Best Metal Wallet [2024]: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Metal Wallet

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Best of the Best
The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet
Best on a Budget
Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminium Wallet
The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men - RFID Blocking Front Pocket Credit Card Holder - Metal Wallet For Men With Money Clip (Gunmetal)
Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminum Aluma Hard Case Credit Cards Wallet (Assorted 6 Pack)
Best of the Best
The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet
The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men - RFID Blocking Front Pocket Credit Card Holder - Metal Wallet For Men With Money Clip (Gunmetal)
Best on a Budget
Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminium Wallet
Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminum Aluma Hard Case Credit Cards Wallet (Assorted 6 Pack)

The traditional bulky wallet may soon become a thing of the past.

With a move towards more digital methods of payment, such as contactless transactions with credit and debit cards, the need for cash on hand isn’t as pressing as it once was.

To catch up with the times it’s not a bad idea to take a look at a metal wallet, which is oftentimes referred to as the minimalist wallet.

This type of wallet has a very slim profile, which makes it very convenient to have on you at all times, with none of the awkward bulge that a coin-filled wallet can cause in your pocket.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s metal wallet. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet
15,979 Reviews
The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet
The Ridge Slim wallet is a pioneer of the movement towards minimalist wallets, and it’s a long-term solution to storing all of your cards securely. The RFID-blocking wallet offers plenty of convenient features and guarantees longevity through the lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

Our Other Picks for Best Metal Wallet

Best Metal Wallet Reviews

The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet (👑 Best of the Best)

We believe that the best metal wallet, or credit card holder as it can also be called, is the Ridge Slim wallet.

While this metal wallet will set you back a significant amount more than a lot of the alternatives, it’s a long-term investment that should last you anywhere up to a lifetime. Since this is something you’re likely going to need on you at all times, it’s worth paying extra to ensure that you get the durability and quality necessary to keep your cards mint. The last thing you want is to invest in a shoddy metal wallet which starts to deteriorate and bend your cards out of shape or worse.

Ridge is also a very reliable brand in this newly emerging trend for metal or minimalist wallets, so you can trust that everything will be up to scratch. The Ridge Slim wallet is available in 4 colors from the understated gunmetal and black, to the more adventurous navy and rose gold. It’s made from military-grade materials, primarily aluminium, which ensures a high level of durability. Even if any part of the wallet lets you down, Ridge is committed to providing top customer service and will replace it free of charge. This is the main reason why you’re expected to pay a premium for what can seem like just a sleek thin sliver of metal.

As far as functionality goes, it’s surprising how useful this slim piece of metal can prove to be for storing your cards and cash. There is space for not just 2 or 3 cards, but as many as 12. This is a much larger capacity than many of the traditional wallets have, but what’s more, having 12 cards in this wallet doesn’t even stretch it out. In fact, even with 12 cards in it the Ridge Slim is still 2 or 3x smaller than most wallets. The insertion of cards is simple too, with an outside notch that allows you to slot them in effortlessly – while this might not sound like a big deal, getting cards in and out can be a common issue for metal wallets. There’s also an integrated money clip which lets you secure a few bills to the outside of the wallet, just in case you want some spare change for a coffee or pastry while you’re out and about.

The other feature worthy of note with the Ridge Slim is the RFID blocking technology. In case you didn’t know, it’s possible to be a victim of theft without having your wallet stolen. Due to the radio-frequency identification used by credit and debit cards, there is a risk (albeit small) that someone could hack into them even while they reside in your wallet. With RFID blocking though, which is a feature of the Ridge Slim, you can rest assured that your details and money are safe. Aluminium has been shown to offer protection in this sense, and the aluminium used by Ridge is much thicker than foil and homemade solutions so it’s much more effective.


  •  Available in 4 colors 
  •  RFID blocking 
  •  Holds 1-12 cards
  •  Integrated money clip 
  •  Made from military-grade aluminium
  •  Lifetime guarantee

SHEVROV Carbon Fiber Wallet (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best metal wallet is this carbon fiber card holder from SHEVROV.

This metal wallet from SHEVROV is made up of a combination of high quality  aluminium and carbon fiber, which is treated with anti-scratch technology to ensure it stays looking crisp long into the future. While there are no color options with this wallet, it features an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design which makes the switch from a conventional wallet much easier. This won’t fade with time either, since the wallet isn’t going to rust.

As for storage, this carbon fiber slim wallet will hold up to 12 cards and 9 bills at a time, which should be more than enough for your daily needs. The cash clip is located on the back of the wallet, which makes it incredibly easy to pay with cash if the need arises while you’re out and about. Perhaps best of all is how comfortable this wallet feels in your hand due to the smooth carbon fiber material and slightly chunky design. You won’t need to worry about this wallet slipping out of your hand due to being too slim.

