Best Solid Cologne for Men [2024]: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Solid Cologne

Best of the Best
Duke Cannon Naval Supremacy
Runner Up
Drifter’s by ulio & jack
Best Bold Scent
Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne
Duke Cannon Men's Solid Cologne, 1.5 oz - Land (Redwood Scent)
ulio&jack Men’s Solid Cologne – Masculine Scent with a Leather Undertones – Smell Great on the Go while Nourishing your Skin – Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Sandalwood 0.5oz
Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne by The Beer Soap Company 1oz This Smells Like Green Irish Tweed by Creed -Sandalwood, Ambergris, Violet Leaves, All Rounded with Lemon Verbena, Iris, and Oakmoss
Best of the Best
Duke Cannon Naval Supremacy
Duke Cannon Men's Solid Cologne, 1.5 oz - Land (Redwood Scent)
Runner Up
Drifter’s by ulio & jack
ulio&jack Men’s Solid Cologne – Masculine Scent with a Leather Undertones – Smell Great on the Go while Nourishing your Skin – Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Sandalwood 0.5oz
Best Bold Scent
Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne
Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne by The Beer Soap Company 1oz This Smells Like Green Irish Tweed by Creed -Sandalwood, Ambergris, Violet Leaves, All Rounded with Lemon Verbena, Iris, and Oakmoss

While spray-on colognes may be the most popular type of fragrance used by men, solid colognes aren’t far behind, and they’re worthy of your attention.

A solid cologne should be a staple of every man’s grooming routine; they’re refined, bold, and made largely of natural ingredients.

Contrast this with the average spray-on cologne which is loaded with chemicals and only provides the faintest of scents, and it’s easy to see why you should consider giving solid cologne a go.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s solid cologne. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Duke Cannon Naval Supremacy
1,936 Reviews
Duke Cannon Naval Supremacy
Naval Supremacy from the upcoming military-focused brand Duke Cannon is an essential piece of kit that makes a great companion for the mission of life.

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Best Solid Cologne Reviews

Duke Cannon Naval Supremacy (👑 Best of the Best)

We believe the best solid cologne out there is Duke Cannon’s Naval Supremacy scent.

The genius of the packaging of this solid cologne is that it could easily pass for a tin of tuna or salmon on a grocery store shelf. Its understated charm is backed up by a striking sea blue color and bold lettering on the front of the packaging. There can be no doubt in your mind with this cologne that what you’re signing up for is a scent reminiscent of fresh sea breeze. Duke Cannon describes this solid cologne as a ‘light, fresh water fragrance with subtle notes of citrus’. This should tell you everything you need to know, and provokes thoughts of that invigorating feeling of first entering the water.

Duke Cannon made Naval Supremacy using nothing but natural and organic ingredients, which really helps lend to the nautical imagery. There’s nothing harmful in this cologne, and no artificial fragrances which would betray its natural appeal. The 1.5oz tin it comes in should last you a long time, even if you like to reapply cologne throughout the day. It’s also wonderfully compact and in a shape convenient for easy storage in anything from a coat pocket to a small bag, which makes it ideal for taking with you wherever you go. 

There’s also plenty to like about the brand itself, which has military-inspired marketing and is lauded by many as a company which delivers quality fragrances at reasonable prices. Each cologne produced by the brand is geared towards the ‘hard-working man’, which should appeal to the adventurer, the gentleman, and every man who gives it their all out there day after day. The metal tin packaging will make you feel like you’re about to conduct an important mission, which is an exciting way to approach each day. Duke Cannon donates 5% of its net profits to causes which help those currently serving as well as veterans too, so you know you’re contributing to a good cause with a purchase of this solid cologne.

As for the aroma of Naval Supremacy, you can expect a smooth, yet invigorating scent, brought on by ingredients like sunflower oil, beeswax, coconut oil, and rosemary extract. Many past customers claim that this cologne gives off the aquatic and fresh aroma you’d expect, given the name of the product. So if you enjoy nothing more than a stroll along the coast and taking in the ocean breeze as you do so, then Naval Supremacy from Duke Cannon is a fantastic solid cologne to try out.


