How Long Does a Bottle of Cologne Last?


Cologne is an important investment for many, offering up a special scent to impress a date or give an extra confidence boost.

But like anything, too much of it is a bad thing.

This is especially true for cologne, given that it can be incredibly overpowering if you use too much.

A single bottle of cologne can last anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the size of the bottle and how much you use it. Someone who sprays on cologne five or more times a day will get a lot less use out of it than someone who uses it just twice a day.

To understand how much value you’re getting from your cologne purchase, you need to consider several key factors.

You first need to think about the size of the bottle, but more importantly (and this depends on the person) how often you use it.

Colognes can expire, too, so it’s worth knowing how long you have it before it’s no longer of any use to you.

Bottle Size

First things first, you’ll need to know the size of the bottle if you want a clear idea of how long it will last you.

There are more than ten common bottle sizes for cologne, starting out at 0.05 fluid ounces and going up to 6.7 fluid ounces. 

The size you choose will in large part determine how many uses you get out of it, so here’s a quick guide to some of the most common bottle sizes.

0.05 fl oz: The smallest bottle of cologne you’re likely to come across will contain as little as 0.05 fluid ounces. A bottle this size is more of a taster than anything else, so it’s perfect for trying out a new scent before you invest more money in a bigger one. In a bottle this size you can expect just 15 sprays before it runs out, so use each spray wisely focusing on your pulse points for the best results.

1.0 fl oz: The 1.0 fluid ounce bottle is the first real option if you want to use the cologne for a while before needing to replace it. You can get as many as 450 sprays out of a bottle this size, so if you spray it on five times a day, you’re looking at up to three months of use. 

1.7 fl oz: The 1.7 fluid ounce bottle is a decent size, for those who don’t want to think about buying cologne again for the best part of half a year. You can get up to 750 sprays from this bottle size, giving you around five months of use.

3.4 fl oz: The 3.4 fluid ounce bottle is one of the largest and most popular sizes for colognes. You can get a whopping 1500 sprays out of a bottle this size, which gives you almost a year’s worth of use with five sprays a day.

6.7 fl oz: Finally, the biggest cologne bottle you can buy will be around 6.7 fluid ounces. From a bottle as big as this, you can expect from than 2000 sprays and over a year’s worth of using it five times a day. Only buy a bottle this size if you are 100% sure you are going to want to be using it for a very long time.

How You Use It

Logic dictates that the more you use cologne, the faster it will deplete.

As such, it’s a good idea to learn what works for you, so you don’t use more than you have to and you can get more bang for your buck.

There’s two key things to bear in mind: the number of sprays and the placement of the cologne on your body.

Number of Sprays

Depending on who you ask, anywhere from 1-5 sprays is a good range for spraying on cologne.

However, this will also depend on the strength of the cologne.

If, for example, you’re using an eau de cologne you’ll have to reapply it more often than you would with the much more potent eau de parfum.

The one thing you definitely don’t want to do with cologne, though, is overdo it since we all know that one person who is always drenched in the stuff and repels everyone in their vicinity.

Aim for Pulse Points

Pulse points, like the neck and wrists, are where you want to spray your cologne.

They are the hot spots of the body, since they are literally warm and will combine with the fragrance to create a signature scent.

If you aim for the pulse points, chances are you won’t need to spray as much cologne on so it should last you much longer.


Believe it or not, perfumes and colognes can indeed go off.

You’ll know that the fragrance has expired if it has an unusual odor or irritates your skin when it usually doesn’t. It might also start to change color from its original state if left for too long, so take note of the original color of the cologne just in case.

Storing a bottle of cologne incorrectly is one factor that can contribute to a shortened shelflife, so make sure it isn’t exposed to a high level of humidity or rapid temperature changes.

The time it takes cologne to go off is anywhere between 1-10 years, so you don’t have too much to worry about provided you use your fragrance on a regular basis.

However, this means you shouldn’t go ahead and invest in a large bottle of cologne if you aren’t going to consistently use it, since there’s a chance that one day it will expire and no longer be usable.

To keep the fragrance ‘alive’ for as long as possible, make sure to store it at room temperature well away from direct sunlight. Don’t, whatever you do, place it in the refrigerator either since this is a surefire way to reduce its shelflife.

Some of the best places to store cologne are in a closet or a drawer, somewhere dark and cool, but not the bathroom since this can be a humid environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cologne Shelf-life

How long is a bottle of cologne good for?

It depends on the bottle, but some will last for a year while others will go well beyond that.

As for duration, you can expect anywhere from a few days to more than a year of use out of a bottle providing you use it five times or less a day.

This will also depend on the size of bottle, too, so if you want a cologne that’ll last a long time go for 3.4 fluid ounces or more.

Do perfumes and colognes expire?

Yes, perfumes and colognes can expire.

The date of expiration will depend on the bottle, so it’s always worth checking the label, but generally fragrances will last anywhere between 1-10 years before they go off.

It also depends on how you store the fragrance, since high humidity or temperature changes can affect its shelflife dramatically.

How long does a 3.4 oz bottle of cologne last?

A 3.4oz bottle of cologne will usually last for anywhere up to a year, depending on how much you use it.

If you use it for five times a day, you’ll get a year or so of use from a bottle this size.

Most people say it counts for 1500 sprays, so you can do the math to figure out how long it will take you to use the whole bottle based on how many times you apply it in a day.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Before you go ahead and buy a bottle of cologne, consult our size guide to get an idea of how long it will last you.

Take into account the amount of times you intend to apply it in a day, and also be sure to check the expiration date just in case.

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