traditionally been viewed as a must-have possession for men and not many people can tell you why. We’d argue that makes it a great conversation-started as you brandish your new hip flask while sitting around the campfire with friends.

The Tradition

The hip flask has a storied history which dates back thousands of years.

Sure, it’s easy to think that the traditional gentleman you see portrayed in films from the early parts of the 20th century were the first to drink from hip flasks but this is far from the truth.

The truth is that you can go back as far as 3000 BC to find examples of hip flasks being used. Obviously the design of the flask went through many iterations over the centuries, but it has almost always been known as an alcohol-holding container that’s portable.

Whether it was used by soldiers fighting battles in foreign lands or aristocrats in their Parliamentary offices, the hip flask has become synonymous with the classic stereotype of the classy man and the fighting man.

Over time it became more associated with outdoor life, so now it’s very common to see hip flasks used by campers, hikers, and other outdoor adventurers.

As you might have already guessed, the period of Prohibition in America also had a lot to do with the rise of the modern hip flask. Since it was strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, the hip flask became a discrete way to take a drink when you thought nobody was looking.

As for when it really took off, you have to look to the roaring ‘20s, when the hip flask first became an essential part of the gentleman’s repertoire.

From there, hip flasks were used throughout World War II when they were referred to as ‘pocket pistols’.

These days, the hip flask is most commonly seen as a groomsman’s gift that’s given to the man on the day of his marriage.

But why is it called a hip flask?

Simply because it was designed to fit into the hip pocket of a pair of trousers. Though, this isn’t usually recommended, since the proximity to your body will warm the alcohol up quickly. To keep the contents cool, most men will store the flask in their jacket or coat pocket.

A simple online search will bring up all different kinds of hip flasks with wildly varying designs and sizes, which goes to show just how popular the hip flask has become.


Let’s talk about quantity now, since in this case, size definitely does matter.

At one end you have the smallest flask which is best suited for carrying a couple of shots of your favorite drink when you don’t have much space for more. This hip flask will hold 4 ounces of liquid.

Moving up, you have the 5, 6, and 7 ounce hip flasks which are all convenient and provide anywhere between 3 and 5 shots of alcohol. 

Then there’s the standard 8 ounce hip flask which will provide a generous 5 or so shots of alcohol, which is the perfect amount for most men.

Finally, you have the large hip flask, which usually won’t have more than 10 ounces of capacity. This larger flask is for the camping trip with friends when you plan on passing the whisky around and sharing good times.


The style of a hip flask should be of paramount importance if your goal is to impress your peers and own the best-looking flask in your group.

So what are the main styles of hip flask?

Well, when it comes to material, there’s really only one option and that is stainless steel.

The durability the metal offers combined with the leak proof and rust proof qualities make it hands-down the best choice for a hip flask you plan on using out in the wild.

While hip flasks used to be made of glass, pewter, and in some cases silver, these have gradually become out of fashion and these days you’re unlikely to see them on the shelves.

As for the looks of a hip flask, you have the shape and the holster.


If you want a stylish hip flask that stands out from the average flask, then you’ll want to invest in one with a unique shape,

Not all hip flasks are rectangular, after all,

You can buy curved flasks, round flasks, heart-shaped flasks and so much more.

Of course, ergonomics will come into play when choosing a style, so make sure you invest in a shape that looks like it will be comfortable to hold.


Another way in which hip flasks differ visually is with holsters.

As you saw with the wolf hip flask we reviewed in this guide, there are many unique holsters out there that add a touch of class or character to the hip flask.

If you’re looking for something completely different, and something which catches the eye, then a striking holster is a good place to start.

The holster could be anything from a leather sleeve to a full-on wildlife scene painted onto a large pouch.

The advantage of investing in a hip flask with a holster is that in some cases you will also get a shoulder strap with the flask. That means you’ll be able to sling it over your shoulder and channel your inner Indiana Jones when the time comes.

Hopefully you won’t encounter any real bears or wolves while you’re out in the wild, though if you do, at least you’ll have some Dutch courage on hand in the form of whisky or whatever your liquor of choice happens to be.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Flasks

What’s the point of a flask?

A flask is traditionally given as a gift to the groomsman on their wedding day, but is also very commonly used by men who venture outdoors on camping trips and to do other adventurous activities.

Typically, a flask is reserved for the man’s alcoholic drink of choice which is more often than not a strong whisky.

The reason for this is primarily to stay warm on bitterly cold nights outdoors, but it’s also a fun way to get a bit of Dutch courage and help you through uncomfortable situations.

What are stainless steel flasks used for?

Stainless steel flasks are very popular among campers and hikers, and there’s a good reason for this.

Stainless steel is an excellent material to use for a flask because it is rust-proof, leak-proof and highly durable.

As a result, you can’t go far wrong with a stainless steel mask even if you’re partaking in intense exercise or roughing it out in the woods.

How many shots are in a flask?

A standard hip flask will provide up to eight ounces of liquid, which in layman’s terms means five shots of alcohol.

That’s not bad at all, especially considering that you might want to pass your flask around among the others in your group.

Five shots should be more than enough to keep you warm during the night, especially so if you’ve filled the flask with something strong like whisky.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Every guy who enjoys a drink will probably have daydreamed of camping out in the wild with friends at some point, with a flask in one hand and a fishing rod in the other.

There’s something irresistibly cool about owning a hip flask, and even more so when the design sparks conversation among your peers.

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