  •  1.5oz
  •  Includes coconut oil, beeswax, sunflower oil, and rosemary extract

Drifter’s by ulio & jack (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best solid cologne is the drifter cologne from ulio&jack.

The first thing you’ll notice about this cologne is that it comes in a sliding box, which makes it the perfect gift. The tin itself has a sliding mechanism too, which makes it easy to open up and get to the cologne without needing to remove the lid entirely. As you can probably imagine, this is a cologne that’s travel-ready, as it easily fits into bags and pockets with its compact design and small size at just .5oz.

This cologne, like all those produced by the brand, is created using premium ingredients. It’s also handmade in small batches, which is nice to know, as it tells you that care has been taken to ensure each cologne is as good as the last. The cologne itself is packed full of natural ingredients, which makes it an attractive option for anyone falling out of love with chemical-heavy spray-on colognes. 

The main ingredients of this particular bar are jojoba oil, shea butter, bergamot, jasmine, Japanese grapefruit, peppermint, and beeswax. These ingredients combine well to create an intoxicating scent that’s also light enough to be worn as an everyday cologne. There’s a sweet and spicy contrast to the aroma, as well as a woody undertone. Upon application of this cologne you may feel like you’ve been whisked away to a mountain forest, where everything feels as fresh as it gets and the smell of trees is rich in the air. The peppermint in particular sees to it that you get the invigorating freshness of the outdoors, while more exotic ingredients like the Japanese grapefruit add a floral, fruity note to give the overall scent a complex character.


  •  .5oz slide top tin
  •  Ingredients include jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax
Drifter’s by ulio & jack
338 Reviews
Drifter’s by ulio & jack
The drifter solid cologne from brand ulio&jack conjures up imagery of the forest, and smells like fresh trees, spices, and fruits.

Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne (🍃 Best Bold Scent)

If you’re looking for a bold scent, one which leaves a lasting impression, then Ireland Tweed should be your best option.

As far as icebreakers and conversation-starters go, this solid cologne from The Beer Soap Company takes first prize. Don’t be surprised if you wear this cologne to be the talk of the town, and the recipient of many a compliment, given its bold character and rich aroma. The first hint that this solid cologne offers something a little different to the rest comes with the packaging. The reasonably-sized 1oz tin features the company’s quirky branding, which pictures a bottle of beer pouring its contents into a bar of soap that’s forming beneath it. Don’t worry though, just because the company behind this cologne features beer heavily in its marketing, you won’t walk around smelling like you’ve just been to the pub with Ireland Tweed.

What you can expect in terms of the aroma of this cologne is an incredibly long-lasting, zesty scent. This comes from a number of great-smelling ingredients which range from woody notes to citrus ones. Among the ingredients of this cologne are sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves, lemon verbena, iris, and oakmoss. As you can probably imagine there’s a deep and rich masculine aroma given off by the several woodsy ingredients, and they are rounded off well and given a little extra something by the refreshing violet leaves and lemon verbena.

Aside from the great long-lasting scent provided by this cologne, you can also take comfort from the fact that it’s 100% vegan. The product uses candelilla wax instead of beeswax as the base of the cologne, and all of the ingredients are natural and vegan-friendly.


  •  1oz tin
  •  Ingredients include sandalwood, ambergris, violet leaves and oakmoss
Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne
32 Reviews
Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne
Ireland Tweed is a fresh, zesty cologne which keeps you grounded with the many woodsy notes in the form of popular ingredients like sandalwood and oakmoss.

Cremo Bourbon & Oak (🌲 Best Woodsy Aroma)

If you’re looking for a solid cologne that packs a real woodsy punch, then Cremo’s boutique Bourbon & Oak bar could be just what you need.

