Manscaping 101 A Complete Guide to Male Grooming
The standard you hold for strangers should match the one you hold for yourself, so it’s important to present yourself how you expect others to. This way of thinking will make sure you are always confident and well-prepared for any situation.  Keeping a clean and fresh appearance is the
How To Dress For A Club
The mass production of COVID-19 vaccines have given us hope that there is now an end to the pandemic in the near future. Knowing that we will eventually be able to go back to our old routines and activities means we can now start making plans with friends and
trending t-shirts
The humble t-shirt has evolved with time and made its way into almost everyone’s wardrobe. People from all strata of life own one regardless of their age, race, or gender.  T-shirts became a fashion trend only after the second world war. Before that, they were worn as an undergarment
Best Men's Fashion Instagram
Is your fashion sense non-existent? Do you dread picking your next outfit? Don’t worry, many people like you and I have the same problem. It can be hard to wear the perfect outfit in a world where there are many fashion dos and don’ts. Fortunately, in this day and
Things Guys Do That Are Attractive
There are many things a guy can do to look and feel more attractive. However, what makes the biggest difference are the small but charming details. And you’re probably already doing some things right without even realizing it. Just start paying more attention, and you’re on your way to
best smart wallet for men
Best Smart Wallet for Men You may have noticed that there’s a recent trend in men’s fashion towards minimalist or smart wallets. Just like the smartphone came to market and reshaped what we think a phone is capable of, the smart wallet is here to do the same for

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Thanks for stopping in. At The Trending Man we believe that the clothes make the man. But it doesn’t take much. All you need in your wardrobe are 15 key items to stay fashionable year-round. More confidence. A better dating life. More time to spend on the things that matter.



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