Best Burberry Cologne for Men in 2023: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Burberry Cologne for Men

Best of the Best
Burberry London for Men
Runner Up
Burberry Touch for Men
Best Everyday
Burberry Brit
Burberry London Eau De Toilette for Men, 1.7 Fl Oz
Burberry Touch Eau De Toilette for Men, 3.3 Fl Oz
Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette for Him, 3.3 Fl Oz
Best of the Best
Burberry London for Men
Burberry London Eau De Toilette for Men, 1.7 Fl Oz
Runner Up
Burberry Touch for Men
Burberry Touch Eau De Toilette for Men, 3.3 Fl Oz
Best Everyday
Burberry Brit
Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette for Him, 3.3 Fl Oz

Burberry is a high-end British fashion brand which produces all kinds of fashion-related products.

It also has an extensive range of men’s colognes, many of them with British-themed names like Brit and London.

The colognes Burberry produces, much like its other products, are considered to be luxury items.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s styling products for thinning hair. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Burberry London for Men
3,061 Reviews
Burberry London for Men
Burberry London for men is a sophisticated cologne which provides plenty of twists and turns for the classic gentleman. The perfect cologne for the modern and traditional man alike.

Our Other Picks for Best Burberry Cologne

Best Burberry Cologne Reviews

Burberry London for Men (👑 Best of the Best)

Named after the buzzing capital of England, this cologne captures the spirit of the city with a lively yet simultaneously familiar scent. In our view, London for men is the best Burberry cologne, for a few reasons.

First coming to market in 2006, London for men has been a popular men’s cologne from Burberry for a while now, and this is part of its charm. The timeless, classic masculine fragrance is usually a hit with most men, and this Burberry cologne hits the nail on the head. It’s the quintessential British gentleman that comes to mind when you wear this cologne, suave yet ready to act, think along the lines of James Bond. 

What’s striking about London for men is that it starts out with a pleasant combination of sweet and spicy, which should tantalise and awaken the sense of smell. This is followed up by a hearty body with typical masculine scents, and finished off with an even richer dose of the masculine essence and woody aromas. Even the bottle is well-considered, and is wrapped with the trademark Burberry style pattern.

The top note of this striking cologne is made with cinnamon, lavender, and bergamot. The spicy character of the cinnamon is contrasted with the silky smooth scent of the lavender. Then there’s a surprising kick of citrus which comes from the bergamot, just enough to delight the sense of smell and draw you in.

The middle note of London for men is made up largely of a leather and a mimosa scent. The leather is mostly responsible for giving this fragrance its rugged masculine essence, while the mimosa has a curious sweet cherry-like scent to balance it out. The mimosa lends some sensuality and smoothness to the otherwise rough leather scent, to make a perfectly poised fragrance.

The base note is made from tobacco leaf, opoponax, guaiac wood, and oakmoss. While you continue the masculine theme with the tobacco leaf, there’s also a rich woody character added by the other scents. There’s even a touch of smokiness which comes from the opoponax resin, to make for an overall complex profile.


  • Available in 1 fl oz, 1.7 fl oz, 3.4 fl oz
  • Top note: cinnamon, lavender, bergamot
  • Middle note: leather, mimosa
  • Base note: tobacco leaf, opoponax, guaiac wood, oakmoss

Burberry Touch for Men (🥈 Runner Up)

Burberry Touch for men is a top cologne with a fresh and invigorating aroma, perfect for everyday use.

This is a much loved men’s fragrance from the British brand which has a very clean and fresh scent that’s hard to dislike. That’s what makes it ideal for everyday use. Yet there’s also an elegance and sophistication to this cologne which won’t go unnoticed during a date or around your peers.

Burberry touch for men is a cologne that starts out with a spring-like blossoming of aromas, which include both citrus and floral notes. It then transforms into something much more complex, which is both spicy and smooth. The fragrance evens out with a delightfully rich yet subtle character.

