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Best Belts for Men

Best of the Best
Red Wing Heritage Leather Belt
Runner Up
Allen Edmonds Men’s Dress Belt
Best on a Budget
Bulliant Men’s Belt
Red Wing Heritage 1 1/2" Pioneer Leather Belt Hawthorne Muleskinner 40
Allen Edmonds mens Wide Basic Dress apparel belts, Chili, 30 Waist US
BULLIANT Men's Belt, Slide Ratchet Belt For Men Dress Pant Shirt Oxfords,trim To Fit
Best of the Best
Red Wing Heritage Leather Belt
Red Wing Heritage 1 1/2" Pioneer Leather Belt Hawthorne Muleskinner 40
Runner Up
Allen Edmonds Men’s Dress Belt
Allen Edmonds mens Wide Basic Dress apparel belts, Chili, 30 Waist US
Best on a Budget
Bulliant Men’s Belt
BULLIANT Men's Belt, Slide Ratchet Belt For Men Dress Pant Shirt Oxfords,trim To Fit

Today we’re sharing our top picks for the best belts for men.

When it comes to men’s fashion, it’s often thought that you need a killer dress shirt or an elegant pair of pants in order to come across well.

While this may be true, it’s easy to forget the importance of fashion accessories and what they can do to enhance a look.

It’s the small touches like a belt or watch that can really help set yourself apart from others and elevate your personal style.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s belts. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Red Wing Heritage Leather Belt
1 Reviews
Red Wing Heritage Leather Belt
This full grain leather belt from Red Wing is the king of leather belts, and offers both outstanding durability and elegant style to the wearer.

Our Other Picks for Best Best Belts for Men

Best Belts for Men Reviews

Red Wing Heritage Leather Belt (👑 Best of the Best)

We believe that when it comes to the best belts for men, real leather is the way to go. This sophisticated top grain heritage leather belt from Red Wing excels in this regard, and in our view it’s the best belt for men.

Think about it: men’s fashion is dominated by leather accessories, from the luxury wallet to the top grain belt. Leather oozes class and elegance, which makes it a highly sought after material in everything from men’s shoes to watches. A single authentic leather accessory can transform an average look into one which dazzles. It can help you go from looking like you are interested in fashion to looking like you know exactly what you’re doing and how to put an outfit together.

A belt may seem like a purely functional item for your wardrobe, but the truth is it can bring together an outfit like few other fashion accessories. This is even more so true when you have various color options, as is the case with this Red Wing heritage belt. While leather is traditionally brown or tan, and you do have this classic option with the heritage belt, you can also be adventurous and opt for the bold oro russet pioneer variation which is a deep crimson color. Or you can go the more traditional route and go for the black version of the belt, which pairs extremely well with most outfits. You can pick the color that pops and provides personality to an outfit, or the one which has been the most popular choice in men’s fashion for many years.

The belt itself is crafted from genuine full grain leather, and chrome tanned with a vegetable retainage for extra strength and durability. You can rely on Red Wing to come up with the goods when it comes to leather products, since it has been hand making high quality footwear ever since the company was founded more than 50 years ago. It’s the kind of leather which feels as authentic as it gets, because it is, and will adapt over time as any good leather should. It is made from untouched animal hides in order to preserve the coarse aesthetic and imperfections that make real leather stand out from imitations.

The Red Wing heritage belt is capped off with hand burnished leather edges and a solid brass buckle. The classic belt buckle is pleasing on the eye and allows for easy fastening. The leather used is thick too, around 1.5 inches to be precise, which means this belt is built to last too. If you believe that it’s worth investing in quality to avoid replacing a product every few years, then this is one of the smartest investments you can make as far as belts go.


  •  Full-grain chrome tanned leather
  •  Available in 5 colors
  •  Solid brass buckle
  •  Hand burnished leather edges
  •  1.5 inch thickness

Allen Edmonds Men’s Dress Belt (🥈 Runner Up)

If you’re in the market for a robust and stylish dress belt to wear to your next formal event, then this one from Allen Edmonds should be a strong contender.

