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Best Beard Balm

Best of the Best
Scotch Porter Natural Beard Balm
Runner Up
Duke Cannon Supply Co. Bourbon Beard Balm
Best on a Budget
Bulldog Original Beard Balm
Scotch Porter - All Natural Men's Beard Balm - 6 oz.
Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big Bourbon Beard Balm, 1.6oz - Oak Barrel Scent/Made with Natural and Organic Ingredients
Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming, Original Balm Fl. Oz, Beard Care, 2.5 Ounce
Best of the Best
Scotch Porter Natural Beard Balm
Scotch Porter - All Natural Men's Beard Balm - 6 oz.
Runner Up
Duke Cannon Supply Co. Bourbon Beard Balm
Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big Bourbon Beard Balm, 1.6oz - Oak Barrel Scent/Made with Natural and Organic Ingredients
Best on a Budget
Bulldog Original Beard Balm
Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming, Original Balm Fl. Oz, Beard Care, 2.5 Ounce

Today we’re reviewing the best beard balm for men.

Growing and maintaining a beard that you’re proud of is no easy feat.

While it seems like some men can effortlessly pull off full, healthy beards the likelihood is that they have a daily grooming routine to keep it that way.

Beard balm is just one product which can help you ensure your beard is looking and feeling amazing at all times.

It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to keep their beard both moisturised and soft throughout the day.

Let’s dive into our top picks for men’s beard balm. Here they are…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Scotch Porter Natural Beard Balm
174 Reviews
Scotch Porter Natural Beard Balm
The Scotch Porter natural beard balm is an excellent option if you’re looking for a softening product that’ll make your beard smell amazing.

Our Other Picks for Best Beard Balm

Best Beard Balm Reviews

Scotch Porter Natural Beard Balm (👑 Best of the Best)

We believe that the best beard balm is the Scotch Porter natural beard balm.

The Scotch Porter beard balm is noteworthy first and foremost for its intoxicating sandalwood scent, which should keep you coming back for more. While a pleasant scent for a bear balm isn’t always the priority, it can brighten up your day and make it much easier to slip the product into your daily skincare routine. The complex aroma isn’t just made up of sandalwood though, but a combination of the woody scent with the floral character of carnation as well as some musk and spicy notes. There’s no arguing that this lends the balm an air of masculinity, and makes it something anyone would be proud to wear on their beard.

The main ingredients used in this beard balm might raise an eyebrow or 2, since they aren’t what you’d perhaps expect to see as far as the usual suspects go. Marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, and kukui nut are the significant influences in this beard balm, which will help stave off frizziness and keep your beard looking shiny all day long. It should also promote soft and smooth facial hair, so it’s pleasant to run your hands through your beard as opposed to prickly. The ingredients it doesn’t have are almost as important as the ones it does, since this beard balm is free from sulfates, and other harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients which makes it less likely to cause irritation.


  •  Sandalwood scent
  •  6 fluid ounces
  •  No harsh chemicals
  •  Includes marshmallow root, elm bark, and kukui nut
  •  Suitable for all hair types

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Bourbon Beard Balm (🥈 Runner Up)

Duke Cannon Supply Co.’s Bourbon beard balm is our runner up pick for the best beard balm.

If you would describe yourself as a classic gentleman, or you just can’t get enough of the sweet smell of bourbon, then you might find that this beard balm is irresistible. What you get with this beard balm is a deep oak barrel aroma which combines with just a hint of Buffalo Trace bourbon for a wonderfully rustic scent. There’s nothing quite like that first sip of bourbon after a long day, so why not replicate that feeling and integrate it into your daily skincare routine?

The 1.6oz tin is bursting with character, and due to its small size, is perfect for travel. After all, we’re all aware of the toll hours of travel can have on our hair, so it’s nice to be able to freshen up every now and again. Responsible for refreshing your facial hair is a number of natural ingredients, which range from organic beeswax and cocoa butter, to healthy oils like argan and jojoba. These naturally derived ingredients provide all-day protection for your beard by keeping it healthy and hydrated.


  •  Oakmoss scent
  •  Suitable for all hair types
  •  Includes lanolin, apricot kernal oil, and organic cocoa butter
  •  1.6 oz tin
Duke Cannon Supply Co. Bourbon Beard Balm
1,496 Reviews
Duke Cannon Supply Co. Bourbon Beard Balm
Duke Cannon Supply Co.’s bourbon beard balm is a great option for the classic gentleman and the bourbon-enthusiast.

Bulldog Original Beard Balm (💸 Best on a Budget)

If you’re looking for the best beard balm on a budget then Bulldog has you covered.

This 2.5oz beard balm includes natural ingredients like aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea which work to soften, tame, and hydrate the beard. It’s a vegan-friendly product, and the brand is certified by Cruelty Free International, so you know you’re getting a product that hasn’t been tested on animals. It’s also free from artificial colors, synthetic fragrance, and ingredients derived from animal sources.

