Best Men’s Fashion Instagram Accounts in 2024


Is your fashion sense non-existent? Do you dread picking your next outfit? Don’t worry, many people like you and I have the same problem. It can be hard to wear the perfect outfit in a world where there are many fashion dos and don’ts.

Fortunately, in this day and age, you can get inspiration from people who eat, breathe and sleep fashion. These people are called fashion influencers. They use social media like Instagram to post style-related content through photos and videos to inform and engage their followers. These people often come from different fields including actors, designers, models, or even just average Joes. 

Here are the top accounts you can follow to stay updated on the latest fashion styles and tips. 

Tommy Ton (@tommyton)

Founder of website Jak and Jil, Tommy Ton is one of the most unique fashion influencers you can find in the game. Aside from being a photographer, he is also a flourishing fashion designer. 

Tommy first got into fashion when he was 13 after taping a television show that featured Tom Ford. Shooting street-style photographs was how he entered that world. “I never anticipated becoming a photographer, but it was just kind of a way for me to socialize and meet people,” he said.

Tired of taking head-to-toe photographs which is the norm for documenting street style, Tommy started taking candid photographs. He favored landscape-oriented rather than portrait-oriented photographs and focused on the details of the outfit, such as contrasting patterns of the lining of the coat, or intricate details of the heels, rather than the whole ensemble. Meanwhile, the clothes you will find in his feed are sleek, understated, and for the most part, come in muted colors.

Mads Keilberg (@scandinaviancloset)

A menswear enthusiast from Denmark, Copenhagen, Mads Keilberg is more into the minimalist movement. He walks around the streets of Copenhagen and observes people’s sense of style, drawing inspiration from everywhere and borrowing basic elements for the outfits he puts together on his personal feed.

He is big on pastel shades and subtly contrasting colors that please the eye. He also favors statement accessories like a plain wristwatch, black sunglasses, and beanies.

If you are in need of some help when it comes to getting dressed quickly in the morning, look no further than Mads’ feed for characteristically minimal Scandi outfits, presented in easily digestible flat lays.

David Gandy (@davidgandy_official)

Best known for his work with Dolce & Gabbana fragrance advertisements, David Gandy is the world’s most recognizable male model.

It all started at the age of 21 when his friends entered him into a modeling competition on a popular British daytime TV show. David won it and that landed him a Select Models contract. He then spent five years working well but in relative anonymity. That all changed when he became the muse for Dolce & Gabbana, who cast him in the notorious Light Blue perfume ad. After that, Gandy-fever officially struck, and more than 15 years later, it still hasn’t waned.

As a bit of a loner, he has always gone against the grain in terms of fashion. David has modeled for high fashion brands that set trends trickling down to fast fashion brands. Even in the early days, Gandy bucked the trend, resisting the call to conform to a skinny, high-fashion male silhouette popularized by the likes of Prada and Dior Homme. His rise spoke to a generation of young men who found his masculine form inspirational. 

His feed nowadays mostly features his love of cars, editorial photoshoots, behind the scenes content from his modeling campaigns, his dogs, and of course, his impeccable style.

Kevin Iman (@kvnimn)

Another minimalist menswear influencer and photographer to look out for is Kevin Iman. His feed is a paradise for aesthetics, featuring fashion that is clean, simple, and sharp. He consciously chooses neutral colors as they go with different combinations of clothes and looks at his outfits not as purchases, but as an investment that will last for a long time. 

He is often sponsored by fashion brands like Dior and some local ones as well. Kevin has a keen interest in fashion from the 70s and tries to incorporate vintage elements into his ensembles every chance he gets. His usual staples are beanies, winter coats, sweaters, and pants.

Men With Class (@menwithclass) 

The fastest-growing Instagram account on men’s style, Men with Class, is a collection of dapper gentlemen with classy outfits. Photos are taken in portrait orientation from the neck down since the focus is strictly on the outfits. The diversity of styles being shown makes this Instagram account an essential style inspiration to keep an eye on. 

If you want to learn to look sharp, this account should always be in your feed. The fashion inspirations are straightforward, easy to follow and the outfits will inspire you to dress better. The ensembles are more on the dressier side, with items such as coats, collared shirts, and slim-fit pants. 

More than five million people keep up to date with this account.

Sean O’Pry (@seanopry55)

One of the world’s most successful models, Sean O’Pry, has landed campaigns for both high and fast fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier, DKNY, Lacoste, Versace, H&M, Zara, and Gap. Evidently, his versatile style follows. He can pull up in a fancy tuxedo or even just a shirt with sleeves rolled up. 

Sean’s feed may evoke more high fashion but he tones it down with a cute accessory, his Golden Retriever, Tallulah. For a more casual style, his staples are sweaters, leather jackets, and t-shirts. 

