Best Suitcase for Suits [2023]: Reviews and Traveler’s Guide

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Best Suitcase for Suits

Best of the Best
Samsonite Leverage LTE
Runner Up
London Fog Buckingham
Best on a Budget
ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag
Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Charcoal, Checked-Large 29-Inch
LONDON FOG Buckingham 44-Inch Wheeled Garment Bag, Black
ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips With Shoulder Strap and Rolling Luggage Attachment Point - Black
Best of the Best
Samsonite Leverage LTE
Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Charcoal, Checked-Large 29-Inch
Runner Up
London Fog Buckingham
LONDON FOG Buckingham 44-Inch Wheeled Garment Bag, Black
Best on a Budget
ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag
ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips With Shoulder Strap and Rolling Luggage Attachment Point - Black

If you own a suit and you’ve ever needed it for a business trip, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep it in top shape.

The disappointment of arriving at a hotel and unpacking only to find your suit is a crumpled up mess is something you should seek to avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this all-too common issue, and it comes in the form of a suitcase or garment bag.

There are plenty of carry on luggage and checked luggage options out there, so you can choose the option which best suits your travel preferences.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s suitcase for suits. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Samsonite Leverage LTE
1,302 Reviews
Samsonite Leverage LTE
If you’re looking for substance and style, Samsonite has you covered with the Leverage LTE. The perfect all-round suitcase, this one will keep your suit looking as pristine as it was the day you bought it.

Our Other Picks for Best Suitcase for Suits

Best Suitcase for Suits Reviews

Samsonite Leverage LTE (👑 Best of the Best)

Samsonite is known for its incredibly durable luggage, and we believe its Leverage LTE is the best suitcase for suits.

The Leverage LTE is what’s known as a wheeled garment bag, so although it adopts the appearance of a regular suitcase, it has been designed specifically to keep clothing items like suits and shirts secure.

To start with the basics, this convenient travel-friendly suitcase is available in 3 different colors, which are blue, purple, and charcoal. You also have different buying options which include the choice of carry-on or checked luggage size, as well as 2 or 3 -piece sets if you want the whole collection. This should make your life a lot easier, since you can buy the version of the suitcase which best suits your travel preferences. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time hunting for both a checked and carry-on luggage, then it makes a lot of sense to invest in the 2-piece set so you can get it all in one go.

In this review we’ll focus specifically on the large checked luggage version of the Leverage LTE. This suitcase measures 32 x 20.25 x 11 inches, of which you’ll have 29 x 20.25 x 11 inches for packing. The case weighs around 10.5lbs and is made from durable nylon fabric. This is a generous size, and you’ll find that you can get a fair amount of belongings in one of these suitcases. It’s perfect for any trip which is a few days or more and requires you to take your suit.

As far as the storage goes, you not only have ample space, but you also have a lot of options in how you pack the suitcase. Starting with the exterior, the case can expand 1.5 inches which allows you to maximise the amount of things you can get in it, without sacrificing the compression which keeps everything in place. This is paired with several front pockets which provide easy access, in case you need to get to your boarding pass or important documents quickly.

The main options come in the interior space of the suitcase though, as you might imagine. Inside the Leverage LTE you’ll find a series of mesh pockets which makes organising your things into separate compartments straightforward. You can put your clothes in one section, and your grooming products in another. You can then secure your items with the compression cross straps. The most important storage solution in this case though has to be the removable interior zippered suiter. This is what makes the Leverage LTE an excellent option for transporting your suit. This removable bag allows you to easily fold up your suit and pack it away neatly in its own compartment, while also being able to zip it up to keep it safe from environmental damage. It also makes it exceptionally easy to open up the suitcase and retrieve the suit too, which is especially handy for those moments when you need it the moment you arrive at your hotel.

Regarding the mobility of the suitcase, you have a couple of solid options. You can either carry it using one of the firm, padded handles on the top and side of the bag, or you can use the push lock handle to wheel it along. What makes it stand out from other suitcases is that it has multi directional double spinner wheels, which allow for 360 degree upright rolling, which will take the pressure off your arm and shoulder as you move it around. This is ideal for moving through the airport with ease, and avoiding any suitcase-related frustration. The exterior has weather-resistant and oil resistant coating too, so in those moments when you’re going to and from the airport your suit will stay dry and safe from external elements.