There’s RFID-blocking with this metal wallet too, as a result of the metals used, so you can expect protection from digital theft as you carry it in your pocket.

The only things that prevent this wallet from pushing the more expensive Ridge Slim off top spot in our guide are that when you have 12 cards in this wallet it can be a tight fit. If you’re not careful when removing them, you might scratch them. Also, you won’t get the same lifetime guarantee offered by Ridge, which just means you’ll need to be careful not to drop it too many times or be willing to replace parts yourself.


  •  Carbon fiber and aluminium design
  •  Anti-scratch technology
  •  Holds up to 12 cards and 9 bills 
  •  RFID-blocking 
  •  Includes cash clip

Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminium Wallet (💰 Best on a Budget)

Our pick for best metal wallet on a budget has to go to the aluminium wallet from Goldenvaluable. At around half of the price of our runner up pick, this wallet steals the title of best value for money, and offers up a risk-free investment if you’re curious about trying a minimalist wallet.

For such an inexpensive wallet, there are a lot of colors for this metal unit, and the best part of that is you get all 6 of them with a single investment. You can have all 6 color options for the fraction of the cost of most metal wallets, which range from black and red to pink and gray. Beyond the various colors offered by this wallet, you might have noticed that it features a very different design than other metal wallets we’ve covered in this list. While most minimalist wallets adopt a style similar to the Ridge Slim model, there are other options too. This wallet for example can be seen as a compact briefcase-style wallet which opens up to reveal your cards.

While the design won’t be everyone’s first choice, you can’t argue with the exceptional price, especially since you essentially get 6 wallets for half the price of most metal wallets. Plus, the design is actually very intuitive and allows you easy access to your cards, while keeping them secure. You could even argue that this wallet is better at protecting your cards from theft than others, since the cards won’t be on display and honestly a lot of people wouldn’t even assume the colorful brick in your pocket contains anything valuable. Each one of these hard cased wallets has space for 6 cards, which should be enough for most people.

What’s more, you still get the RFID-blocking that you’ve probably come to expect with metal wallets. The durability of these metal-made wallets is also a big positive, since while they might get a little scratched up over time, they will keep your cards safe regardless of how many times they are dropped. And since you’ll have 6 of them, even if one does get severely damaged, you can always switch it out for another.


  •  Includes 6 wallets of different colors
  •  Each holds up to 6 cards 
  •  Made from aluminium
  •  RFID-blocking 
  •  Tear proof accordion organisation
Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminium Wallet
975 Reviews
Goldenvalueable Extra Thick Aluminium Wallet
If cheap and cheerful is your brief for buying a metal wallet, then this set of wallets from Goldenvalueable is exactly what you need. The wallets provide a durable shell to keep your cards safe, and can each hold up to 6 cards at a time.

Ultimate Guide

For many people, metal wallets aren’t the norm.

A lot of men still have the more conventional wallets, so an investment in a metal card holder can be a step into the unknown.

Rest assured though, if you pay attention to the most important factors when buying a metal wallet you can’t go too far wrong.

The following factors are the ones which we believe should have the biggest influence on your decision, although personal preference and budget will obviously play significant roles too.


The design of the metal wallet obviously plays a crucial role in its ability to serve its primary function as a card or cash holder.

If the design is less than ideal for whatever reason, it’s best to steer clear.

For example, if you’re accident-prone and see yourself dropping the wallet often then you don’t want something that will scratch up easily or leave the cards exposed and susceptible to damage.

Likewise, if the design of the metal wallet doesn’t accommodate all of the cards and cash you expect to carry with you on any given day then again it’s best to seek a more suitable alternative.

When it comes to design, we’re going to break it down into 2 sections.

These sections are the materials used for the wallet, and the storage options it provides.


Metal wallets are different from regular wallets in that they provide an ultra durable shell to keep your cards safe.

While regular wallets might be made of leather and be susceptible to damage over time, you’re unlikely to have the same experience with a metal wallet.

However, that doesn’t mean all metal wallets are great.

Not all metal wallets are built to last as long, and some are much more resistant to rusting and weather-related damage than others.

While most metal wallets offer RFID-blocking which can protect your card information, check on the product page that it is indeed the case before you buy.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most popular metals used in minimalist wallets.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium is by far the most common metal used to make metal wallets, as shown by the ultra popular Ridge Slim wallet which features a military-grade aluminium design.