Sean has almost 700,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Zak Maoui (@zakmaoui)

Style editor of British GQ Magazine, Zak Maoui, mainly covers fashion, grooming, and wellness, with work in both print and online. Zak has also interviewed a breadth of personalities and talents, from fashion’s finest such as Kris Van Assche, Kim Jones, Daniel W. Fletcher, and Christian Dior’s esteemed director of make-up, Peter Philips. He also interviewed celebrities like Troye Sivan, John Legend, Anthony Joshua, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chris Hemsworth.

When it comes to personal style, Zak’s fashion is eclectic, borrowing inspiration from the 90s era with oversized sweaters and jeans, dad shoes, and high socks. He combines this with athleisure and streetwear to express a distinct and fun personal style.

Justin Livingston (@justinliv)

A top Instagram influencer and men’s fashion blogger, Justin Livingston, enlightens the internet with personality and style. His New York-based blog ScoutSixteen.com and @justinliv Instagram page with over 200 thousand followers, showcase Justin’s consummate and diverse fashion sense. He mixes the rustic with the classic, in a beautifully photographed collection that also includes enticing food and travel imagery. 

Justin’s style has evolved, having moved from Mississippi to New York, but nevertheless staying true to his roots. He still tries to dress for the weekend every day but a bit more polished compared to his old ways of wearing overalls paired with dirty Levi’s shorts.

His staples are Converse sneakers. Nowadays, besides his stylish attires, his feed is filled with him showcasing his fit body in sleeveless undershirts.

Men’s Fashion (@menfashion)

Men’s Fashion is a great guide to men’s fashion, luxury, and lifestyle. You’ll find out what’s hot in fashion and other departments with a simple swipe on your phone.

The style of the feed can range from casual, street, or formal. Subjects range from actors, models, and your usual stylish men who are shot in a lifestyle setting with versatile outfits. The subjects can wear full suits, sweaters, t-shirts, or leather jackets. Aside from fashion and style, car enthusiasts will also enjoy the feed, which features luxury sports cars from time to time.

Stefano Tratto (@stefanotratto)

Instagram fashion influencer and model, Stefano Tratto, has built a massive fashion and lifestyle empire on Instagram, which all started as a joke. One of his friends signed him up on Instagram after he left his phone on the table in a cafe. He first posted for fun, but more and more people got interested in his lifestyle, and because of this, he has taken his influencer status more seriously.

Having worked with international brands such as Nike, RayBan, and Boohoo Man, Stefano expresses his love for high-fashion on his Instagram where he also posts about his love for food and travel.

Stefano describes his style as modern, street, rock, and sometimes urban chic. He makes use of neutral colors with black and white as his favorites. You’ll also notice that he likes mixing and matching leather jackets, sweaters, fitted pants, and his favorite accessory is his shades. 

He currently has more than a million followers.

Marcel Floruss (@marcelfloruss)

Named in the 2020 “Forbes 30 Under 30” list, Marcel Floruss is one of today’s most influential menswear bloggers. Since moving to New York from Germany to study fashion, he has walked the runway of Dolce and Gabbana, amassed almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, and recently launched a men’s shoe label, Ankari Floruss. He also founded the fashion blog One Dapper Street, which aims to teach men to not only dress better but to discover their own unique styles. 

Marcel’s style is versatile. It might be cliche but according to him, it is most fitting. He can wear a suit one day, then a biker jacket and ripped jeans the next. The reason for the name of his blog, One Dapper Street, is that he wishes to reflect the versatility of his outfits from dapper all the way to streetwear. Aside from fashion, his blog and feed also feature lifestyle content like home, travel, and fitness photos.

Blake Scott (@blakescott_)

An early adopter of Instagram in its humble pre-Facebook days, Blake Scott emerged as one of the first men to chronicle his wardrobe seriously at a time when there were only a few who did it. His girlfriend back then was behind the camera taking his pictures, and it was just as simple as taking a photo and writing a short description.

Having no formal background in fashion, Blake’s style is still impressive yet relatable. What you see him wear is probably what you want your boyfriend or dad to wear. He is usually seen in suits, denim shirts, and jackets, together with formal and casual footwear. He also posts photos of himself together with cars and classic motorcycles.

He currently has more than half a million followers.

Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio)

Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian blogger, fashion designer, and actor. He has been a brand ambassador for Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Calvin Klein. He also launched his line of jewels called MDV Jewels and a collection of shoes, namely MDV Shoes, and his Eyewear collection called MDV Eyewear.

Being a family man, Mariano’s fashion sense is more casual with a dash of his stylish background as a designer. His feed is filled with lifestyle photos of work and family. Action shots are included as well to feature his active lifestyle. Mariano is also a fan of dirt bikes and motocross.

@marianodivaio Instagram has a whopping 6.3 million followers.

