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Most people overcomplicate fashion. At The Trending Man, we ensure you look good in the simplest and most fun way possible.

80/20 Principle

We keep things simple. By utilizing the psychological 80/20 Principle, we ensure you aren’t overwhelmed and keep focused on the few keystone habits that will transform your fashion (and your dating life).


Keep the good times rolling by gamifying your progress toward your targets. Plus, we’ll keep you motivated and energized along the way.

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We believe in minimalism. Whether you’re living an alternative lifestyle on the road, or just wanting to minimize your time investment but maximize your results, we’ve got you covered.


rotary vs foil shaver
Men's Grooming Products

Rotary vs Foil Shaver: A Gentleman’s Guide to the Difference

On a basic level, the rotary shaver is made up of three circular heads that you move in a circular motion around the face, while the foil shaver requires a more classic straight line shave. But there’s much more than meets the eye with these two types of shavers. While one shaver uses internal foils

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Minimalist Style Guides

Should Men Shave their Legs?

With at least one male sports star featured in every Gillette advert, why is the removal of male leg hair not more mainstream?  Neatly kept head-hair has been associated with professionalism since the humble three-piece suit came into fashion. So, is it the same for body hair? A professional bodybuilder would say so. A hairless

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How to Measure Wrist Size for Watches
Minimalist Style Guides

How to Measure Wrist Size for Watches: A Gentleman’s Guide

A watch is so much more than a time-telling device you wear on your wrist. It can be a fashion statement, a complement to your outfit, or a status symbol – provided, that is, it fits your wrist as it should. To measure your wrist size for watches to ensure the perfect fit, grab yourself

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How to Tighten Jeans Without a Belt
Minimalist Style Guides

7 Ideas for How to Tighten Jeans Without a Belt

We’ve all had a pair of jeans that were far too loose around the waist, falling down with every slight leg movement, unless they’re held in place with a belt. But sometimes, you don’t want to rely on a belt to keep your jeans locked around your waist, so what are the alternative options? There

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Shave Before or After Shower
Minimalist Style Guides

Shave Before or After Shower? The Definitive Answer

Shaving can get messy, so more often than not, you’ll want to have a shower. Yet this brings a burning question to mind that many of us have pondered before: is it better to shave before or after a shower? Shaving before or after a shower will depend on various factors such as the type

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How should mens jeans fit
Minimalist Style Guides

How Should Men’s Jeans Fit? The Ultimate Guide

Investing in a well-fitted pair of jeans is one of the best things you can do for your wardrobe. Jeans should be a staple for every man, as they are endlessly versatile and can be paired with just about anything. Men’s jeans should fit your lower body comfortably, without sagging or restricting leg movements. They

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