How Much Does a Pair of Jeans Weigh
Whether it’s to settle a debate or satisfy your curious mind, knowing the weight of a pair of jeans is a useful piece of trivia to have on hand. It can also be useful information for picking what to wear for certain activities so that you aren’t weighed down
Have you ever looked at another guy and wished you had what he has? Somehow the way he carries himself with such a superior sense of confidence and maybe even arrogance makes him seem like he possesses everything any guy could ever wish or ask.  The stereotypical term to
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attend at the "War of the Worlds" Fan Screening
It’s hard to ascertain a person’s height from a few pictures. However, for most pop stars, actors, and famous people, pictures are all we have to judge them by.  With that said, who are the most famous short guys? We’ve compiled an extensive and detailed list of successful short
Best woodsy cologne
Best Woody Cologne Today we’re counting down our top picks for the best woodsy cologne. While a trend towards more modern, experimental aromas is perhaps expected with men’s colognes, it’s still tough to compete with the classic scents. Traditionally masculine scents such as wood and leather are timeless classics

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With at least one male sports star featured in every Gillette advert, why is the removal of male leg hair not more mainstream?  Neatly kept head-hair has been associated with professionalism since the humble three-piece suit came into fashion. So, is it the same for body hair? A professional

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Thanks for stopping in. At The Trending Man we believe that the clothes make the man. But it doesn’t take much. All you need in your wardrobe are 15 key items to stay fashionable year-round. More confidence. A better dating life. More time to spend on the things that matter.



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