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Best Sea Salt Spray for Men

Best of the Best
Pete and Pedro SALT
Runner Up
Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray
Best on a Budget
BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray
Pete & Pedro SALT - Natural Sea Salt Spray for Hair Men & Women, Instant Thickness, Volume, Texture, and a Light Hold | As Seen on Shark Tank, 8.5 oz.
Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray - Volumizing Texture Spray for Off-The-Beach Hair Waves & Matte Natural Finish - Water Based Styling Mist for Men (6oz / 180ml)
BYRD Texturizing Surfspray – Volumizing Hair Spritz, Add Shine and Hydration, Safe for All Hair Types, 6 Fl Oz
Best of the Best
Pete and Pedro SALT
Pete & Pedro SALT - Natural Sea Salt Spray for Hair Men & Women, Instant Thickness, Volume, Texture, and a Light Hold | As Seen on Shark Tank, 8.5 oz.
Runner Up
Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray
Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray - Volumizing Texture Spray for Off-The-Beach Hair Waves & Matte Natural Finish - Water Based Styling Mist for Men (6oz / 180ml)
Best on a Budget
BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray
BYRD Texturizing Surfspray – Volumizing Hair Spritz, Add Shine and Hydration, Safe for All Hair Types, 6 Fl Oz

Sea salt spray isn’t as popular as it perhaps should be.

This lesser-known hair styling product is ideal for creating a beach-ready style that both looks and feels natural.

If you’re curious about new ways to style, and you aren’t a fan of heavy gels and waxes that harden in your hair, sea salt spray is an excellent option to explore.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s sea salt spray. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Pete and Pedro SALT
1,949 Reviews
Pete and Pedro SALT
Pete & Pedro SALT is an outstanding spray with glowing endorsement from many satisfied customers and a high-profile investor. It does everything a sea salt spray should do, as it adds volume and texture without sacrificing the natural look of men’s hair.

Our Other Picks for Best Sea Salt Spray

Best Sea Salt Spray Reviews

Pete and Pedro SALT (👑 Best of the Best)

Pete and Pedro Salt is our top pick for sea salt sprays, and it has an interesting backstory.

A product that hit the market with a bang, Pete and Pedro’s SALT went through a trial by fire as founder Aaron Marino gave a passionate pitch to the established investors on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Marino left an impression on the investors, securing an investment, and cementing Pete and Pedro sea salt spray’s place in the market. Since then, it has enjoyed a lot of commercial success, and is used and enjoyed by thousands of men.

What makes the product worthy of attention isn’t its connection to owner Marino and his hugely popular YouTube channel, but how good it is for straight fine hair. This is a natural sea salt spray that has been infused with kelp extract. It provides plenty of volume and texture, but still offers a soft hold, so you don’t have to worry about your hair clumping together or looking unnaturally shiny or stiff. What’s more, this sea salt spray is able to effectively absorb excess oil from the hair which keeps it hydrated while preventing the overly glossy appearance natural hair oils can create.

The 8 ounce bottle is a good size for everyday use, and the company also offers a 2 ounce size if you’d prefer a travel-friendly option. There are no parabens in this sea salt spray, just natural ingredients like sea salt and sea kelp, this also lends a fresh sea breeze scent to the hair styling product. While this sea salt spray is suitable for all types of hair, it works best when used on thin, medium, and long hair. If you have any doubts about the product or wonder what it can do for you, be sure to check out the embedded video on the Amazon product page from founder Aaron Marino for more information.


  • 8oz bottle
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Paraben-free
  • Soft hold
  • Includes sea salt and sea kelp

Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray (🥈 Runner Up)

Blind Barber’s sea salt spray is our runner up pick, offering an elegant solution to dull and flat men’s hair.

This sea salt spray comes in two sizes: a 3.4 ounce and a 6 ounce bottle. The main ingredients are water, hops flower extract, and sea salt, and it’s primarily aimed at men with curly hair, though it will work well with other hair styles too. There are no parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes in the spray, making it a healthy choice for your hair. Perhaps its greatest quality though is its rich tonka bean scent, that is the perfect complement for a day spent at the beach catching waves.

If the delicate vanilla aroma doesn’t entice, then the added volume and texture the sea salt spray offers should. The protein-rich formula lends plenty of weight to drab hair, puffing it up and bringing it back to life. This is the kind of spray that can give you the natural beach hair look, wherever you are. Plus, since it’s ater-based, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever rinsing it out of your hair – unlike with hairspray.