The top note of this cologne is made up primarily from violet leaf, artemisia, and mandarin orange. If you’ve ever walked through a city with orange trees, like for example Seville in Spain, then you’ll know how intense and invigorating the aroma can be. This is what you are met with when you first apply this cologne, it’s as if you just had the faintest of whiffs of the citrus smell floating past in the wind. This is backed up by the light, floral character of violet leaf and artemisia.

The middle note of the fragrance introduces some excitement to keep your sense of smell guessing. There is a spicy kick that comes from multiple sources, which is complemented by a woody undertone. You have white pepper and nutmeg providing the warming spice that you associate with the winter holidays, and then the cedar which keeps things wonderfully balanced.

The base note of Burberry touch for men brings in a smooth quality to the body of the fragrance. White musk blends with vetiver and Tonya bean, for a smoky yet silky aroma which has just a hint of vanilla. The perfect way to end the cologne on a high note.


  • Available in 1 fl oz, 1.6 fl oz, 3.3 fl oz bottles
  • Top note: violet leaf, artemisia, mandarin orange
  • Middle note: white pepper, cedar, nutmeg
  • Base note: white musk, Tonya bean, vetiver
Burberry Touch for Men
5,833 Reviews
Burberry Touch for Men
Burberry Touch for men is all about smooth aromas with just a hint of spice, which is meant to represent your wild side.

Burberry Brit (🚶🏽‍♂️ Best Everyday Cologne)

Burberry Brit is a fantastic everyday cologne for men, so good in fact, that it won 2 awards a year after it was released.

If the fact that the cologne has won awards doesn’t convince you of how good a fragrance it is, then maybe the brand’s description of it might entice you. Burberry have previously described this particular cologne as the ‘perfect illustration of modern English spirit inwrought with tradition’. So if you’re looking to channel your inner English gentleman but with a modern twist, then this could be the perfect fragrance for you.

This cologne attempts to capture the essence of what it is to be an elegant English gentleman through a combination of masculine ingredients and experimental ones. This is all about mixing the old with the new, and Burberry pulled it off to perfection.

The first thing you’ll pick up with this cologne is a citrus-heavy aroma, which is enhanced with a range of spices. This makes for an invigorating opening to the fragrance, which should prepare you for the more classic body. After this initial impression begins to fade you’ll be met with a forest-like scent which combines herbal smells with woody notes, yet retains a hint of spiciness to capture the inner wild side. Then there’s a smooth, not so subtle, finish to proceedings which adds a complex character to the body of the cologne.

The top notes of this cologne are lively, and introduce the cologne with a bang. There’s the spicy notes of ginger and cardamom, which draw you in, and then an equally powerful hit of citrus through the green mandarin and bergamot. As far as strong openings go, this is very bold indeed.

The middle note calms things down a little, but not too much. Cedar provides a calming woody body to the fragrance, but nutmeg and other spicy notes ensure that the wild side of this cologne is still very much alive. Wild rose further contributes to this unpredictability, as well as providing some much needed floral character to the overall profile.

The base note is a soothing blend of vanilla-like tonka bean and cedar, combined with smoky gray musk, and rounded out with a hint of spice in the form of patchouli. At all stages of this cologne and every layer, you are met with equal parts classic and modern. You have smooth and elegant tones contrasted with warm spices throughout, which could be said to represent the evolution of the British gentleman into the modern era.


  • Available in 0.25 fl oz, 1.7 fl oz, 3.3 fl oz bottles
  • Top note: ginger, cardamom, green mandarin, bergamot
  • Middle note: wild rose, nutmeg, cedar, spicy notes
  • Base note: Tonka bean, cedar, gray musk, patchouli
  • Award winning
Burberry Brit
1,583 Reviews
Burberry Brit
Burberry Brit is our pick for the best everyday cologne from the British brand, given how it has won awards for its refined character. This is the cologne to wear if you’re looking to channel the classic British gentleman who’s adjusting to the modern era.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Burberry Cologne

There are a few things you’ll need to know before picking out the perfect Burberry cologne, such as what notes are and what some of the more popular scents are from the British brand.

