Our fashion guides and product recommendations are created for men who believe in minimalist fashion. They say clothes don't make the man, but we all know they do. Let us show you how to stand out without breaking the bank.


Most people overcomplicate fashion. At The Trending Man, we ensure you look good in the simplest and most fun way possible.

80/20 Principle

We keep things simple. By utilizing the psychological 80/20 Principle, we ensure you aren’t overwhelmed and keep focused on the few keystone habits that will transform your fashion (and your dating life).


Keep the good times rolling by gamifying your progress toward your targets. Plus, we’ll keep you motivated and energized along the way.

100% Minimalism

We believe in minimalism. Whether you’re living an alternative lifestyle on the road, or just wanting to minimize your time investment but maximize your results, we’ve got you covered.


should men wear rings
Men's Accessories

Should Men Wear Rings? The Definitive Answer

Whether or not men should wear rings has long been a topic of much debate. While some can pull off rings with style, others don’t have as much luck, so how do you know if wearing a ring is a good idea for you? In a nutshell, if you’re wondering if men should wear rings

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Types of Wallets
Men's Accessories

Types of Wallets for Men (and How to Choose)

Today we’ll be breaking down all of the types of wallets for men. Wallets are a must-have accessory for men. Having one is the safest and most convenient way to carry documentation, cash, and cards. In addition, it is an important detail of the image of any man. Apart from clothing or expensive watches, the

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Beard Balm Recipe
Men's Grooming Products

Beard Balm Recipes: How to Make Your Own at Home

Today we’re counting down our favorite homemade beard balm recipes and walking you through how to make your own homemade organic beard balm. Buying a beard balm every few months can end up costing you a lot, especially if you use it often. If that’s the case, then you might have probably started thinking about

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best men's sunglasses under 50
Men's Accessories

Best Men’s Sunglasses Under $50 [2021]: Top Picks & Reviews

Best Men’s Sunglasses Under 50 Today we’re counting down our picks for the best men’s sunglasses under $50. There comes a time in life when grabbing the first pair of sunglasses off the shelf when the sun comes out is no longer a viable strategy. Yes, you can get through the warmer months with a

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Beard Balm Vs Oil
Men's Grooming Products

Beard Balm vs Oil: A Detailed Selection Guide for Men

Beards are still quite popular, and the beard trend continues. The beard gives the face character and is very masculine. Best of all, there’s a beard style for every face.  There are so many benefits of having a beard. With a beard, boyish-looking men look older, more serious, and stronger. On the other hand, older

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Want to Stay Fashionable Without a Big Budget, Flashy Designer Brands or a Large Time Commitment?

The Trending Man will help you look your best in the shortest amount of time and without breaking the bank . We aim to help you achieve a sustainable year-round minimalist fashion style.

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