With this spray you can expect a no-shine finish and a light hold. This makes it an excellent option for the man with long or curly hair looking to add some definition, but also works for the man with shorter hair just looking for styling product that doesn’t feel heavy in the hair.


  •  Best for curly hair
  •  Tonka bean scent
  •  Includes water, hops flower extract, sea salt
  •  40-proof hold
  •  Matte finish
  •  No parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes
Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray
663 Reviews
Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray
Blind Barber’s protein-rich sea salt spray is perfect for men’s curly hair. It adds a lot of volume and texture, and provides a satisfying natural matte finish.

BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray (💰 Best on a Budget)

BYRD’s texturizing surf spray is a fantastic budget-friendly sea salt spray, that offers plenty for those looking for a hairstyle that mimics the ocean’s waves.

If you’re looking to give sea salt spray a go, and see what it can do for your hair, then we highly recommend BYRD’s surf spray as a good place to start. Given the budget-friendly price, this spray is a safe investment, and yet it still delivers an exceptional hair styling experience. It punches well above its price point, in fact, having won a GQ grooming award.

As for the basics, this sea spray is a volumizing spray that has a combination of sea salt, coconut water, quinoa proteins, vitamin B5, and sea buckthorn extract in its formula. The inclusion of coconut water lends an exotic coconut scent to the spray, which some will love. There are no mineral oils, parabens, phthalates or sulfates. This spray from BYRD is considered an excellent option for those with wavy hair, though it can breathe life to any type of men’s hair.


  •  Includes sea salt, coconut water, vitamin B5, and sea buckthorn extract
  •  Salty coconut scent
  •  Best for wavy hair
  •  Free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates
BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray
1,149 Reviews
BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray
BYRD’s surf spray is the perfect option if you want to try a sea salt spray without spending a fortune. It offers volume to hair, and can help create the wavy hairstyle often rocked by surfers and other beach-goers.

Who is This For?

Sea salt spray is for guys who are looking to capture the beach-ready look, adding texture and definition to thin and curly hair.

Since sea salt sprays can add volume, it’s an ideal hair styling product for those who struggle with thinning hair.

It also allows for a natural-feeling hold that won’t change how your hair feels – unlike other products. Most of us are familiar with what it feels like to have crunchy hair as a result of an excess amount of gel, and if you’re not – we don’t recommend it.

Sea salt spray provides that light hold that allows you to play around with your style throughout the day, and it can breathe life into dry or dull hair.

If you have long or curly hair, there’s even more reason for you to give sea salt spray a go!

This type of spray can highlight curls, and lend definition to longer hair, so you don’t feel like you’re rocking a damp mop on your head.

Ultimate Guide

Sea salt spray is a curious hair styling product that a lot of men will be unfamiliar with.

While many still use the tried-and-tested gels that provide a strong hold, others have turned to the new wave of waxes, creams, and pomades for something a little different.

Yet if you have thin or long hair, your best bet might be to forget about all of these options for now and give sea salt spray a go.

Why Choose Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray isn’t the first hair styling product that comes to mind for many men, but it should be a staple in every man’s grooming routine.

That’s because sea salt spray is a versatile hair styling product that you can use to ‘pre-style’ your hair before you go ahead and add something with a firmer hold like a clay or pomade.

Sea salt spray nourishes the hair, while adding volume and texture.

It adds life to drab hair, and can be a real miracle-worker when it comes to long dull hair or thin hair that lacks vitality.

With sea salt spray, you can prevent the mop and preserve the flop. It gives your hair what it needs to retain a natural bounce, but without the droopy mop-like aesthetic long hair can sometimes produce.

In short, pick sea salt spray if you want to add volume or texture to your hair, or if you have medium, long, or thin hair.

Choose it if you want to feel as if you have beach-ready wavy hair all day long. Or if you want an invigorating sea breeze scent that comes from natural sea salt and other maritime ingredients.

It’s generally not recommended that you go with sea salt spray if you have thick or short hair, since as firmer hold is usually necessary in these cases.

How to Use Sea Salt Spray

The best way to apply sea salt spray is to do so before you run a wax, clay, or pomade through your hair.