This beard balm is ideal for everyday use, and can sooth or nourish the beard to reduce the itchiness commonly associated with facial hair. It works best with thick hair, and will leave it looking healthy and conditioned in no time at all.


  •  Suitable for thick hair
  •  Includes aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea
  •  Animal cruelty free
  •  No artificial colors or synthetic fragrances
Bulldog Original Beard Balm
3,231 Reviews
Bulldog Original Beard Balm
Bulldog’s original beard balm is free from the nasty stuff you find in some beard care products, and sports natural ingredients which are cruelty-free.

Shea Moisture Beard Balm (🍃 Best Natural)

If you value natural products, especially when it comes to what you put in your beard, then Shea Moisture’s beard balm for men could be just what you’ve been looking for.

This beard balm from reputable skincare brand Shea Moisture is made using all natural ingredients, among which are the great moisturisers of maracuja oil and shea butter. There are quite frankly too many ingredients to list here, but you can expect everything from healthy oils like castor and leaf, to a variety of waxes and butters. Not only will this assortment of healthy ingredients hydrate facial hair, but they will also rejuvenate rough beards and bring them back to life with a subtle sheen.

It’s a non greasy beard balm too, which is a big deal given how many products can leave behind a greasy film which covers the beard and makes it look worse than it was before. Instead of leaving grease behind, this product makes your beard shine. It also softens facial hair and provides a soft scent which is pleasant without being overpowering.


  •  Soft scent
  •  120ml
  •  Includes maracuja oil and Shea Butter
  •  Non greasy
Shea Moisture Beard Balm
1,361 Reviews
Shea Moisture Beard Balm
This all natural beard balm from Shea Moisture is a top option if you’re only interested in the best natural skincare products.

Ultimate Guide

In order to find out the best beard balm for you, it’s worth taking into account a variety of factors to make an informed decision.

The main things to consider are the best ingredients for a balm, as well as which ones to avoid. Along with the type of beard you have which should influence what products will work well for you.

How to Use Beard Balm

Before we get into the specific characteristics of beard balms and what to look out for, we want to dive into the process of using it and how to integrate it into your daily skincare routine.

It’s really simple to start using beard balm, so if you had any ideas of it being a complicated or laborious process, then you can set those aside now.

All you need to do is bear in mind that a beard balm works best when it is applied immediately after getting out of the shower.

You do have to dry off your face before you rub it in though, although some dampness in the beard isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Brushing your beard before application is also recommended, in order to get the most out of the product.

Then, simply take a small amount of beard balm in your fingers and run it evenly through your beard, and leave it in so it can work on conditioning and softening your facial hair as you go about your day.

As for when to apply your beard balm, it really just depends on your preferences.

Although some would say that it’s a good idea to leave the balm in overnight if you feel like you have a very dry beard, since this can help moisturise it while your body is at rest.

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

Another question you might be asking yourself is whether you need a beard balm or beard oil, as well as what the difference is between the 2 beard care products.

It’s easy to confuse beard balm and beard oil, so it’s important to make sure which is which in order to get the product you need for your beard.

While beard balm is a more solid product combined together with a beeswax sealant, beard oil is an oil-based liquid.

Whereas a beard balm is great for moisturising your facial hair and making your beard look healthy, beard oil is better for hydrating the skin underneath the beard follicles.

This is important since the skin can be dry and coarse under the beard hairs, so it may be that you need to use an oil to penetrate the hair follicles and seep into the skin.

Beard oil also absorbs a lot more quickly than beard balm, and leaves behind a matte finish instead of the shine that beard balm leaves after use.

While beard balm acts as a leave-in conditioner which stays in your beard for hours after you’ve applied it, beard oil isn’t as long-lasting.

Beard oil also isn’t something you can use to style or add volume to your beard, whereas you can do this with the thicker beard balm product.

There are plenty of similarities between the 2 products too, so you can be forgiven for confusing them.

Both beard care products help keep facial hair soft, smooth, and hydrated.

At the end of the day, both beard balms and beard oils can help you grow and maintain the beard of your dreams and promote a healthy level of hydration.

It might be worth investing in both if you haven’t tried either before so that you can get to grips with them and test for yourself what works best with your facial hair.

Beard Balm Benefits

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you need to use beard balm, or you’re wondering how it could help you, it might help to know what the main reported benefits of using it are.

Here are some of the strongest arguments for regularly using beard balm.

Combat Itchiness

If you have a beard, then you’ll know how irritating it can be when it starts to itch.

This is particularly bad in the first few weeks of growing out a beard, and it can drive you crazy if you don’t address it.

One way to combat this itchiness is to apply beard balm to your beard every day.

The moisturisation of the beard through humectants like oils and butters acts as a shield from dry and itchy facial hair, so you can get through the day without needing to scratch that itch.