This quality fragrance from Cremo is one of many in a line of solid colognes that capture rich woodsy notes and combine them with intriguing aromas. As well as the popular bourbon and oak combination we’re going to review, the company also offers other intoxicating blends such as bergamot and musk, leather and oud, and blue cedar and cypress. Whereas many men’s colognes stick to light notes in order to not offend the senses, Cremo isn’t afraid to take risks with its fragrances, and it’s clear that a lot of work went into creating the most engaging scent possible to appeal to just about everyone.

The scent wasn’t concocted by mad scientists though, but rather, by scent experts who know exactly what goes into making a killer cologne which lasts throughout the day. Each fragrance produced by Cremo is done so meticulously, and using only the very best ingredients to ensure a premium feel to it. The fragrance can best be described as a smooth glass of quality bourbon in a lakeside cabin with the fire blazing in the background. It encapsulates the feeling of a well-deserved retreat to the woods perfectly with a fine balance of fine bourbon, distiller’s spice, and white oak.

The TSA-friendly metal tin makes this solid cologne easy to travel with, and comes in at a very light weight of 0.44 ounces.


  •  0.44 ounce tin
  •  Ingredients include white oak, distiller’s spice, and bourbon.
Cremo Bourbon & Oak
4,060 Reviews
Cremo Bourbon & Oak
This refined fragrance from Cremo offers up a bold character with a sophisticated finish that can help you feel calm and composed, even on the most stressful of days.

Ultimate Guide

If you’re new to solid colognes, or you’re just curious how to choose the right one for you, then this guide should provide some clarity.

We’re going to take a look at exactly what a solid cologne is, and then explore all of the main factors which should be accounted for in your decision-making process.

After all, you don’t want to end up with a fragrance you aren’t completely satisfied with.

What is Solid Cologne?

First things first, it’s a good idea to get a clear idea in your mind of what exactly a solid cologne is to see if it’s something you’d be interested in giving a go.

While spray-on colognes are the most popular type of colognes on the market, they aren’t the only type.

Solid colognes provide an alternative to the normal method of applying cologne, and as the name suggests, they adopt a solid form as opposed to a liquid one.

Instead of using water as a base, a solid cologne is typically made with a foundation of some form of natural wax, such as beeswax or even shea butter.

This gives it a rigid shape like a bar of soap, but isn’t so hard that you can’t manipulate it with your hands.

The idea of having a solid cologne isn’t something new, but this type of cologne is soaring in popularity now with many fragrance brands getting in on the trend.

Benefits of Solid Cologne

So what are the benefits of using a solid cologne over the more traditional spray-on variation?

Well, there are a few good reasons to consider them a solid alternative, and they may even be convincing enough to force you to change the type of cologne you wear permanently.

Natural Ingredients

By far the biggest benefit of using a solid cologne over a spray, is that there will undoubtedly be more natural ingredients in it.

With a base of beeswax or another form of wax, solid colognes often include a variety of other natural ingredients such as scented oils, spices, and herbs.

Solid colognes are also noteworthy for the absence of alcohol, given that many cologne sprays have it, which has been known to dry out and even irritate the skin.

By applying mostly natural ingredients to your skin, you can be pretty sure that it will remain irritation-free, which isn’t a guarantee you can make with a spray that’s reliant on chemical and artificial ingredients.


Whereas sprays tend to come in glass bottles, solid colognes more often than not are presented in convenient metal tins.

As a result, they are much easier to travel with, and can be easily stored away in pockets or bags.

If you travel a lot, then you’ll be all too familiar with the inconvenience of trying to pack your awkwardly-shaped glass cologne, and at times it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

With a solid cologne this should never be an issue, and you’ll never be warned for carrying it on planes or through a TSA checkpoint.

The other convenient part of solid cologne packaging is that, unlikely a glass bottle, it isn’t likely to leak or smash while in transit.