To top it all off, Samsonite offers a 10 year limited warranty for this suitcase, which protects your purchase against defects in the materials and workmanship. This shouldn’t be an issue though, since Samsonite works hard to ensure each suitcase is designed to last, and puts each one through rigorous testing.


  •  Available in blue, purple, and charcoal
  •  29 x 20.25x 11 inch checked luggage (also available to purchase as carry-on or as a set)
  •  10 year limited warranty
  •  Multi directional double spinner wheels
  •  Removable interior zippered shutter
  •  Compression cross straps
  •  1.5 inch expansion
  •  Mesh pockets
  •  Durable nylon fabric

London Fog Buckingham (🥈 Runner Up)

Next up we have a compact suitcase from London Fog which is fit for the finest of gentlemen and their suits.

This nifty little garment bag is for the classy traveler who simply needs to ensure their suit stays in great shape whether they travel by car, train, or plane. While some people will want more space in a suitcase for personal effects and other belongings they might need for a trip, many others prefer the minimalist options which saves space and looks great. The Buckingham suitcase is that less is more option, so if that’s what you’re looking for, read on.

The ingenuity of this suitcase lies in its charming book style opening which reveals a stylish storage design on the inside. This is a suitcase that’ll make you feel like you’re fit for duty in Buckingham Palace, with a sophisticated interior that boasts more space than you would at first think – as if it were the Tardis of suitcases. 

As for the specifications and features of this suitcase, you’re looking at around 22 x 23 x 4 inches when closed and 44 x 24 x 4 inches when opened. Yes, that’s where the Tardis-like quality of the suitcase comes into play, since it gives you more height when opened than it has while closed. This means it offers the best of both worlds with maximum portability but also optimal storage space. 

On the inside of the London Fog Buckingham you can expect to find multiple interior pockets which provide you with many ways of organising your belongings. Unlike most suitcases, this one has a specific home for many different clothing items including your shoes, suit, and underwear – there’s even a pocket just for ties! When fully packed this suitcase looks like a real life capsule wardrobe, with everything laid out neatly. The interior is fully lined with tie down straps too, so you can expect everything to be securely fastened and held in place.

Then, there’s the dual hooks fitted on the interior of this suitcase, which allows you to hang up your clothes when you get to the hotel without even unpacking them. This is an extremely convenient feature that could end up making you wonder why you would ever want another suitcase. Let’s face it, at the end of a long and tiring flight or road trip, the last thing you want to have to do is unpack everything in your suitcase in order to hang it up and organise it. As a result, you’ll find that the dual hook feature will save you a lot of time and effort.


  •  Book opening design
  •  44x 24 x 4 inches packing space
  •  Multiple interior pockets
  •  Dual hooks for easy hanging
  •  Fully lined interior with straps
London Fog Buckingham
1,105 Reviews
London Fog Buckingham
The Buckingham garment bag from London Fog has an exceptional design which betrays its minimalist exterior. There is more space to work with inside the bag than you might think, as well as special compartments for all of your clothes, and dual hooks to hang everything up without the need for unpacking.

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag (💸 Best on a Budget)

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a luxury suitcase, then you might want to consider the carry on garment bag from ZEGUR.

If you value functionality over everything else, then you can’t go wrong with this budget-friendly garment bag. Getting your suit from point A to point B is the priority after all, so why spend more than you need to?

This bag comes in either black and gray, and opens up to provide 23 x 22 x 4 inches worth of packing space. This roomy interior should have plenty of space for as many as 3 suits and much more, which makes it a great garment bag for overnight stays and even longer trips. Everything you put inside of this carry-on garment bag will be safely secured with the interior dual buckle, so you can keep everything looking pristine for when you reach your destination. As far as exterior storage goes, you’ll have a pocket that provides easy access for all of your important documents and/or gadgets.