As just mentioned, the humectants or moisturizing ingredients that beard balms are full of will work to soften and hydrate the beard which should give it a healthy glow.

That shine that some men seem to have in their beard, which makes it look both vibrant and healthy, you can have that too.

Simply apply beard balm on a daily basis and watch your facial hair evolve into a flourishing beard.

Prevents Dandruff

It’s never a good thing when you run your fingers through your hair and notice white specks fall onto your shoulders.

Dandruff is something which affects many people, and it can even show up in facial hair.

In order to prevent dandruff from falling from your beard, which some people refer to as beardruff, it’s a good idea to use a beard balm.


Well, because dandruff is caused by dry skin which flakes off, and the best way to prevent skin from drying out is to keep it well hydrated and moisturised.

You can do so by drinking more water, but also by applying moisturising ingredients to your facial hair in the form of a beard balm.

Provides Volume

Beard balm not only keeps your beard healthy and hydrated, but it can also improve the appearance of your facial hair by adding volume.

It can be frustrating to realise that your beard doesn’t grow out as much as you want it too, or just doesn’t seem as thick or full as you’d like it to be.

By using a beard balm though you can add volume to your beard hair because of the inclusion of beeswax and hard fats.

Best Ingredients

There are some ingredients that indicate you’re investing in a real high quality beard balm, so keep an eye out for them in your search.

First, let’s break it down into the 4 main ingredient types that you’ll find in any beard balm.

These are beeswax, butter, carrier oils, and essential oils.


The beeswax is the foundational ingredient which acts as a binding agent to keep everything together in the balm.

This is what helps maintain the shape of your beard, but without leaving behind a greasy layer.


Then there will typically be a butter such as shea or cacao butter, which makes it easy to spread the balm.

Carrier Oil

Carrier oils provide the moisturisation and softening for the beard, which is one of the main reasons you’d want to use a beard balm.

The majority of carrier oils will be derived from natural sources such as plants, nuts, and seeds.

  • Jojoba

Jojoba is arguably the best carrier oil for a beard balm since it closely matches the sebum oil produced by our skin.

This means it’s very unlikely that you will experience any discomfort or allergic reaction from applying it to your beard.

  • Argan

Argan is another widely popular carrier oil for beard balms, and for a similar reason, since it is mild and shouldn’t cause irritation.

Essential Oil

Essential oils are what can give a beard balm a great aroma, which will make wearing it more pleasant.

At the end of the day, the scent you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference, but essential oils can also have additional medicinal benefits.

  • Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil is an excellent choice because it’s considered to be the ultimate masculine scent.

Additional benefits it provides include increased levels of alertness, and wound healing properties.

  • Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is a great option for a beard balm because it can minimise acne breakouts if this is something you deal with.

It’s also a very strong scent which can keep you alert throughout the day or give you a morning jolt to get your day started.

Hold Strength

The hold strength of a bead balm is important since it determines how long you can expect the balm to keep your beard a certain way.

Beard balms are usually broken down into 3 categories of hold strength: light, medium, and strong.

If you aren’t as interested in styling your beard with a balm, and are more interested in just the hydration benefits, then a light hold will probably suffice.

However, if you want to add volume and style your beard with a balm then a medium or strong hold will be your best bet.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Balms

What do beard balms do?

Beards can be tough to maintain, especially if you want it to be as soft and smooth as possible.

A beard balm is a great product to take care of any beard, and it works by conditioning and softening the facial hair in order to keep things looking and feeling great.

They usually contain a variety of moisturising ingredients like oils and butters, which helps keep the hair at its healthiest when used as part of a daily grooming routine.

What is better beard oil or beard balm?

The question of whether beard oil or beard balm is better will largely depend on what type of beard you have and what your personal preferences are.

Beard oil is intended to hydrate the skin as it can seep through the hair of your beard, which makes it great for dealing with dry skin under your beard and for facilitating healthy growth.

Beard balm on the other hand is a leave-in conditioner which will work to soften your beard and leave it hydrated.

Should you use beard balm?

Chances are if you wear a beard and aren’t just content to have stubble, then you could benefit from using a grooming product such as beard balm.

A beard balm works as a leave-in conditioner to moisture and soften any beard, to make it more comfortable and healthy-looking.

It can also help alleviate irritation and beard itching, as well as combatting that greasy feeling you can get sometimes.

Does beard balm help beard grow?

While there’s no guarantee that any one grooming product can help your beard grow, there is general consensus that there are several products which could stimulate hair growth.

Beard balm is one such product, and even if it doesn’t directly help your beard grow, it can add volume and fullness to your beard which can give the appearance of a larger, more healthy beard.

A Final Word From The Trending Man

Beard balm should be an essential product for anyone with a beard, given its ability to moisturise and soften facial hair.

It’s a great addition to a daily beard grooming routine, and can work wonders for how your beard both looks and feels.

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