We chose this belt as our runner up pick for the best belt because it’s a classic option that should go well with any formal attire. This is the kind of robust and reliable belt that will never let you down. It’s one which you’ll grow to love over time due to how well it works for formal wear. Honestly, it’s a belt that every man should have, as you really can’t go wrong with it. This is a classic men’s leather belt, and to reinforce this, you can buy it in the staple colors for men’s fashion ranging from shades of brown to black. Despite the fact it’s primarily intended to be used as a dress belt though, you could definitely pull off a refined smart casual look with this belt too. It can look just as good with a suit as it can with a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Allen Edmonds if you aren’t already aware is a footwear brand, just like Red Wing, which means it knows a thing or 2 about working with leather and getting the best out of it. It should come as no surprise that many of the best leather belts are made by shoe manufacturers, as men’s belts and footwear both shine in leather. Nothing quite beats a leather accessory or 2 to complete an outfit, be it a top pair of boots, a nice leather-strap watch, or a full grain leather belt like this one.

The belt is made from custom French burnished calfskin leather. The manufacturing process begins in France where it is tanned, and ends up in Italy where it’s finished up. If you want a belt that’s fashion-forward, then this is it. France and Italy both have excellent reputations when it comes to fashion, so you can expect the very best of craftsmanship as far as this leather belt is concerned. In addition to the calfskin leather design, the classic belt features a rectangular buckle and double keepers which caps off the aesthetic well.


  •  100% Italian burnished calfskin leather
  •  Rectangular brushed nickel buckle
  •  Available in 5 colors
  •  1 ⅜ inches wide
Allen Edmonds Men’s Dress Belt
204 Reviews
Allen Edmonds Men’s Dress Belt
This dress belt from Allen Edmonds is a classic leather belt which draws upon craftsmanship from 2 of the most fashion-forward countries in France and Italy. The refined design lends itself very well to formal wear, but can also elevate a more casual look too.

Bulliant Men’s Belt (💸 Best on a Budget)

Evolving your style doesn’t have to cause a big dent in your wallet. Bulliant’s belt for men proves just that, providing a quality option that’s available on a budget.

One of the biggest issues with more affordable belts, and fashion accessories in general, is that they can often appear to be low quality or fall apart within months of use. This isn’t the case with this leather belt from Bulliant. This belt is a far cry from tacky plastic-looking budget belts, as it offers up a premium look which is enhanced by the vast variety of color options available. To be precise, there are 39 different color options for this belt. As a result, there’s no way you won’t be able to find the belt that works best for you and your style. There’s every shade of brown and black as well as some more bold options such as a white belt with a chequered buckle and a blue belt with a blue buckle. Plus, since this is a very reasonably-priced belt, you could even go ahead and get several different options so that you have a few to change between to keep your look fresh from one day to the next.

Perhaps the best aspect of this genuine leather belt from Bulliant is the buckle. The traditional black option which we’re focussing on for this review is stylish and sleek, and the buckle gives it an extra edge. Bulliant takes a risk by moving away from the traditional rectangular style buckle, but it works. What’s more, there are a variety of different buckle styles with the various color options available so that’s just another way you can mix up your style. The buckle also keeps things simple as you don’t have to worry about securing it into holes on the strap, since there are 32 handy ratchet notches which allow for micro-size adjustments of 1.25 inches. As a result, you can get the fit that’s just right for your waist, and conveniently accommodate that large meal which expands your stomach.

Finally, this genuine leather belt comes in an elegant gift box, and a 100% guarantee. This means you are entitled to a full refund or a free replacement, if you aren’t satisfied with the belt for whatever reason.


  •  Genuine leather
  •  Available in 39 colors and styles
  •  32 ratchet notches allow for 1.25 inch micro adjustments
  •  Zinc-alloy buckle
  •  Comes in elegant gift box
  •  100% guarantee
  •  1 ⅜ inch width
Bulliant Men’s Belt
36,682 Reviews
Bulliant Men’s Belt
This budget-friendly belt from Bulliant is highly adjustable and available in a range of attractive colors and styles. The genuine leather gives it a premium feel, and the stylish buckle can help you put together a refined look.

Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt (💫 Best Reversible Belt for Men)

If you’re looking for great value for money, and you’re done spending money on various styles and colors, then why not consider a convenient money-saving reversible belt like this one from top brand Tommy Hilfiger?