Used as a pre-styling hair product, sea salt spray can give you that extra volume and texture to make your hair seem choppy like ocean waves without clumping together or looking shiny.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the most of sea salt spray as part of a regular hair styling routine:

  1.  First, before you do anything with your hair, take a shower and dry it thoroughly with a towel. This will give you a blank canvas to work with, and using a good texturizing shampoo can be a good idea too.
  2. Once you’re satisfied your hair is dry, give it up to five squirts of the spray, making sure to get even coverage.
  3. Now get stuck in, working the sea salt solution into your hair with your hands. 
  4. Finally, pick out your favorite hair styling product and run it through your hair to finish off the look.
  5. If you have a hair dryer, now is a good time to add that extra volume to really make your hair pop.


Hair can be delicate, so the last thing you want to do is accidentally damage hair follicles or cause irritation due to using a certain hair styling product.

To steer clear of any issues, it’s a good idea to get familiar with what ingredients are desirable in a sea salt spray, and which to avoid at all costs.

While it will depend on a case-to-case basis, here are some of the best and worst ingredients to look out for on the label of any sea salt spray:


The best ingredients are those which bring something different to the hair-styling table.

Natural sea salt and water are given, but what other ingredients could give your hair a little extra texture, volume, or nourishment?

  • Vitamins

The body needs vitamins to thrive, as does your hair.

While some vitamins like B, or biotin, can contribute to hair growth others can help combat free radicals which damage the scalp and hair follicles.

Whenever you see that a sea salt spray is infused with vitamins, it’s probably a good sign that it will do your hair a world of good and help to preserve its healthy appearance.

  • Kelp

Sea kelp is an interesting ingredient, and perhaps an odd thing to imagine using in your hair.

However, research has shown that kelp can boost the growth of hair and reduce the chance of your hair thinning out.

It can add volume and life to hair, so it’s always a good ingredient to see on the label of a hair styling product.

  • Flower Extract

There are various flower extracts used in some sea salt sprays, and these ingredients can do anything from fight off bacteria to keeping issues such as dandruff at bay

They can enrich hair follicles and protect them from free radicals that could damage them.


The worst ingredients are (in 99% of cases) artificial chemicals that are used to cut costs and can have a damaging effect on the hair.

  • Parabens

Parabens are known to cause several hair-related issues, such as irritation, a dry scalp, and in severe cases hair loss.

If you see an ingredient with the suffix -paraben on a hair product’s label, it’s a good sign to steer clear.

  • Sulfate

Sulfates can strip away a lot of the hair’s natural oils, which can be good in some ways, but can also leave the scalp exposed and dried out.

Too many sulfates in your hair can lead to redness, itching, and irritation, so try to stay away from sulfate-laden hair styling products if possible.

Some studies even claim that they are worse than parabens, which says a lot.

  • Phthalates

Phthalates are hard to pronounce, but easy to spot on a label.

If you do notice that a sea salt spray you’re looking at uses phthalates, we recommend that you think twice before parting with your hard-earned cash.

As solvents, phthalates are commonly used in haircare products to create an artificial fragrance.

This is all well and good, except some studies have shown that these solvents can affect hormonal systems and have other harmful effects on the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Salt Spray For Men

Is sea salt spray good for men’s hair?

Yes, sea salt spray is a great product to use for men’s hair.

The sea salt is usually paraben-free, and will soak up any excess oil, dirt, and sweat from your hair which can make it look flat and dirty.

Some sea salt sprays, like those by Pete & Pedro use vitamin and mineral-rich sea salt, too, so you can be sure your hair gets the nourishment it needs to thrive.

What does sea salt spray do to your hair?

Many men use sea salt spray to achieve the ‘beach hair’ look – that is to say that damp, slightly messy style that you see so often among surfers and regular beach-goers.

The main reason surfers and those who engage in water sports end up with messy hair is due to the high salt content of the sea water.

As such, what sea salt spray does is bring the benefits of going for a dip in the sea to your home, making your hair wave all on its own.

What is the best sea salt spray?

In our view, it doesn’t get much better than Pete and Pedro SALT when it comes to sea salt sprays for men’s hair.

This sea salt spray is famous for its appearance on popular TV show Shark Tank, and for its charismatic founder Aaron Marino.

Yet aside from the attention its received, the product stands on its own as an excellent hair styling product to add volume and texture to men’s hair.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Sea salt spray is an excellent alternative to other hair styling products like clays, waxes, and gels.

It’s easy to apply – literally just a few sprays and you’re ready to head out the door – and can give you the natural, messy look which is donned by many a surfer and beach-lover.

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