Pharrell Williams (@pharrell)

Hip-hop artist, music producer, and co-founder of A Bathing Ape or more commonly known as BAPE, Pharrell Williams is a major lifestyle and fashion influencer. Just like his music, Pharrell constantly pushes boundaries in style, never afraid to dabble with womenswear and feminine looks, famously toting Birkin bags around town. He can be seen on red carpets looking sharp, wearing full suits plus a Chanel beanie for good measure.

Pharrell is more popular for streetwear, especially BAPE, and this has reflected on his feed. Colorful sneakers and sweaters adorn his Instagram together with modern art pieces. His style has also come a long way. He started from hip-hop oversized shirts and baggy pants to being on the forefront of streetwear, combining dapper looks with street influences.

Pharrell’s Instagram currently has more than 12 million followers.

Mathias Le Fèvre (@mathiaslefevre)

A self-professed classic menswear enthusiast, Mathias le Fèvre is a style influencer from Denmark who has a keen eye for detail, style, and tailoring. He now shares his passion for the finer things in life with his 147,000  Instagram followers, as well as on his fashion and lifestyle blog.

Being an avid sartorialist, Mathias is big on suits, be it two or three-piece, double or single-breasted ones. For footwear, he prefers Oxfords over brogues and monk straps. He is a big fan of the 70s and 80s musicians and tries to channel them by dressing up in suits. He also makes these fits look effortlessly cool while still giving off rock and roll.

His feed’s style exudes a formal, retro vibe, and suits with shoulder pads are an example of this. Shirts with well-fitted sweaters are also his go-to staples. His favorite accessories are classic watches which also adorn his feed from time to time. What we love about him is that he doesn’t hold back when it comes to wearing his retro tailored pieces.

Best Men Street Style Instagram. 

 Street Style Gents (@streetstylegents)

Street Style Gents is your usual Instagram feed with varying styles of men in casual or dressy attire. Most photos are in portrait with subjects mostly standing or sometimes sitting down. Some photos feature lifestyle shots as well. 

This feed is for you if you’re more on the muscular side. Beware though if you’re not a fan of extremely tight pants as some outfits already tread on the legs and private parts bulging. This page can be your basic style and body inspiration if that’s your thing. 

Men With Street Style (@menwithstreetstyle)

Bordering more on the casual side, Men with Street Style features style portraits from the neck down. The account is the casual counterpart of the more formal, Men with Class Instagram. A social directory for fashion editors, the team posts pictures of the best-dressed men spotted around town. Most outfit choices cater to younger followers with items such as sneakers, oversized sweaters, and ripped jeans.

The subjects are usually shown walking down the street or standing up with one hand in their pockets. Sometimes, cars are featured in the background as well. This account is a great source for casual wear and street fashion. So when you need quick inspiration on what to wear for a night out with your buddies, we recommend you to check them out.  

The account is booming with four million followers as of the moment. 

Bryan Grey Yambao (@bryanboycom)

Bryan Grey Yambao, more popularly known as Bryanboy,  is a celebrity fashion and style blogger widely recognized for penning one of the most influential blogs within the fashion industry. He is a former developer who started blogging at home.

Calling Burberry’s most recent collection a “Glammed up sausage casing”, Bryan is the type who doesn’t mince words when critiquing new releases of fashion lines or fashion shows. He tells it how he sees it, and that shows how much he means business when it comes to fashion.

His style is heavily influenced by the different fashion weeks he attends around the world. He has his gray Prada double-breasted coat and underneath, a black Uniqlo sweater. He pairs them up with his favorite Neil Barrett pants and places them gingerly next to a steel gray Hermes Birkin bag, a prized recent acquisition. His style is street mixed with luxury, two very different worlds that seemingly work in his favor.

The Sartorialist (@thesartorialist)

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman is a look into the heart and style of New York. Scott was early to both blogging and street-style photography, and his work is about fashion’s relationship with daily life.

Sometimes that meant posed photos of sharply dressed folks. Other days, it meant simple, candid shots of naturally stylish New Yorkers going about their everyday lives. Either way, The Sartorialist managed to capture the attention of the fashion world at large.

The style on his feed ranges from basic, eccentric, and high fashion. It never gets boring as there is always something for everyone. Be it a waiter in a tux, a lady with a shirt and tie, or someone butt-naked in the shower, The Sartorialist always finds a way to keep NYC life interesting. It’s just like people-watching through the lens of fashion on Instagram. 

Best of Street Style (@bestofstreetstyled)

Best of Street Style calls itself the daily review of top men street style fashion blog. The account features portrait-oriented photos with men donning street-inspired outfits. 

Heavy on casual wear, style staples of this account include oversized sweaters or jackets paired up with sneakers and sometimes, luxury bags or man purses. From time to time, they also feature subjects in athleisure wear mixed together with street style.

Although this account has men as subjects, women can also take inspiration from it for more masculine or androgynous styles and outfits. Style is encompassing, right? This account can also be your style inspiration for the weekend when going out with friends.

