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Best Men’s Body Groomer

Best of the Best
Philips Bodygroom Series 7000
Runner Up
Panasonic Electric Body Groomer
Best on a Budget
Remington PG6025
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Showerproof Body & Manscaping Trimmer & Shaver with case and replacement head for above and below the belt, BG7040/42
Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer for Men, Cordless Waterproof Design, V-Shaped Trimmer Head with 3 Comb Attachments for Gentle, Full Body Grooming, ER-GK60-S (Silver)
Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit, Lithium Powered, 8 Piece Set with Trimmer, Men's Shaver, Clippers, Beard and Stubble Combs, Black
Best of the Best
Philips Bodygroom Series 7000
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Showerproof Body & Manscaping Trimmer & Shaver with case and replacement head for above and below the belt, BG7040/42
Runner Up
Panasonic Electric Body Groomer
Panasonic Body Hair Trimmer for Men, Cordless Waterproof Design, V-Shaped Trimmer Head with 3 Comb Attachments for Gentle, Full Body Grooming, ER-GK60-S (Silver)
Best on a Budget
Remington PG6025
Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit, Lithium Powered, 8 Piece Set with Trimmer, Men's Shaver, Clippers, Beard and Stubble Combs, Black

Today we’re reviewing the best men’s body groomer.

The body groomer, which can also double up as a manscaper, is intended to keep you looking your best from head to toe.

If you need help controlling your body hair, there are few better gadgets to help you do so than the body groomer.

With one, you’ll be able to stay on top of your appearance and keep your body hair at the length you prefer with minimal fuss.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s body groomer. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Philips Bodygroom Series 7000
10,166 Reviews
Philips Bodygroom Series 7000
The Philips Bodygroom Series 7000 is an excellent option for anyone who wants a device that can be both a shaver and trimmer, and do a great job of both. The cordless, showerproof, and ergonomic design makes this a comfortable device to use, and the shaving features put it head and shoulders above the competition.

Our Other Picks for Best Body Groomer for Men

  • Best of the Best: Philips Bodygroom Series 7000 B07H3CKT12
  • Runner Up: Panasonic Electric Body Groomer B0741BYXK5
  • Best on a Budget: Remington PG6025 B00H2B4H2M

Best Men’s Body Groomer Reviews

Philips Bodygroom Series 7000 (👑 Best of the Best)

In our view, the best men’s body groomer is the Philips Series 7000, which belongs to the top brand’s Bodygroom series.

If you’re looking for a quality shave, regardless of whether it’s facial hair or back hair you’re trying to tackle, Philips is a reliable brand you can turn to. It’s one of the most highly-rated brands in the world of male grooming, so chances are it knows a thing or two about what makes a good razor. And sure enough, the Bodygroom 7000 from Philips shines as the best body groomer out there, which the thousands of satisfied customers who left glowing reviews would attest to.

This stainless steel blade body groomer features a unique dual-sided design, which allows the user to shave or trim any length of hair, no matter where it is on the body. This device is essentially a 2-in-1 groomer and trimmer, which makes it perfect for tackling both coarse hair and fine hair and addressing hair on any part of the body. This innovative approach pays dividends for the top male grooming brand, as its convenience and ease of use make it hugely popular among those who have spent time using it and swear by it now. Even in areas where the skin is sensitive, the blades of this device are subtle enough to get the job done without causing irritation or redness on the skin.

What’s more, this body groomer has five adjustable lengths, so you can get an even length on hair all over your body, or even vary up the length depending on what you’re looking for. This tailor-made shave is improved even more with the inclusion of an ergonomic grip, which makes it comfortable to use the device in any position. You can also use the device for a wet or dry shave, so the possibilities are many. However you decide to shave, though, you are guaranteed a high level of precision and control due to the streamlined design and comfortable grip. This is coupled with the pivoting 4D contour shaver head that moves around and ensures the job is done thoroughly.

This Bodygroom 7000 from Philips is cordless and is operated using a powerful lithium battery. This battery should deliver up to 80 minutes of use after a single 1-hour charge, which should give you more than enough time to shave your body hair from head to toe if you need to. Plus, the device is 100% showerproof, which means you can go about your shave without needing to disrupt your daily grooming routine.


