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Most people overcomplicate fashion. At The Trending Man, we ensure you look good in the simplest and most fun way possible.

80/20 Principle

We keep things simple. By utilizing the psychological 80/20 Principle, we ensure you aren’t overwhelmed and keep focused on the few keystone habits that will transform your fashion (and your dating life).


Keep the good times rolling by gamifying your progress toward your targets. Plus, we’ll keep you motivated and energized along the way.

100% Minimalism

We believe in minimalism. Whether you’re living an alternative lifestyle on the road, or just wanting to minimize your time investment but maximize your results, we’ve got you covered.


How to Dress Like A Bad Boy
Minimalist Style Guides

How to Dress Like A Bad Boy: The Ultimate Guide

Who are bad boys? This breed of men has an attitude that says they don’t care about conventions, and they ooze confidence and sex appeal. Girls don’t want to love them but can’t help it, and guys want to be them. They’re known heartbreakers, but they always seem to find new romance. Their I-don’t-care attitude

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Apartment Essentials For Men
Minimalist Style Guides

10+ Apartment Essentials For Men in 2021

Every man would love to own a pad that welcomes them after a long workday. However, not everyone can afford a home theater or a personal arcade. Today, we’ll be focusing on the essential items you need to have in your apartment. This will  not only make you productive, but you’ll also enjoy and feel

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What To Wear On A Coffee Date
Minimalist Style Guides

What To Wear On A Coffee Date: A Walkthrough Guide for Men

It might seem like gentlemen have it easier than ladies when it comes to dressing up. While women spend hours trying to figure out what to wear, men think they can get away with putting on the first thing they get their hands on. There are, in fact, a few different ways you can mess

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should men shave their legs
Minimalist Style Guides

Should Men Shave Their Legs? The Definitive Guide

Believe it or not, many men choose to shave their leg hair for one reason or another. But the question here is: should men shave their legs at all? While nobody has to shave their legs, there are several reasons why a man might want to do so. This includes cleaning up his appearance and

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Best Sea Salt Spray for Men
Men's Grooming Products

Best Sea Salt Spray for Men in 2021 [Ranked & Reviewed]

Best Sea Salt Spray for Men Sea salt spray isn’t as popular as it perhaps should be. This lesser-known hair styling product is ideal for creating a beach-ready style that both looks and feels natural. If you’re curious about new ways to style, and you aren’t a fan of heavy gels and waxes that harden

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Straight razor vs safety razor
Men's Grooming Products

Straight Razor vs Safety Razor: A Gentleman’s Guide to the Difference

Both straight and safety razors are good options if you’re looking for a close, manual shave or to recreate the traditional barber shop experience. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Straight razors have a long razor-sharp exposed blade while safety razors have a double-edged safety blade with a protective guard. Both do

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Want to Stay Fashionable Without a Big Budget, Flashy Designer Brands or a Large Time Commitment?

The Trending Man will help you look your best in the shortest amount of time and without breaking the bank . We aim to help you achieve a sustainable year-round minimalist style that captures attention wherever you go.

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