If you haven’t come across a reversible belt before, the logic behind it is simple: this is a belt which can be used as if it were 2 belts. By that we mean one side of the belt is 1 color, while the reverse side is another. This allows you to reverse the belt whenever you want to create a whole new look. This not only saves you drawer space, but it also saves you money as this single belt is as good as having 2 belts.

This clever reversible belt from one of the best men’s fashion brands is available in various colors, so you can pick the combination which works best with your wardrobe. Say you just want the classic brown and black belts to refine your outfits, you can. Or say you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, there are other options which offer up bolder colors such as deep reds and blues. Whatever your preferences you should be able to find a Tommy Hilfiger reversible belt that works well for your wardrobe.

As for the craftsmanship of this belt, it’s made from a mix of real and synthetic materials. It’s a combination of 40% leather, 40% polyvinyl chloride, and 20% polyurethane. While this makes it slightly less suitable for the most formal of occasions, you wouldn’t necessarily know it was made using a percentage of synthetic materials by looking at it. It has the appearance of a stylish leather belt, and the inclusion of the synthetic materials gives it a robust feel which should contribute to its longevity. The other benefit of the synthetic ingredients is that they make this belt more affordable, so you can get a classy belt from a top brand without breaking the bank.


  •  Available in 25 colors and styles
  •  Made from 40% leather, 40% polyvinyl chloride, and 20% polyurethane
  •  Hand washable
  •  Reversible feather-edge belt
  •  Single-prong polished buckle with brand logo
Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt
11,908 Reviews
Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt
This reversible belt from Tommy Hilfiger is both fun to play around with and very handy to have in your wardrobe. Save yourself the expense of buying 2 belts with a single investment in this belt from the top fashion brand and you won’t regret it.

SlideBelts Leather Ratchet Belt (✨ Best Ratchet)

Another interesting proposition along with the reversible belt is the ratchet belt. This style of belt is highly versatile, and we believe that SlideBelts offers the best option if you’re curious in this alternative belt style.

You can be forgiven for not knowing what a ratchet belt is, since they aren’t anywhere near as common as the more orthodox styles. A ratchet belt is one which has a buckle mechanism

 that relies on ratchets to lock into place. The teeth and latch of the buckle use magnets to hold the belt in place around the waist, as opposed to the holes that most traditional belts use. The best argument for owning a ratchet belt is the high level of adjustment it affords the wearer. Whereas conventional belts are confined usually to less than 10 belt holes, a ratchet belt can provide many more fit options with its high number of ratchets. This makes it a very forgiving belt, and one which can be tailor fit to any waist. 

The first thing you’ll likely notice on the product page for the SlideBelts ratchet belt is that it is widely praised and has a top star rating on Amazon. This bodes well, and is a sign that previous customers have liked what they’ve received. It’s not hard to see why either, this belt looks gorgeous. The belt itself is made from a stylish top grain leather which gives it that premium aesthetic, but it’s the buckle that steals the show. Our favorite is the walnut colored belt with the dazzling gold buckle, but the silver, black, and plaid buckles also impress. There are 5 different color and buckle style options for this belt, each with distinct charm.

The other great aspect of this belt is the amount of size options it affords. Whereas a normal belt will let you adjust between somewhere in the region of 5-10 sizes, this ratchet belt allows for a staggering 30 different size options. So if you invest in this belt you’ll never again have that feeling that a belt doesn’t fit you quite right, as it will conform to your waist perfectly.

As you can imagine this is a very versatile belt, although it’s primarily intended for casual and work wear. If you’re looking for a belt that fits just as it should and offers up a distinct splash of personality in the form of a dazzling buckle, then this is a fantastic option.


  •  Ratchet belt
  •  Available in 5 colors and buckle styles
  •  Made with top grain leather 
  •  Adjusts to 30 sizes
SlideBelts Leather Ratchet Belt
1,112 Reviews
SlideBelts Leather Ratchet Belt
If you’ve never tried out a ratchet belt before then this one from SlideBelts is a great option to start with. It’s highly adjustable with as many as 30 different size options and the unique buckles ensure it helps you stand out from a crowd.

Ultimate Guide

To get the best belt for your wardrobe, it’s essential that you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Do you want a leather or a synthetic belt?

Are you interested in a belt that’s appropriate for casual or formal wear?