To carry this garment bag you’ll have a few decent options. You can either use the top handle to carry it around, or, you have the option to lug it around over your shoulder with the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Not many garment bags have a shoulder strap, so this is a big tick in the favor of the ZEGUR bag, since it’s always nice to have the option to carry the bag on your shoulder. This is especially useful if you’re always on the phone or enjoy being hands-free as you move around with your bag.

On top of the fact that this is an affordable garment bag, ZEGUR goes a step further and offers a generous 100% money-back guarantee. This means that if you aren’t satisfied with the bag for any reason you can send it back and reclaim your money, so there really is nothing to lose by giving this garment bag a go.


  •  Available in black or gray
  •  Opens up to 23 x 22 x 4 inches
  •  Interior dual buckle
  •  Exterior pocket
  •  Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
  •  Top handle
  •  100% money-back guarantee
ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag
8,525 Reviews
ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag
This budget-friendly garment bag provides all the space you need for 3 suits, and more. It’s the perfect affordable bag, and the 100% money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free purchase.

WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bag (🧳 Best Garment Bag)

We’ve already seen a few garment bags in this guide, but this one from WallyBags is specifically designed to hold suits, so it’s worth considering if that is your main reason for wanting to invest in a suitcase.

This garment bag from WallyBags is available in black or navy, and provides plenty of storage whether you decide to go for the 45 inch or 52 inch version. It’s made from water repellent polyester fabric which is both durable and able to provide adequate protection from the elements.

The main attraction of this garment bag is the convenience it provides for carrying suits and clothes that you need to keep pristine. The first thing you’ll notice about it is that it folds down to the shape of a briefcase, but also depresses to the size of a folder full of paper. This makes it incredibly easy to travel with and store, whatever mode of transport you elect to take. When you arrive at the hotel, you can fold it back out to its full length size just as easily, which takes away the need to unpack everything as soon as you step foot in the door. The carrying handle lets you carry the garment bag as if it were a lightweight briefcase, but you can also transport this bag by putting it on top of your suitcase as you wheel it around. It’s suitable for carry-on too, which should make flights easy to navigate.

As for storage, you’ll be able to fit up to 8 garments in this bag, and best of all you won’t need to fold, roll, or pack any of them. All you need to do is place the items of clothing inside the garment bag using the hangars you already own. It’s as simple as that. This not only makes the process of getting to them when you arrive a breeze, but also simplifies the packing process, minimising stress at both ends of your trip. The Wally clamp hanger system works with any hangars you have so that once you arrive at the hotel you can hang up everything that’s in the bag with minimal effort. There are 2 extra large pockets which can hold everything from shoes, pants, and sweaters too so you can bring extra if you need to.


  •  WallyLock hanger clamp
  •  Available as 45 or 52 inch version
  •  Holds 8 garments
  •  2 accessory pockets 
  •  Made from water repellent polyester fabric
  •  Foldable design 
  •  Suitable as carry-on luggage 
  •  3 year manufacturer warranty
WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bag
726 Reviews
WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bag
The garment bag from WallyBags is an excellent option if you want to streamline the suit packing and unpacking processes at both ends of your trip. The smart WallyLock clamp system works with your own hangers, making it easy to hang everything up as soon as you arrive.

Ultimate Guide

There’s a few things to think about when buying a suitcase for your suit, so without any further ado, let’s take a look at the most important factors.


The design of a suitcase is crucial, and you’ll need to consider the following factors.


The material of a suitcase isn’t the most important thing to bear in mind, but it does matter.

If your case is made from lightweight fabric then you might find that it doesn’t stand up to heavy rain or environmental damage.

Alternatively if your case is made with an ultra durable shell, you might find it’s heavy to lug around.

Find what works best for you based on how you prefer to travel.


The size of the suitcase is crucial.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you’ll be needing a carry on bag or a checked one.

A carry-on bag will be suitable for short trips, and is ideal for stress-free travel since you can store it in the overhead compartment on a flight.