Best Men Formal Style Instagram. 

Curtis Newkirk (@curtisanewkirk)

Do a quick Google search on Curtis Newkirk and two things instantly show up, neckties and mountain bikes. Nowadays, Curtis’ feed shows mostly trail rides using his bike. Although from time to time, photos of his outfits pop up on his account.

His Instagram doesn’t look like an account dedicated to formal fashion and we think that works to his advantage, as he made formal wear accessible to normal people.

One of his most famous takes on fashion is how he wears his tie. He wears his tie long, allowing it to fall well below his beltline. Style etiquette says that your tie’s point should either reach or be just above your belt-buckle or beltline. He also ties his tie so that the thinner back blade is longer than the wider front blade. To further offend the fashion police, he wears the two tie sections apart to give a sense of looseness. And it works!

Brian Chan (@bchanism)

San Francisco-based Brian Chan’s Instagram, @bchanism, looks like he means business. Crisp and sharp, his feed features all his clothing in the best way possible. A Visual Manager at Unionmade, he really knows how to keep his visual game up.

His feed’s stylish staples are suits, pants, and loafers. He sometimes mixes and matches them with colorful polos to showcase his playful side. Aside from these, he also gives style tips in his short IG videos, which are very convenient and helpful in leveling up our day-to-day looks.

Brian’s style is very classy, yet it can be muted and playful at the same time. He makes sure to incorporate fun elements into his dapper outfits such as the use of casual sneakers to balance the dressiness of his attire. He knows how to make his style sharp while still being approachable.

Permanent Style (@permanentstylelondon)

Permanent Style is a global authority on classic and luxury menswear. Simon Crompton, the man behind Permanent Style, effortlessly shows style and substance in his blog and Instagram, @permanentstylelondon. 

Simon’s background and his unique access to industry figures have enabled him to assess everything from the best tailors to luxury retail brands, giving followers unbiased reports and in-depth analysis.

His style is simple, using basic staples with neutral colors for a timeless and elegant look. His feed is filled with bespoke and tailored clothing to express a sense of craftsmanship and he can easily combine formalwear and comfortable clothes seamlessly. An example of this is pairing a formal suit and shirt together with loose-fitting pants. This enables him to look both stylish and cozy at the same time.

Darren Kennedy (@darrenkennedyofficial)

TV presenter, style entrepreneur, and Kennedy & Co. skincare founder, Darren Kennedy, is a fashion and lifestyle influencer, and a regular at London Fashion Week. Darren is also a popular style writer and contributor to several magazines.

Darren’s style is a mix of formal and casual outfits with a dash of color, making his look playful. His clothes are always well-fitted, which enables him to accentuate his assets. Shades and glasses are his staple accessories which make him appear more sophisticated and sleek. 

He also believes that skincare is essential, and that’s the reason why he launched his own skincare line, Kennedy & Co. He for sure knows that one of the best fashion accessories you can have is good skin.

Giampaolo Alliata (@giampaolo_alliata)

Giampaolo Alliata is the dapper old man who seems to age like fine wine. His fashion sense is just timeless. His style rules are simple, suits, suits, and more suits! He loves monochromatic colors and uses suspenders in a way that makes him look sophisticated. He also knows when and how to wear unconventional colors for men such as pink.

There are none of those Air Monarchs, a.k.a. dad shoes in his feed because he’s all about looking classy and stylish. Although there are very rare occasions that you’ll catch him don a sweater, jeans, and sneakers, which is like winning the lottery. But still, he rocks them like no other!

Frequently Asked Question about Best Men’s Fashion Instagram

Who are the top Instagram fashion influencers?

Some of the top Instagram influencers include actor and photographer Cole Sprouse, style icon Chiarra Ferragni, fashion designer Camila Coelho, and reality TV show-turned designer Lauren Conrad, among others. These influencers have millions of followers on their social media accounts.

Who is Instagram’s most famous influencer?

The top influencer on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo, the most notable football player. He also has multiple sponsorships and collaborations with companies such as Nike and EA Sports. He currently has 298 million followers on his Instagram.

How do I make my fashion popular on Instagram?

If you want your fashion to get noticed on Instagram, you’ll have to spend a lot of time on social media in order to get traction. You can work with other influencers, sell items, or give updates through the Stories feature. You should also use the right hashtags to attract specific audiences looking for the content you provide. This way, you are active, and people will find you easier simply through the right social media exposure. 

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Social media has greatly influenced modern fashion and style standards. Back then, it used to be top designers, brands, and models who hold power over the next trend. Nowadays, anyone can start a fashion trend and be inspired by the limitless content the internet can provide. 

As we all know, fashion is constantly changing, so we made this to serve as a guide for style inspiration for men. So, take note of these influencers, and you may just be the next one on the list! 

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