What style of belt and buckle do you prefer?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to make the most informed decision. But it’s also worth considering factors such as the length of belt you need, the adjustability, and the color you feel will work best for you.


The style of belt you choose will have a big influence on your wardrobe and how you can wear it.

While some belts are better suited for those wanting a high level of adjustability, other belts are designed for convenience or for a specific context like formal occasions.

Here are some of the most popular men’s belt styles you’re likely to come across.


The casual belt is one you should already be familiar with. 

This is a belt fit for everyday use; one which goes just as well with work clothes as it does a casual outfit like a t-shirt and jeans.

This style of belt will tend to be wider, anywhere between 1.5 inches or more, and is typically made from leather. This isn’t always true though, as some casual belts will incorporate synthetic elements to keep costs down and allow for cool color and pattern combinations.

However, the quality of leather will likely be lesser than that of a more formal belt.

What makes a belt suitable for casual use is rugged design and choice when it comes to colors and buckle styles.

Unlike formal belts which tend to adhere to the more classic colors like black and brown as well as conventional rectangular framed buckles, with a casual belt you can find just about any color or buckle style.

Also, due to the wider strap, a casual belt will often be robust and durable. After all, it’s a belt you’ll be able to wear for the rigors of a work day if need be.

With the casual belt it’s all about your preferences. Either go minimalist with a classic style, or get experimental and use this fashion accessory as an opportunity to let your personality shine through.


The dress belt, which you’re also more than likely familiar with, is one which sticks to certain fashion rules and customs.

For example, you’re unlikely to find a dress belt with a strap wider than 1.5 inches, with most sitting in the range of 1 inch upwards.

You’re also unlikely to see many dress belts that deviate from the classic colors of brown and black.

The buckle is also quite uniform across dress belts and will often be a rectangular framed mechanism.

The dress belt, much like the casual belt, will typically be made from leather.

However this leather is usually top quality, and you’ll struggle to find too many dress belts that don’t have full or top grain leather.

In terms of details and patterns, the dress belt keeps things simple.

At most you can expect some broguing or hand burnishing, but more often than not this type of belt goes for a refined yet minimalist look.


A ratchet belt is an interesting take on the conventional belt which differs in one main aspect – the fastening.

While a standard belt is fastened using a number of holes and a prong in the buckle, a ratchet belt relies on a series of ratchets and a specially designed closure mechanism.

Aside from providing a clean aesthetic free from holes, the ratchet belt offers up a lot more freedom in how you wear the belt.

With some ratchet belts, like the SlideBelt option for example, you can adjust it to up to 30 different sizes. This is compared to a standard belt which will typically have 5-10 holes.

As a result, you can get the exact fit you’re looking for day to day, and even moment to moment.


The reversible belt may seem like a gimmick, but is actually a great option for conserving drawer space and money.

A reversible belt is one which has a buckle that can reverse so that you essentially have 2 belts at your disposal with a single investment.

More often than not a reversible belt, as is the case with the Tommy Hilfiger belt, will have a different color on each side to give you different options.

This means you can have a black belt one day and a brown one the next.


There are some other men’s belt styles worthy of note, but which don’t feature in this review guide. That isn’t to say they don’t have their place though.

These other styles of belt include the canvas belt, the webbing belt, and the rope belt.

Each of these belt styles have their purpose and all offer up a unique splash of character to an outfit, although certainly aren’t as commonly seen as leather belts.

Buckle Style

Once you’ve settled on the style of belt you feel best suits your current wardrobe, you can focus on the buckle style.

The buckle style is important for 2 reasons.

The first is purely aesthetic, as a belt with a rectangular frame will look a lot different than a ratchet-style buckle.

The second reason is utility, since you’re likely to have a preference for fastening a certain style of belt.

To give you a broad idea of what’s out there, here are some of the most popular buckle styles you’ll find in men’s belts.

Single Tongue

While you may not recognise this buckle style from its name of ‘single tongue’, you’ve definitely seen this one many times before.

This is the classic style of buckle that is most commonly associated with dress belts. Although, it’s fairly common in casual belts too, as it’s such a popular style of buckle that’s easy to work with.

The one with the rectangular frame and the single prong which is used to secure the belt with holes in the strap.