  •  4 directional pivoting head
  •  5 trim lengths 
  •  Dual-sided design
  •  Lithium-ion battery allows for 80 minutes of use on a single 1-hour charge
  •  100% showerproof
  •  Ergonomic grip
  •  Includes replacement shaver head and travel case

Panasonic Electric Body Groomer (🥈 Runner Up)

The Panasonic electric body groomer and trimmer is a solid alternative to the Philips model and has also been made to a very high standard.

While Panasonic is known more for its electronics such as TVs, its foray into the world of male grooming has paid great dividends for the top brand, as it has produced one of the best male groomers on the market. This device from the brand looks sleek and stylish – a body groomer that anyone would be proud to own. The appealing look of the groomer is largely down to its silver, stainless steel design, which looks strikingly minimalist and pleasing on the eye.

This body groomer uses gentle wide edge blades to ensure comfort for the user during use, and minimal irritation, especially while tackling more sensitive areas such as the underarms and chest. The blades are also hypoallergenic, so you shouldn’t have any issues with allergies even if certain metals cause a reaction for you. Plus, these blades have rounded edges, which makes them more forgiving, something which you’ll appreciate once you get round to shaving the groin area.

The contoured V shape body groomer head makes it easy to get to those hard-to-reach patches of body hair, and the slim yet solid handle makes it easy to control the device as it glides over the skin and frees you of your unwanted hair. There are three different trimmer attachments that come included with this device from Panasonic, so you can get various levels of precision depending on what type of shave you are looking for. You can also do both wet and dry shaves, and the body groomer is showerproof which makes it easy to use as part of your daily grooming routine. You can use this device wherever you are since it’s cordless and a full charge will provide 40 minutes of use.


  •  Rounded wide-edge hypoallergenic blades 
  •  Showerproof
  •  V-shaped trimmer head
  •  3 trimmer attachments 
  •  Includes charging stand
Panasonic Electric Body Groomer
5,837 Reviews
Panasonic Electric Body Groomer
Panasonic’s body groomer is a solid attempt at providing a close and comfortable all-body shave, and it has several features that make it worth considering.

Remington PG6025 (💸 Best on a Budget)

If you aren’t willing to spend much money on a body groomer, but you still want to stay on top of your body hair, the Remington PG6025 is here to save the day.

This device from Remington proves that it’s possible to get a great shave for all body hair without needing to spend a lot of money. A brand known for its high-quality male grooming devices, Remington has created an excellent budget-friendly body groomer with the PG6025, and its status as an Amazon’s Choice product with thousands of positive reviews can back this up. While it isn’t specifically marketed as a body groomer, the PG6025 is more than capable of taking care of hair all over the body, as many of its past customers will confirm.

The black body groomer is made from stainless steel and comes with eight pieces to make a complete body shaving kit. There are 14 different length and style settings, so you can achieve the kind of precision you’re looking for with minimal fuss. This is always important with any body groomer, since it’s likely that you aren’t looking to treat all the hair on your body the same way. These many settings come from just three attachment heads, three snap-on combs, and an adjustable comb. All of these options will help you look your best wherever you are. The attachments include a detail shaver for the neck and jawline, a nose and ear hair trimmer for those delicate areas, and a beard and stubble comb.

With the cordless design powered by lithium batteries, you can expect up to 65 minutes of use on a single charge. This should be more than enough time to get through your shaving routine. Plus, the travel pouch that the kit includes will make it easy to bring this shaver with you when you’re on the road and need a quick fix. The washable attachments are easily cleaned, too, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time on the clean-up after you’re finished shaving.


  •  Cordless
  •  65 minutes battery life
  •  Self-sharpening steel blades
  •  Washable attachments
  •  14 length and style settings
Remington PG6025
46,486 Reviews
Remington PG6025
The Remington PG6025 is an excellent budget-friendly option if you don’t mind using a traditional shaver for more than a single use. Many customers rate this device highly, and claim that it works as well for hair in the groin area as it does for facial hair.

Ultimate Guide

To get the perfect body groomer for you, there are various factors to take into consideration.

The last thing you want to do is invest in a body groomer that doesn’t live up to your expectations, so it’s best to get clear on what you want from the outset.

Before we dive into the specifics, though, and what features you might like, we’re going to outline the main reasons for investing in a body groomer so you can make sure it’s something you need.

Why use a body groomer?

This is a good question and one that you should ask yourself before you part with your hard-earned cash.

After all, can’t we just use our normal shavers and trimmers to take care of hair all over the body? Why do we need to buy yet another shaving device?