The main reason why aluminium is such a good choice for metal wallets is because of its ability to effectively protect your cards through RFID-blocking.

This is a metal which has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of having your card details stolen electronically.

This is of course very reassuring to know, especially when you have up to 12 of your personal cards on you at any one time.

Aluminium is also a very durable yet lightweight metal, which makes it perfect for providing just enough protection for your cards without weighing you down and making you feel like you have a large ingot of metal in your pocket. 

  • Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is another popular choice for metal wallets, and is used in our runner up pick by SHEVROV.

When combined with other metals such as aluminium, carbon fiber can make the wallet more comfortable to hold.

It’s also resistant to corrosion, which should ensure the wallet doesn’t fall prey to environmental damage or rust over time.

  • Titanium

Titanium is a metal used by some wallet manufacturers given that it is an incredibly strong and robust material that should ensure the wallet stays in great shape regardless of how many times you may drop it.

Aside from that, titanium stands up well to corrosion, and is a high quality metal that can make for a premium-looking finish.

  • Stainless Steel

Finally, you can find some metal wallets which are made from stainless steel, although these are generally less common.

The number one reason a wallet manufacturer might opt for stainless steel is for its strength and cleanliness.

This is a metal that stands up well in the face of just about anything, which makes sense given its popularity for messy kitchen appliances such as blenders.

Storage Space 

Once you’ve determined which metal is best for your wallet, it’s time to consider how much storage space you’re going to need and/or what storage options will be easiest for you to use. 

As strange as it might sound, one of the more common issues with metal wallets is getting out your cards smoothly.

As a result, the easier it is to do so the better, since you don’t want to bend your cards at all.

  • Cards

The alternative name often given to metal wallets is card holders, due to their slim designs which are highly suited to only carrying cards.

So, you need to think about how many cards you would want on you at any given time.

This includes not only credit or debit cards, but loyalty cards, business cards, and anything else you might want as part of your everyday carry.

Many metal wallets like the Ridge Slim offer space for up to 12 cards, but not every wallet can fit 12 cards comfortably.

It’s worth checking the user reviews to see what people have to say about how easy it is to insert and remove cards from the wallet to get a clear idea of what to expect.

You should also consider what system you prefer.

Would you prefer an accordion-like opening as seen with the Goldenvaluable wallet set?

Or are you a fan of the slim design of wallets like the Ridge Slim?

  • Cash

While cash isn’t a priority for many metal wallet users, it can be necessary sometimes so if you think you’ll need some then make sure the wallet caters to that.

Many metal wallets will have some form of cash clip, but think about what the best placement would be for you.

Also, think about how many bills you want to be able to carry.

While this may sound tedious, with a minimalist wallet space is at a premium so you have to carefully consider what you’re going to carry in it.

The more specific you’re able to be with regards to the number of cards and bills you want to carry with you on a daily basis, the easier it will be to find the perfect metal wallet for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Wallets

Are metal wallets good?

The short answer is yes, metal wallets provide a secure way to store your cards without taking up much space at all.

The main reason to invest in a metal wallet is convenience. This is a wallet that saves space in your pocket, has room for all of your cards, and is built to last a lifetime.

If you’re interested in minimalism or finding a more compact solution to storing your cash and cards, then you can’t go wrong with a metal wallet.

Is the Ridge wallet worth the money?

In our view, yes, the Ridge wallet is absolutely worth the money.

It’s easy to dismiss the Ridge Slim for its high price tag, especially when compared with similar metal wallets, but none come close to the quality construction and features that it offers.

With the Ridge Slim you get a robust and reliable way to store as many as 12 cards at a time, as well as RFID blocking, military-grade construction, and an integrated money clip.

What is the best Metal wallet for men?

While it will depend on your budget and preferences, we strongly recommend the Ridge Slim wallet.

Although it’s at the premium end as far as metal wallets go, it’s 100% worth the investment, since it should last you anywhere up to a lifetime.

The lifetime guarantee from Ridge ensures that you’ll never need another wallet, and the features make it one of the best minimalist wallets period.

Will any metal block RFID?

Generally-speaking, most metals will block RFID to some extent, however some are much more effective than others.

If you want a really effective RFID-blocking metal you’ll need to ensure it has a high permeability and is malleable.

One of the most popular RFID-blocking metals used for metal wallets is aluminium.

The Final Word From The Trending Man

If you’re considering investing in your first ever metal wallet, then this can be a fun and rewarding experience as you move towards a more minimalist everyday carry.

However, don’t let a poorly informed decision ruin the party.

Make sure you take the time to consider what you need from a metal wallet, and how much you’re willing to invest in your shiny new card holder.

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