Double Tongue

A twist on the classic single tongue design, the double tongue variation features 2 prongs instead of 1.

Given that there’s a pair of prongs with this buckle style, it means the belt strap will have rows of 2 holes next to each other.


The reversible buckle style is of course reserved for the reversible style belt.

It can be used to alternate between both sides of the belt, so you can switch things up whenever you want to.

Auto Lock

The auto lock style buckle is an interesting one, as it requires no holes in the belt strap.

Instead, this style of buckle has teeth which it uses to lock in and secure the belt around the wearer’s waist.


It would be a mistake to assume that all the best men’s belts are made from leather, but it’s certainly not far from the truth.

There’s a reason why so many top belts are made from animal hides, and it’s because the material has become synonymous over time with quality.

It’s hard to deny how good leather looks, and this applies to many accessories in men’s fashion, from footwear and wrist watches to wallets and belts.

However, it’s important to know the difference between the various types of leather, as not all leather is made the same.


Bonded leather is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to quality. It’s typically made up of hide leftovers, which doesn’t exactly scream elegance.

This type of leather is often combined with the synthetic material polyurethane too, which does somewhat detract from its authenticity.

While you can get some great prices if you shop for bonded leather belts, it’s unlikely that it’ll do much to elevate your style.


Corrected grain or split leather is the kind of leather which is often referred to as genuine leather, since genuine leather sounds a lot more authentic.

This clever marketing trick will fool many into thinking it’s a premium quality leather product, so make sure you don’t fall into the trap too. The reason why split leather isn’t as good as top or full grain leather is because it is heavily tampered with through processes such as sanding and embossing.

It’s not a bad option though, especially if you’re willing to sacrifice some quality to stay within budget, but still want a leather belt.

Top Grain

Top grain leather, contrary to the name, isn’t the top level of quality when it comes to leather.

It’s common to see top grain leather used interchangeably with full grain leather, but the reality is that it is slightly inferior.

Staining and sanding are sometimes used for top grain leather, which means removing some of the imperfections of the animal hide.

Suede is a type of top grain leather.

Honestly unless you really want the very best quality leather, a top grain leather belt is an excellent option for most formal and casual situations.

Full Grain

Full grain leather is the best type of leather you can find, so when you see that in the product description, you know the belt is the real deal.

Made from the top layer of the hide, there’s no removal or sanding of imperfections with this type of leather, so the end product is as pristine as it gets.

The main criteria for top quality leather in most people’s eyes is the adaptability that comes with an untouched hide.

If your leather adapts and changes over time as it comes into contact with the oils of the body, then you know it’s 100% authentic and fit for a lifetime of use.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Belts for Men

Which brand is good for men’s belt?

The funny thing about men’s belts is that oftentimes the best brands are those which specialise in producing footwear.

The reason for this is that footwear brands will often work extensively with leather as it is a luxury material for men’s fashion accessories, so they can bring this expertise to crafting premium leather belts.

Some examples of great leather brands that product excellent belts are Red Wing and Allen Edmonds, although if you’re looking for a designer brand then you always have the top fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger which you can rely on.

How many belts should a man have?

While many men own a belt for everyday use, ideally you should have more than a single belt in your wardrobe.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to have a separate belt for casual and formal use.

That’s not to mention a belt that you don’t mind wearing to work, so at a minimum we would recommend that every man own at least 3 belts.

Where can I buy mens belts?

There are many top fashion brands which have online and in-person stores that stock high quality men’s belts.

If you’re looking for both convenience and options though, it’s hard to look past online retailer Amazon.

There’s a reason why Amazon is the world’s biggest online distribution service – it has a wealth of options available for every budget.

How expensive is a Gucci belt?

When you decide to consider any product from top fashion label Gucci, you know that it will likely be a significant investment.

Gucci is a brand that is synonymous with quality and status, so you can expect to pay a premium.

While they have various belts, one of the brand’s more expensive options is worth around $750 and has the iconic 2 ‘Gs’ of the brand printed in gold.

A Final Word on the Best Belts for Men

Buying a new belt is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your wardrobe and elevate your style without breaking the bank.

Not only are belts functional, but they can also add character to an outfit and let those around you know that you are a fashion-conscious man.

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