Well, the majority of beard trimmers include small detailing attachments that are meant to take care of facial hair, and facial hair alone.

The kind of hair that grows out of your ear and nose isn’t the same as that patch of underarm hair or groin hair.

As a result, you’ll need a device that is designed to more broadly tackle body hair, and this is where the body groomer comes in.

A body groomer will come with attachments that are designed to glide over the skin gently and work well even on sensitive areas such as the underarm and chest.

This is ideal if you don’t want all of your body hair to be the exact same length, as you can swap out the various attachments and change the settings to get the hair length you want for each part of the body.

While this may mean that body groomers offer less precision than beard trimmers due to the wider heads, it gives you more options when it comes to how you want your body hair to look.


Now to get into the main factors that should influence your purchase decision, let’s talk about the best features to have with a body groomer.

Generally speaking the best features will be those which help you achieve a close and comfortable shave, and highlight convenience.

Though what is comfortable and convenient for you might not be to somebody else, so again, it’s worth taking the time to consider what it is you prefer before getting too invested.


For a body groomer to seamlessly integrate into your daily grooming routine, it ideally needs to be showerproof.

If the device is showerproof, then you are free to shave your body hair while you take a morning shower, which will minimize the need for clean-up once you’re done.

Honestly, having a body groomer that is showerproof can be essential for those with a significant amount of body hair, since where else would you feel comfortable doing it?

Battery Life

Given that the majority of body groomers are cordless to give you the most control as you shave your body, battery life is a big deal.

If you don’t have enough battery life to comfortably shave your entire body in one session, then you are only going to get frustrated and wish you had bought one with more.

The battery life you need will largely depend on how long you think it will take you to shave your body from head to toe, if that’s what you intend to do.

This will be affected by your stature, as well as how much body hair you have, so take that information into account when you make an estimate.

The best body groomers such as our top pick from Philips offer up a significant 65 minutes of battery life after a single 1-hour charge, so that’s a good benchmark to compare against as you shop around.


The attachments of a body groomer can make or break it since they can to a large extent determine its versatility.

If you want to be able to do as much as possible with your body groomer, then find the devices with the most attachments.

Otherwise, figure out which attachments you could benefit most from, and just make sure you get those with your body groomer.


The design of a body groomer is just as important as its features, if not more.

The design can be broken down into various parts, so here we’ll split it up into the blade and the grip.


The blade of a body groomer will make a huge impact on its effectiveness and how comfortable it is to use.

While some brands like Panasonic take the approach of accommodating to sensitive skin with hypoallergenic and rounded blades, others, like Philips, go for a multifunctional approach.

The Bodygroom Series 7000 from Philips is interesting because it incorporates a dual-sided blade in the design, which means you can get a different kind of shave or trim depending on which side you use.

Yet there are more factors that affect the effectiveness of a blade, including the head.

Whereas some body groomers will adopt a pivoting head that moves in multiple directions, others will use a V-shape for the head to facilitate more control and precision.

Attachments are also important for the blade as they can modify its purpose and make it more suitable for different types of body hair


As far as the grip of a body groomer goes, you’re going to want something that feels comfortable in the palm of your hand and easy to manipulate and control.

Usually, this means you should look for a body groomer that claims to have an ergonomic grip, as this implies that it has been designed with user comfort in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Body Groomers

What is the difference between groomer and trimmer?

While they might look the same, there’s a big difference between body groomers and trimmers.

Body groomers are bigger than trimmers and come equipped with more attachments which makes them more suitable for all kinds of body hair.

You will also notice that body groomers are designed to deal with all hair, through attachments and design, whereas a trimmer is specifically intended for taking care of facial hair.

What is the best men’s body groomer?

The best men’s body groomer in our view is the Philips Bodygroom Series 7000.

The main reason for this is the innovative dual-sided design of the device which makes it easy to get the shave you want without needing to stop and switch to another trimmer.

This device is also noteworthy for its ergonomic grip, 4D pivoting head, and five different trim lengths.

What is the best shaver for pubic area?

In all honesty, all three of our picks for the best men’s body groomer are suitable for the pubic area.

The most important factor to consider here is having a blade that is easy on sensitive skin, and has various trim length settings.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

If you’re looking for an all-in-one hair removing tool that will clean up your look from head to toe, then what you need is a body groomer.

Be careful to take several factors into account before making your decision, such as the features of each device, and the battery life.

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