The average size accepted by airlines is 22 x 14 x 9 inches, so bear this figure in mind when you look at suitcases.

A checked bag will be much larger, so you can go one of two ways.

You can either go for a more compact option that won’t weigh you down too much as you move around, or you can go big if you’re looking for something that’ll be suitable for week-long trips with multiple suits.

The average checked luggage is around 27 x 21 x 14 inches, but the more important factor to consider is that this type of luggage will typically have a maximum weight allowance of 50lbs, so if you buy a big bag that’s already heavy this could impact how much you can pack.


There are many types of suitcases and garment bags suitable for transporting suits, so it’s down to you to determine which is best for your preferences.


A suitcase can be a great option for carrying suits.

It will typically have a durable design, and feature compartments inside for storing a suit along with other belongings.

This is generally a good option for short or long trips, as it allows you to bring your suit as well as other things you may need while away from home.

As far as mobility goes, this is a very versatile option, which can have either a top or side handle, a shoulder strap, and wheels or all 4 things.

Garment Bag

A garment bag is essentially just a softer suitcase, which is designed specifically to hold clothing items like suits without creasing them.

These can range from the tall foldable bags like the one from WallyBags in this review, to the compact briefcase-like style as seen in the London Fog Buckingham bag.

Each garment bag will have ways of keeping your clothes in pristine condition as you travel, as well as other useful features such as the ability to hang everything up at once without needing to unpack.

For example, the Buckingham bag has an individual compartment for just about everything you could wear with a suit, from dress shoes to ties.

The WallyBags folding-style bag has a clever clamp system which lets you bring your own hangers and hang everything up at once, while also folding down into a convenient size for carrying.


While we didn’t cover any duffle bags in this guide, they are another decent option for carrying suits on trips.

There are special duffle bags which are designed specifically for holding suits called suiter duffles.

These suiter duffles will have several zips so that it can unfold into a tall sleeve, in which you can insert your suit.

This is a quick and easy solution for taking your suit short distances with minimal fuss.

Free Checklist: 10 Must-have Clothing Items for the Modern Man 🕶️

Frequently Asked Questions About Suitcases for Suits

Is it OK to pack a suit in a suitcase?

Yes, it is not only OK to pack a suit in a suitcase, but strongly recommended!

Apart from the fact that nobody can deny the satisfaction that comes with pulling out a crisply folded suit from a suitcase, it’s also a very efficient solution to a potentially frustrating problem.

The only thing is you’ll have to learn how to properly pack your suit to avoid any embarrassing wrinkles or creases when you reach your destination.

What is better hard or soft suitcase?

Generally-speaking, you’ll be better off with a soft suitcase like a garment bag if your main reason for investing in one is to be able to carry your suit around with you.

While hard suitcases can provide extra protection, they are less forgiving with their shape and can be a little awkward to store away.

However with that being said, a lot of hard suitcases provide flexible storage options inside, which could help you keep your suit neat while reserving space for important documents or technology.

How do you pack a man’s suit in a suitcase?

The first thing to do before you even attempt to pack your suit into a suitcase is go and get yourself a plastic dry cleaning bag. This will prevent it from collecting dust or generally getting damaged.

Next, fold the suit in half, it’s really as simple as that. Though this technique works best with hard suitcases with fixed shapes.

If you have a softer suitcase bag like a duffel, you’ll have to take some time to fold the suit in stages.

It’s best to find a tutorial video or guide for this, since there’s an art to it.

Will folding a suit ruin it?

If you fold it like you would an ordinary t-shirt, then yes, folding a suit will likely ruin it.

However, there are some techniques you can use to fold a suit without leading to excessive creasing.

One of which is to buy a plastic dry cleaning bag since this will allow you to fold it in half for a hard suitcase.

Otherwise you’ll need to find a suit-folding tutorial that will walk you through the steps so you can follow along.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Carrying a suit around can be a nightmare, and that’s not even to mention taking it on a long-haul flight or road trip.

Get yourself a suitcase or garment bag that can keep your suit pristine no matter how you travel, and you’ll find that some of your travel-related stress will start to melt away.

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