What are Notes?

If you’ve ever read an article about perfume before, you’ll likely have come across the term notes quite frequently.

Notes are in fact the most important factor to consider when buying a fragrance, since they are what form the character of the cologne.

There are 3 notes to every cologne, and they are the top, middle, and base notes.

Each note kicks in at a different moment, and lasts for a different amount of time, although one of things which makes a perfume complex is that the aromas from different notes will overlap with each other.


The top note is responsible for the initial aroma of the cologne, so it’s often made up of fresh and exciting scents.

As you can imagine, it’s in the interest of the cologne brands that you get a good impression when you first smell their product, so this is the note that is more often than not striking in some way.

Oftentimes you’ll find citrus or spicy notes in the top note, as this draws the attention and opens you up to the body of the cologne.


The middle note of a cologne is the main body of the fragrance, and will blend with the top note to create a more complex aroma.

The scents here will vary wildly, with some opting for rich woody notes while others go in a more floral or herbal direction.


The base note lingers long on the body, and seeps into the skin to create a unique scent with your natural oils.

Base notes for men’s colognes are often woody, or have other scents with a typically masculine edge to them like tobacco or leather.

What does Burberry Cologne smell like?

Burberry cologne can’t be pigeonholed into one smell, and you’ll find that each of its products has its own distinct aroma.

However, there is one common strand that connects all of Burberry’s colognes.

The British brand is keen to instill the idea of the British gentleman through its cologne range, and so each one will focus on a specific British concept or ideal.

Whereas London for men offers up a vision of what the classic British gentleman aspires to smell like, Brit tackles a fusion of old and new with its take on the modern British men’s signature scent.

At the heart of each of Burberry’s colognes is a strong sense of British identity, and what it means to be an elegant gentleman, whether in classic or modern sense of the word.

Generally-speaking, Burberry tends to incorporate elements of both the modern and the classic British gentleman in its colognes through a mixture of age-old masculine scents and experimental ones.

The typical masculine scents that you’d expect from any cologne are present in many of Burberry’s fragrances. These include things like patchouli, tobacco leaf, and cedar or other woody notes.

Then you have the more experimental scents which often bring with them a spicy character. This includes nutmeg, pepper, and ginger. These ingredients are lively, and present the contrast between the classic way of doing things and the modern innovation and unpredictability.

This is present most in the Brit eau de toilette, which won 2 awards, and can be characterised by its commitment to blending old and new.

This particular cologne includes classics such as cedar and patchouli, with slightly unpredictable scents like cardamom, ginger, and wild rose.

As a result, you have a wonderfully rich fragrance that’s best suited to everyday use.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Burberry Cologne 

Which Burberry smells the best?

In our view, it’s a toss up between Burberry Brit and London for men, since both give a great account of themselves.

London for men is a great example of what a classic men’s cologne should smell like, and includes an array of traditionally masculine scents for a pleasant overall character.

Burberry Brit on the other hand takes some of this classic British masculine essence and combines it with the modern gentleman, and to great effect.

What does Burberry cologne smell like?

Burberry cologne is difficult to define, since Burberry Brit Rhythm smells different from Burberry Weekend, and Burberry London smells different from Burberry Brit.

Each cologne, while united by the brand and the general idea of what it means to be a refined British gentleman, has its own unique aroma.

As a result, it’s a good idea to try and find the one you like the look of in a department store, so that you can see (or smell) for yourself what it’s like.

Is Burberry Touch good?

Yes, we believe that Burberry Touch is an excellent cologne for men, and we like it so much that we’ve listed it as our runner up pick for best Burberry colognes.

What we like about Burberry Touch is how it blends citrus and spices very well, making for an invigorating aroma that can be enjoyed by all.

It had a very warm character throughout, and uses an array of spices to achieve this.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Burberry is a top British fashion brand that also produces some excellent colognes for men.

Its colognes attempt to capture the spirit of Britain, and what it means to be an elegant British gentleman, both in old and new times.

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