While discretion may seem an odd benefit to buying a solid cologne, when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Nobody wants to be that guy, you know, the one who whips out their bottle of cologne and sprays it on in a public place contaminating the air with their strong scent.

That’s why having a solid product is a good idea, because it allows you to apply the cologne discreetly without spreading your scent where it’s not wanted.

All it takes is a small amount in your fingers applied to one of many pulse points on the body and you’re good to go for another few hours.

Easy Application

Since solid colognes have more mild scents, sometimes it’s necessary to apply them more regularly than a spray cologne.

Luckily, this isn’t a problem though, since applying solid cologne couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is get some of the product on your fingers and apply it to either your neck, wrists, or another warm pulse point for the best results.

Once you’ve got the hang of reapplying the cologne throughout the day, you may even start to look forward to it as an opportunity for mindfulness as you get in touch with your sense of smell.

Mild Scent

Another one of the benefits of solid colognes is that it has a milder scent than other fragrances like aftershave, but stronger than spray-on cologne.

This is good because it means more often than not the solid colognes won’t be overpowering, but they are still fairly long-lasting.

Best Brands

While it’s difficult to say which brand is the best for producing colognes due to the somewhat subjective nature of smells, there are some brands which are well-known and widely praised for producing top solid colognes.

Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Duke Cannon Supply Co. is a brand which focuses on military-style packaging and humorous marketing.

As a men’s grooming brand, the company has been very successful since its launch, with many customers raving about its line of intriguing solid colognes.

What makes its colognes stand out most is the charming packaging and the interesting themes, such as ‘land’ and ‘sea’ which the fragrances are based on.

Fulton Roark

Fulton & Roark is a brand which has established a strong reputation as one of the top solid cologne manufacturers out there.

It has accomplished this feat through creating a series of high quality solid colognes which come in elegant packaging.

There are 8 scents available with the solid cologne from this brand, and each has its own distinct character for a different occasion or different preferences.


If you’re interested in traditionally masculine scents, such as leather, wood, and bourbon, then you’ll love the brand Cremo.

Cremo is another brand which focuses on producing sophisticated fragrances in eye-catching packaging.

What’s special about this brand is its commitment to using only premium ingredients, and producing intoxicating concoctions with a team of scent experts.

The series of solid colognes from Cremo ranges from bourbon and oak, to blue cedar and cypress, and leather and oud.


Ulio&Jack is a brand with humble beginnings.

It started off as a desire to create fragrances that can be worn on the go while travelling, and flourished into a company which is dedicated to the owner’s grandfathers who were named Ulio and Jack.

It’s a brand which prides itself on customer service and delivering high quality travel-friendly solid colognes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solid Colognes

Is solid cologne better?

In some ways, yes, you could make the argument that a solid cologne is a better option than a traditional spray-on.

For one, a solid cologne will leave a longer-lasting scent, and will oftentimes be more potent than a spray-on cologne.

Solid colognes are also considered a better option by some due to the prominence of natural ingredients in them, as opposed to chemical-laden sprays.

What is the strongest type of cologne?

Solid cologne is a type of cologne which, much like stick deodorant, has a solid form and is typically stronger than its spray-on counterpart.

Made from some form of natural wax, and more often than not many other natural ingredients, a solid cologne can provide a strong, bold scent.

What’s more, this type of cologne tends to last a long longer than spray-on colognes too, so it should see you through the day with a single application.

Where do you put solid cologne?

With solid cologne, your best bet is to apply it to warm areas of the body such as the wrists or neck.

This is because it reacts best with warm temperatures which activate the ingredients in the cologne, which will in turn produce a strong scent.

Other good places to put solid cologne include pulse points such as the inner elbows, the backs of your ears, or even on your throat.

A Final Word From The Trending Man 

Solid cologne is an interesting alternative to the conventional spray, and it might be worth switching to.

Made mostly from natural ingredients and producing longer-lasting scents, solid colognes make a strong argument to be included in your daily grooming ritual.

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